Olap Operation Software

OLAP ModelKit 1.6 9Rays.Net 

Olap ModelKit is the first Olap component for .NET completely written in managed code. This component has an XP Themed appearance and an ability to use any .NET data sources (including ADO.NET and IList). The flexibility of the product is additionally extended by the ability to present data with the help of any third party chart component. Olap . Free download of OLAP ModelKit 1.6, size 2.41 Mb.


HierCube OLAP library for VCL 4.49 Radar-Soft, L.L.C. 

HierCube Library is a set of VCL components designed to create fast, handy, and powerful Olap-applications in different IDE. The library has its own Olap-engine made using MOLAP-principle, and allows you making Olap-views "on the fly", not wasting time and memory for intermediate calculations. Calculations performance doesn't depend on . Free download of HierCube OLAP library for VCL 4.49, size 5.98 Mb.

RadarCube Windows Forms Desktop OLAP 1.20.6 Radar-Soft, L.L.C. 

RadarCube is a powerful NET Windows Forms Olap control entirely authored in C# 2.0. Having an excellent performance it allows to work with databases with millions records. RadarCube has a splendid user interface and powerful API designed to create true Olap applications.Key features: -One or several tables/views /stored procedures described in a . Free download of RadarCube Windows Forms Desktop OLAP 1.20.6, size 8.05 Mb.

OLAP Reporting Tool 3.1 kalmstrom.com Business Solutions 

Data for business intelligence (BI) is of little use until it is converted into the information that decision makers need. Olap Reporting Tool for Excel facilitates business intelligence by helping management to explore and draw conclusions from huge amounts of data. The application extends the built-in Olap features in Excel to make them easier . Free download of OLAP Reporting Tool 3.1, size 376.12 Kb.

SharpShooter OLAP 6.0 Perpetuum Software 

Decision support systems of any contemporary enterprise contain huge complex tables, applications and schemes. The use of advanced components allows the avoidance of a great amount of data.
SharpShooter Olap components package is intended for the creation of analytical applications for decision support systems.

The pack includes a . Free download of SharpShooter OLAP 6.0, size 64.64 Mb.

OLAP Statistics for SharePoint 2.1 AssistMyTeam 

Olap Statistics & Reporting for SharePoint enables you to connect to a SharePoint list, task or calendar and explore data in a multi-dimensional grid, pivot tables, filters, and graph or chart view. You can run this Olap analysis tool on on each SharePoint list, with its own unique set of fields. You can specify any field as the measure using . Free download of OLAP Statistics for SharePoint 2.1, size 5.92 Mb.

OLAP Statistics for Outlook 3.1 AssistMyTeam 

Olap Statistics for Microsoft Outlook enables you to select both Outlook and user-defined custom fields of interest, and then explore them in a multi-dimensional view with the capability of complex calculations, trend analysis and sophisticated data modeling, all from inside your Outlook. The Olap Grid view provides a multi-dimensional table with . Free download of OLAP Statistics for Outlook 3.1, size 9.16 Mb.

Neopets: Operation Kreludor 1.0 Nick Arcade 

Neopets: Operation Kreludor is a very enjoyable match-3 and action game in which you must rotate pieces on a board to line up three or more pieces called "petpets". When you make a match, the pieces disappear from the board, thus helping you create a path that leads you to the door that is on the other side of the board, which takes you . Free download of Neopets: Operation Kreludor 1.0, size 11.72 Mb.

Pretty OLAP Builder Grega Loboda 

Pretty Olap Builder will help you design input data for Olap. You can connect to various databases, define your queries and define Olap dimensions. Running such file will prepare Olap cube.
Pretty Olap Viewer is a simple to use Olap viewer so users can setup different views on data that was prepared for them. . Freeware download of Pretty OLAP Builder, size 5.14 Mb.

1945 Operation Konrad 1 6 Kamikaze Wargames Designers 

1945: Operation Konrad recreates the German attempt to relieve the Russian siege of Budapest, the Hungarian capital, in early 1945. 1945: Operation Konrad is a turn based wargame. It uses classic rules like hexes, ZOC's, combat odds, supply, multi-steps units, replacements, reinforcements, bridge destruction / repair, artillery bombardments, . Free download of 1945 Operation Konrad 1 6, size 9.16 Mb.

OLAP PivotTable Extensions 0.8.0 Greg Galloway 

Olap PivotTable Extensions was developed to be an Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 add-in which extends the functionality of PivotTables on Analysis Services cubes. The Excel API has certain PivotTable functionality which is not exposed in the UI.

Olap PivotTable Extensions is a useful Excel add-in that enables you to define your own . Free download of OLAP PivotTable Extensions 0.8.0, size 0 b.

RadarCube WPF OLAP Grid and Chart 1.30.0 Radar-Soft, L.L.C. 

A set of WPF controls (Olap Grid and Olap Chart) to add Olap and Visual Analysis functionality to your WPF applications. Both Olap Grid and Olap Chart can display the same data, however while Olap Grid is an interactive pivot table, Olap Chart displays data in visual charts and graphs rather than in poor numbers. Works with a relational database . Free download of RadarCube WPF OLAP Grid and Chart 1.30.0, size 15.31 Mb.

RadarCube OLAP Grid Windows Forms Desktop 2.60.1 Radar-Soft, L.L.C. 

NET Windows Forms Olap control add Olap functionality to your applications. Excellent performance. Relational databases with millions records. All Olap operations like drilling, pivoting, filtering, grouping, drill through. Splendid user interface and powerful API designed to create true Olap applications. Cube editor.

Key features:

OLAP Statistics and Reporting for SharePoint AssistMyTeam 

Olap Statistics & Reporting for Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful and reliable solution designed to enable you to connect to a SharePoint list, task or calendar and explore data in a multi-dimensional grid, pivot tables, filters, graph or chart view.

With the capability of complex calculations, trend analysis and sophisticated data . Free download of OLAP Statistics and Reporting for SharePoint, size 0 b.

KM-NET Remote Operation Panel Kyocera 

KM-NET Remote Operation Panel is a useful application that was created in order to help you remotely control Kyocera printers and monitor their status right from your computer.

In case an error occurs, KM-NET Remote Operation Panel is able to send audible notifications using custom sounds.

. Free download of KM-NET Remote Operation Panel, size 0 b.

MapPoint 2002-2010 OLAP Wizard Add-in 2.0 Microsoft Corporation. 

This MapPoint 2002-2010 COM add-in allows you to perform queries on Olap cube (.cub) files and create data maps from the query results. For more information about installing and running the COM add-in, read the article MapPoint Olap Add-in Sample on MSDN.

Installing and Running the Add-In
To install the add-in

Operation Barbarossa 1.20 Matrix Games Ltd. 

On June 22, 1941 an avalanche of 153 German divisions crash into the Soviet Union and the largest military Operation in history is begun: Operation Barbarossa. In this elegant turn-based strategy game, compelling gameplay combines with gripping history to create an addictive mix. Aimed at all levels, this is an entertaining and mentally challenging . Free download of Operation Barbarossa 1.20, size 17.36 Mb.

Ranet OLAP 3.1.741 Galantis 

Components library Ranet.UILibrary.Olap is intended for creating full-featured business intelligence applications (RIA, Rich Internet Applications) based on the Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services platform.
Visual elements that are included with the Ranet.UILibrary.Olap library offer strong functionality and excellent design. This . Free download of Ranet OLAP 3.1.741, size 30.47 Mb.

RadarCube OLAP Chart Windows Forms 2.00.3 Radar-Soft, L.L.C. 

.NET Windows Forms Olap control to add Visual Analysis to your applications. Displays business data in charts and graphs rather than in numbers. 100% managed code authored entirely in C# 2.0. Gives users a unique opportunity to analyze their business data visually and spot new trends and discover unknown problems in their data flow. - Data Source: . Free download of RadarCube OLAP Chart Windows Forms 2.00.3, size 31.86 Mb.

RadarCube OLAP ASP.NET Direct 1.40 Radar-Soft, L.L.C. 

A fast, powerful and programmer-friendly ASP.NET Olap library.The key features: -Royalty free. 100% -managed code. -Medium trust compliance. -Supports IE 5.5+, Firefox 1.1+, Opera 9.0+. -Requires no Olap-servers to work. An ability to create any multidimensional cube in run time or design time, using the minimum web-server memory. -Hierarchies of . Free download of RadarCube OLAP ASP.NET Direct 1.40, size 7.85 Mb.