Old Piano Software

BlueStone Piano 2.5 Sound Magic Co Ltd 

BlueStone Piano is an audio plugin that is meant to permit you to fully use your creativity and customize every aspect of a Piano.

Thus, you can modify not only the hammer actions and microphone positions, but also the sympathetic resonances and dynamics.

. Free download of BlueStone Piano 2.5, size 0 b.


Dirk's Piano Tuner 4.0 Dirk's Projects 

Tune your own Piano professionally. It's surprisingly easy with this software. Many instruments can be tuned using a simple tuning device. Each tone is then tuned exactly to a predefined frequency. This method can't be used tuning a Piano. Dirk's Piano Tuner analyzes your instrument and uses the results to calculate the optimal tuning for your . Free download of Dirk's Piano Tuner 4.0, size 0 b.

Piano Thor New Sound Magic Co Ltd 

Piano Thor features an amazing dynamic range which other pianos were hard pressed to compete with. It had more "bite" when it was played really hard but it produced a soft, singing tone when played softly.

And Steinway's famous singing tone and bell like sympathetic resonances made it a truly great Piano.

Due to . Free download of Piano Thor New, size 0 b.

Old Testament - Book of Judges 1.00.0004 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

Old Testament - Book of Judges is a simple educational application designed to test your knowledge regarding the Old Testament.

The program comes with a set of multiple choice questions that allow you to learn about the characters and stories in the Bible. It is built in Java, so it will run on all the major platforms.

. Free download of Old Testament - Book of Judges 1.00.0004, size 0 b.

Old Irish 1.0.0004 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

Old Irish was created as an educational and interactive quiz software that allows you to learn more about ancient languages.

Ogam is an alphabet used to write the Old Irish language. Now, you can use this Java-based software to learn Ogam characters.

. Free download of Old Irish 1.0.0004, size 0 b.

Old Persian Cuneiform 1.0.0005 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

Old Persian Cuneiform is an educational application that allows you to test your Persian cuneiform knowledge by answering to the questions provided by the quiz.

Old Persian Cuneiform is written in the Java programming language and can run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

. Free download of Old Persian Cuneiform 1.0.0005, size 0 b.

BN-Old Fashion 1.0 Ben Nathan 

BN-Old Fashion is a TTF character that will allow you to change the regular appearance of your written documents. All you have to do is install the font onto your PC then use it when writing your texts to see how it will give them a new aspect.

To install it, you can simply right-click the file and click Install. Alternately, you can . Free download of BN-Old Fashion 1.0, size 0 b.

Gospel Piano 1.0 Gospel Piano 

Gospel Piano toolbar for firefox. Find gospel Piano media, and training resources. Easily reach all the gospel Piano information you need to enhance your playing directly from you browser toolbar. . Freeware download of Gospel Piano 1.0, size 450.89 Kb.

Big Blue Piano 1.0 Daniel Smith Music 

The Big Blue Piano VST plugin was developed to be an virtual d-deDUelectricd-deDt Piano - similar in sound to the Fender Rhodes. At the moment it is extremely minimal, with no GUI based controls at all (other than the keyboard).

However, vibrato can be controlled with the Mod-wheel MIDI cc. Channel aftertouch affects vibrato strength, . Free download of Big Blue Piano 1.0, size 346.03 Kb.

Button Beats Virtual Piano 4.0 buttonbeats.com 

A virtual Piano that you can play with your computerdlDLs keyboard. There are over 200 songs of sheet music in the Piano for you to play.

The sheet music has been converted to letters that you type on your keyboard to play the song. . Free download of Button Beats Virtual Piano 4.0, size 4.48 Mb.

Online piano 12 FLASH MUSIC GAMES 

Piano keyboard. Listen and repeat music. free online music flash game. This educational games for children and adults can now learn music the fun way! This is educational online software game. It is a true computer game with all the bells and whistles. It both entertain and educate, and make boring music education and solfege a thing of the past. . Freeware download of Online piano 12, size 52.43 Kb.

Computer Baby Piano 2.1 CFsoft 

This baby Piano can help you babysit your child.^_^ Press Any key to perform,it can sound even in background which is convenient for viewing score or the parents surfing while baby playing Piano.you can play back record and sharing it to your family or friends.

Certainly,it's also a wonderful computer Piano for adult.you needn't any . Free download of Computer Baby Piano 2.1, size 1.90 Mb.

Tiny Virtual Piano 1.0 SmoothDraw 

With Tiny Virtual Piano you can use your keyboard as a Piano.
The application lets you play one of the 128 kinds of instruments . Freeware download of Tiny Virtual Piano 1.0, size 220.20 Kb.

Piano Basic Chords 1.0 Song Galaxy 

Learn the position of the important chords on Piano. Options: German or Italian notation. You can learn the basic knowledge of play Piano with this Tool. The position of the chords on Piano is so important for any player, this software will help you. . Freeware download of Piano Basic Chords 1.0, size 62.91 Kb.

Piano music game 09.09 Fun for children 

Piano software for training your ear to pick up just about any melody, chord, harmony, progression, or key centre. All my children learned to play the Piano using this software exclusively to learn Piano. One ended up learning Moonlight Sonata well enough to wow the This software gives you: simple keyboard locking for kids, simple 21-instruments . Freeware download of Piano music game 09.09, size 31.46 Kb.

Piano notes music game 09 Fun for children 

After a lot of research, I realized that the software I was looking for just didn't exist, so I decided to create it myself. Five months later... Piano Is Fun was born! I started out by searching for note learning software but the only programs I found were monotonous drills, You know the ones - where a note appears and you just click on its name. . Freeware download of Piano notes music game 09, size 31.46 Kb.

Children Piano Pieces 1.0 MyGadgets2 

*** This music app is dedicated to my mother who has nurtured and supported me through the years. ***

Children Piano Pieces

1) Au Clair de la lune - French Folk Tune
2) Auld Lang Syne - Scotch Folk Song
3) Cradle Song - Johannes Brahms
4) God Save the Queen - Henry Carey
5) Home Sweet Home - Henry Rowley . Free download of Children Piano Pieces 1.0, size 25.69 Mb.

My Kids Piano-Your Baby's First Piano Teaching Game 1.0 Sugar Computing 

Download this amazing Piano teaching game and your kids will learn the basic of music playing instantly. 50+ songs are included.
Partial Song List:
Happy Birthday
Head and Shoulder
Jingle Bell
Merry Xmas
Now The Way Over
Little Star
Music for All

QQ Piano - Cute Animals Sheet Music, Kids Can Follow To Play - Free 1.8 KWOK YU KIN 

***Top 100 Education More Than 68 stores***

QQ Piano offers great fun that keeps your kids amused while learning to enjoy and explore music.

QQ Piano is first have color patterns sheet music, kids can follow to play the Piano music.

Colorful 8-key Piano, when the Piano key is pressed, it displays a lovely animal.

Video MSU Old Cinema 1.7 VirtualDub plugin 1.7 Graphics&Media Lab Video Group 

Free video effect of Old cinema plugin for VirtualDub. Make you video like CHRONICLE (several effects: noise, color, speck of dust, FPS changing and etc)! Easy to use. . Freeware download of Video MSU Old Cinema 1.7 VirtualDub plugin 1.7, size 64.51 Kb.

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