Opencv Mac Software


Development \ Components and Libraries

A Java wrapper of OpenCV library . Freeware download of opencv4java, size 7.66 Mb.


OpenJCV 0.1 

Education \ Science

The Java parallel to the popular Intel computer vision library, OpenCV. OpenJCV = Open Java Computer Vision . Freeware download of OpenJCV 0.1, size 116.81 Kb.

SimpleCV 1.2 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

SimpleCV is a python framework for creating a more human readable programming interface to OpenCV. . Freeware download of SimpleCV 1.2, size 131.67 Kb.

CvIrrCamController 0.5 Cvirrcamcontrol 

Development \ Visual Basic

This library uses OpenCV to perform head tracking and feature tracking to let you have 3d control over your developed 3d world with the aid of your head and a webcam. Uses Irrlicht as its rapid development 3d engine. Developed by

CvIrrCamController 0.5 License - zlib/libpng License . Freeware download of CvIrrCamController 0.5, size 5.29 Mb.

Emgu CV 32 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

A cross platform .Net wrapper for the OpenCV image-processing library. Allows OpenCV functions to be called from .NET compatible languages such as C#, VB, VC++, IronPython. The wrapper can be compiled in Mono and run on Linux & Mac OS X. . Freeware download of Emgu CV 32, size 28.22 Mb.

Open Computer Vision Library 2.4.0 

Education \ Science

The Open Computer Vision Library has > 500 algorithms, documentation and sample code for real time computer vision. Tutorial documentation is in O'Reilly Book: Learning OpenCV . Freeware download of Open Computer Vision Library 2.4.0, size 47.16 Mb.

Icarus Scene Engine 1.0 

Games \ Simulations

Icarus Scene Engine is a cross-platform 3D design studio and API libraries, integrating open source APIs into a cohesive all-open-source solution. For Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Web. Uses OpenTK, OpenGL, OpenAL, ODE, Mono/.NET, FFMpeg and OpenCV . Freeware download of Icarus Scene Engine 1.0, size 567.26 Kb.

pyShotDetect 3 Pyshotdetect 

Multimedia \ Video Editors

Update Node: R3 incorporates a variety of UI improvements and standard timecode export.

Given a .dv file automatically detect scene changes within that file (best performance on cuts and fade through/to black).
Write a .kino file with each of the scenes for post-processing.