Opera History Viewer Software

Opera History Viewer 1.0 SecurityXploded 

Opera History Viewer is the free software to easily watch or delete browsing History of Opera.

Upon starting, it will automatically detect the default Opera History file for current user. You can also choose the History file from different profile or user

For each entry in the History file, it displays following details,


MSN User History Viewer Agust1337 

MSN User History Viewer is designed as a simple and easy-to-use software that was developed for MSN users that wish to read old contact History.

MSN User History Viewer is a handy application that can also be utilized as a XML visualization tool.

. Freeware download of MSN User History Viewer, size 0 b.

Small Usb History Viewer New Aleksandr Vorobiev 

Small Usb History Viewer is a lightweight and easy to use application designed to help you view detailed information about the connected USB drives and explore their History.

The application automatically detects all the USB devices and displays the instance ID, driver, disk and volume stamp. The information can be easily exported to CSV . Freeware download of Small Usb History Viewer New, size 0 b.

IntelliAdmin USB History Viewer New IntelliAdmin, LLC 

IntelliAdmin USB History Viewer enables users to get a History of all USB flash drives that have ever been mounted on a computer.

Users simply need to choose a computer within their network, hit the Start button then analyze the generated report.

. Free download of IntelliAdmin USB History Viewer New, size 0 b.

Skype History Viewer Chris Davies 

Skype History Viewer offers a direct way to save and view conversations by listed contacts. It looks for previously logged-in users and their contacts and then allows you to view their chat History. If you, for instance, want to view you chat History with one specific contact, just select the contact from the list and it will show all the chats . Freeware download of Skype History Viewer, size 5.03 Mb.

History Viewer 4.8 Digital Forensics Studio 

Many of us have to share their computers. Therefore, the need to view what happened on the computer while you were away, is an undeniable fact. If you need a handy software that can help you view what has been done on your computer while you were away, then it's time to try History Viewer.

History Viewer is a handy, powerful and . Freeware download of History Viewer 4.8, size 1.68 Mb.

Dutch Duck Firefox History Viewer 2012.1.2 Dutch Duck Software 

Firefox is a great browser-except when you want to look at your History, bookmarks, or cookies. Ever tried to print your History? Delete your visits to Amazon.com? Store your bookmarks in a spreadsheet?

Dutch Duck Firefox History Viewer is a professional application designed to manage your Firefox History, bookmarks and cookies.

Opera Internal Pages 1.2-1 Moises Lima 

This Extension displays a drop-down menu with all Opera internal pages :
- about:blank
- Opera:about
- Opera:config
- Opera:plugins
- Opera:drives
- Opera:History
- Opera:historysearch
- Opera:help
- Opera:cache
- Opera:debug
- Opera:memdebug
- Opera:webstorage
- Opera:webdatabases . Free download of Opera Internal Pages 1.2-1, size 0 b.

SQLjobvis 3.0 SQLsoft 

SQLjobvis is the SQL Server Agent History Viewer with a difference. Quickly identify: failures, long-running jobs, multiple jobs running simultaneously, and all in an intuitive and visually appealing interface, which includes features such as: zoomable rows and columns. . Freeware download of SQLjobvis 3.0, size 53.35 Mb.

Simkl Tray 1.6 Simkl 

Simkl Tray gives you easy access to Simkl IM History Viewer from your PC. Simkl allows you to consolidate all your IMs - ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, or MSN. Simkl is a Web application that collects all your instant messaging conversations into one convenient, searchable archive which can be accessed online from any computer. It is possible to generate History . Freeware download of Simkl Tray 1.6, size 786.43 Kb.

Dutch Duck IE History Viewer 2014.2.2 Dutch Duck Software 

Dutch Duck IE History Viewer is a History, Favorites, Cache, and Cookies Manager for Microsof Internet Explorer. It shows your History, Favorites, Cache and Cookies, in a very accessible, spreadsheet-like table--with options to sort, group, search, print and export.It allows to selectively erase items from your History--search for the items you . Free download of Dutch Duck IE History Viewer 2014.2.2, size 16.77 Mb.

IE Cache&History Viewer 1st Security Software Center 

The IE cache contains a kind of travel record of the items you have seen, heard, or downloaded from the Web, including images, sounds, Web pages, even cookies. Typically these items are stored in the Temporary Internet Files folder. Storing these files in your cache can make browsing the Web faster because it usually takes your computer less time . Freeware download of IE Cache&History Viewer, size 0 b.

Computer History Viewer 1 Elongsoft Software 

Every time you surf the Internet or use other applications on your PC, traces of your activities linger on your hard drive.Each time that you type a URL in the address bar or click on a link in Internet Explorer browser, the URL address is automatically added to the History index file.With Computer History Viewer,you can find out all information . Freeware download of Computer History Viewer 1, size 390.14 Kb.

Trillian Astra Cerulean studios 

Trillian is going free for desktop and mobile, starting today with Trillian 5!
Themes, an awesome activity History Viewer, and all the rest of Trillian’s great features will now be available to everyone! This is an exciting step forward and means our users will always experience the best products we have to offer. To continue to reward . Freeware download of Trillian Astra, size 21.29 Mb.

Start Menu Click History Viewer 1.0 Pointstone Software, LLC 

Every time you open a program from the start menu, the date and number of times you used it is stored in an encrypted database. The Start Menu Click History Viewer reads the Explorer UserAssist Data from the registry and allows you to see exactly that information is stored in this location.

When first looking at the contents of this . Free download of Start Menu Click History Viewer 1.0, size 283.12 Kb.

Opera SVG Viewer 2.0 Opera Software 

Finally folder navigation is implemented in the Viewer, which required quite a bit of head scratching. Another tricky thing was making files display at their original size, but now it's working fine. Fit Image to Viewing Area, Only Fit Large Images, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Reset Zoom and Position, Disable Zoom and Pan, Wireframe mode, Hotkeys. . Freeware download of Opera SVG Viewer 2.0, size 3.80 Mb.

Ribbon Calculator for Windows 8 Ingress Technology 

Ribbon Calculator for Windows 8 is a handy application designed to help you perform basic calculations and view the result History in the main window. The program is designed for the accountants and the users who need to print or share a long list of operations.

The interface of the application is optimized for the touch screen interface . Free download of Ribbon Calculator for Windows 8, size 0 b.

BrowsingHistoryView 1.21 Nir Sofer 

BrowsingHistoryView is a utility that reads the History data of 4 different Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari) and displays the browsing History of all these Web browsers in one table. The browsing History table includes the following information: Visited URL, Title, Visit Time, Visit Count, Web browser and . Free download of BrowsingHistoryView 1.21, size 0 b.

IEBrowserHistory 0.2 Megapanzer 

IEBrowserHistory is a simple, yet handy command line utility that you can use to view the Internet Explorer History.

Just run the application and a complete list of the visited websites will be displayed in the command console.

. Free download of IEBrowserHistory 0.2, size 0 b.

SafariHistoryView 1.00 Nir Sofer 

SafariHistoryView is a small and easy to use application that can read and parse the History file of Safari Web browser (History.plist), then it will display it in a simple table.

Every browsing History line includes the following information: URL, Web Page Title, Last Visit Time, Visit Count, Redirected To URL, and Record Index. . Free download of SafariHistoryView 1.00, size 0 b.