Oracle Tuning Software

spReporter 1.0.37 spViewer Software 

spReporter tool can be used by both Oracle database administrators and Oracle Tuning experts and consultants to produce database performance health reports for Tuning and capacity planning purposes. Also, Oracle DBAs and system administrators can use spReporter in batch mode to produce daily database performance reports and publish them at the . Free download of spReporter 1.0.37, size 6.11 Mb.


Query Plan 1.1 Priodata 

Priodata Query Plan is a front-end to the most commonly used V$ views to investigate SQL execution performance in the Oracle Database. You can browse the shared cursor area looking for low-performance SQL, see all information related (taken from V$SQL view) and the complete SQL statement and its execution plan (taken from V$SQL_PLAN). Also captures . Free download of Query Plan 1.1, size 192.51 Kb.

VROOM 1.8 MerrittLabs 

VROOM (Versatile Read-Only Oracle Monitor) is a cross-platform performance monitor for Oracle databases. VROOM provides a graphical interface to much of the information stored in the Oracle data dictionary. VROOM checks your databases at startup and visually indicates database status on the main VROOM console. For Unix/Linux server platforms, VROOM . Free download of VROOM 1.8, size 6.80 Mb.

spReporter for Oracle AWR and STATSPACK 1.0.37 spViewer Software 

spReporter is an inexpensive tool which provides analysis of STATSPACK and Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) performance data and produces formatted HTML report with graphic charts included for selected performance statistics. spReporter can work in batch mode or interactive GUI mode. In GUI mode, spReporter provides you with convenient . Free download of spReporter for Oracle AWR and STATSPACK 1.0.37, size 6.11 Mb.

Embarcadero DB Optimizer 2. 5. 2001 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. 

Embarcadero DB Optimizer is a heterogeneous tool that maximizes database and application performance by quickly discovering, diagnosing, and optimizing poor-performing SQL. DB Optimizer XE empowers DBAs and developers to:
Eliminate performance bottlenecks by visually profiling key metrics inside the database (CPU, I/O, wait times).
. Free download of Embarcadero DB Optimizer 2. 5. 2001, size 228.59 Mb.

dbTrends for Oracle AWR and Statspack 1.1.19 spViewer Software 

dbTrends for Oracle AWR/STATSPACK is a premier software product for Oracle database performance Tuning and monitoring based on performance data gathered by such Oracle tools as STATSPACK and Automatic Workload Repository (AWR). The dbTrends product provides cost-effective Oracle database monitoring and Tuning solution based on free STATSPACK for . Free download of dbTrends for Oracle AWR and Statspack 1.1.19, size 13.78 Mb.

DB Tools for Oracle SoftTree Technologies 

DB Tools for Oracle is an integrated set of tools for monitoring, Tuning, diagnosing, coding, reverse-engineering, creating, editing, debugging, and reporting for Oracle databases.

It helps Oracle DBAs to maximize the availability, performance and security of their databases. It helps Oracle developers to fine-tune their applications . Free download of DB Tools for Oracle, size 0 b.

Easyscript for Oracle 1.3.6 Gudu Software 

Easyscript for Oracle is a tool to help you manage scripts efficiently and use scripts easily. The goal of easyscript is providing you a uniform and easy envrionment to manage and use your scripts.With hundreds of ready-made scripts, easyscript is also a monitoring and Tuning tool for Oracle DBA and application developer.With Easyscript for Oracle . Free download of Easyscript for Oracle 1.3.6, size 1.88 Mb.

spClientMonitor spViewer Software 

spClientMonitor software utility provides Oracle database administrators and Tuning experts with a convenient way to monitor and trace SQL performance of end users applications accessing Oracle databases through the TCP/IP network.

This unique software allows you to monitor and analyze the end users SQL response time from the application . Free download of spClientMonitor, size 0 b.

spAnalyzer for Oracle AWR and STATSPACK 2.0.21 spViewer Software 

spAnalyzer is a tool which provides analysis of text report files generated by Oracle Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) and STATSPACK tools. spAnalyzer produces HTML report that contains performance Tuning tips and hints which are based on performance data containing in AWR or STATSPACK text report. The resulting HTML report is split to several . Free download of spAnalyzer for Oracle AWR and STATSPACK 2.0.21, size 4.83 Mb.

Select Fast! 1.0 Priodata 

Priodata Select Fast! is a tool to automate the repetitive tasks associated with the SQL Tuning process on the Oracle Database. With Select Fast!, you can easily write and keep track of all alternative query versions you create during the Tuning process, run them at once to collect statistics, run EXPLAIN PLAN, capture plan from V$SQL_PLAN, set . Free download of Select Fast! 1.0, size 247.81 Kb.

Quest Software Toad for Oracle Quest Software 

Toad for Oracle is a database administration program developed by Quest Software. Toad for Oracle, as the name states, allows you to design, manage and administrate Oracle databases in a fast and simple way.
Toad allows PL/SQL scripts and debugging, as well as a database browser and query builder.
The nice thing about the query . Free download of Quest Software Toad for Oracle, size 554.96 Mb.

Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle Quest Software 

Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle validates database code to ensure the best-possible performance by helping you proactively identify potential issues and automate the SQL optimization process.

Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle scans and analyzes SQL, then identifies potential performance issues directly from running SQL statements, PL/SQL . Free download of Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle, size 70.34 Mb.

Hitachi Tuning Manager 6 4 Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 

Hitachi Tuning Manager software is a path-aware storage resource management application that maps, monitors and analyzes storage network resources from the application to the storage device. It provides the end-to-end visibility you need to isolate and diagnose performance bottlenecks with a focus on business applications, such as:

- . Free download of Hitachi Tuning Manager 6 4, size 30.20 Mb.

SQLGate for Oracle Professional 

SQLGate for Oracle is a database application that does not need the Oracle Client. It connects to the Oracle Server in the form of TCP/IP.

The existing connection process
[Oracle RDBMS] [SQL*Net] [OCI] [Application]

SQLGate for Oracle connection process
[Oracle RDBMS] [TCP/IP] [SQLGate for Oracle]

Oracle Developer Tools for Visual 11.2.011 Oracle Corporation 

The Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio (ODT) is a tightly integrated "Add-in" for Microsoft Visual Studio. ODT is free.

Main features:

- Integration with Visual Studio: Use Server Explorer to browse your Oracle schema and launch one of the many integrated Oracle designers and wizards to create and alter . Freeware download of Oracle Developer Tools for Visual 11.2.011, size 277.89 Mb.

DreamCoder for Oracle Professional Edition 2 Mentat Technologies 

DreamCoder for Oracle is a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Oracle Databases. With the intuitive DreamCoder's GUI increase your code quality and reduce the development process time.DreamCoder for Oracle you will easily be able to build and execute queries, build and execute scripts, compile and debug SQL and PL/SQL code, create . Free download of DreamCoder for Oracle Professional Edition 2, size 10.46 Mb.

Database ViewerPlus(Access,Excel,Oracle) 3.2 Cellica Software Services 

View and Synchronize Microsoft Access, Excel, Oracle, Foxpro, dBase or any ODBC enabled database with palm. Add, Delete, Modify Database records on palm. Get updated desktop data on palm and palm data on desktop automatically. Synchronize data at specific date-time. View one record at a time or all at once on Palm. Export records to Memo Pad . Free download of Database ViewerPlus(Access,Excel,Oracle) 3.2, size 820.22 Kb.

Pocket Database Viewer Plus(Access,Excel,Oracle) 2.5 Cellica Software Services 

Synchronize & View, Update, Manage Microsoft Access, Excel, Oracle, Foxpro, dBase, MySQL or any ODBC enabled database with Pocket PC. Get updated desktop data on device and device data on desktop automatically. Keep your desktop and Pocket PC database synchronized. Synchronize data at specific date-time. View one record at a time or all at . Free download of Pocket Database Viewer Plus(Access,Excel,Oracle) 2.5, size 716.80 Kb.

SwisSQL - SQL Server to Oracle Migration Tool 3 AdventNet 

SwisSQL - SQL Server to Oracle Edition is an Automated Migration tool to convert stored procedures implemented in Microsoft SQL Server Transact SQL into equivalent Oracle PL/SQL code. It automates more than 80% of the Transact SQL code conversion into PL/SQL with very minimal manual intervention. SwisSQL migration tool removes the time consuming, . Free download of SwisSQL - SQL Server to Oracle Migration Tool 3, size 15.19 Mb.

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