Oscommerce Content Software

osCommerce Content Management - Proforma 1.0 Open Source Services 

Proforma is a Content management system for Oscommerce which allows you to create forms and Content, then place them anywhere in your store. You can also edit existing product descriptions, newsletters and product notifications with a single click. You can create positions anywhere in your website, then link Content to each position. Content can be . Free download of osCommerce Content Management - Proforma 1.0, size 4.57 Mb.


Macro System for osCommerce 1.1.1. MagneticOne 

Macro System for Oscommerce is a perfect tool that automates routine Content operations. You won't need to go over each product and edit the text. Especially usefull if you have many products with similar description: software will help you to change parts of multiple product descriptions at once. Once the Macro System is configured, you'll have . Free download of Macro System for osCommerce 1.1.1., size 315.39 Kb.

osCommerce Translate Module 1.0.1 MagneticOne 

Oscommerce Translate Module is a unique solution which will let your customers understand your site's Content by translating it into their languages. You don't need to translate your store manually or install any additional language packages any more. Oscommerce Translate will fully automate the translation process. Our module is using major . Free download of osCommerce Translate Module 1.0.1, size 10.24 Kb.

All-in-One osCommerce SEO Package XII Oscommerce Packages 

Ultimate Oscommerce shopping cart solution!Looking for best shopping cart solution to sell products or services online? Try our solution!Wide range of ecommerce features Installed more extra features!Set up within just minutes.Extra helpful features what did script more flexible.Search Engine Optimised ecommerce solution Easy text Content . Free download of All-in-One osCommerce SEO Package XII, size 3.27 Mb.

Tag Cloud osCommerce Module 1. 4. 2005 MagneticOne 

Tag Cloud Oscommerce module generates Cloud of Tags, based on Oscommerce product names, Oscommerce category names, most popular(purchased) products, most viewed products etc. A tag cloud (or weighted list in visual design) can be used as a visual depiction of Content tags used on a web site. Often, more frequently used tags are depicted in a larger . Free download of Tag Cloud osCommerce Module 1. 4. 2005, size 46.08 Kb.

RSS Aggregator for osCommerce 1.0.0 MagneticOne 

Oscommerce RSS Aggregator is a tool that allows you to import RSS news feeds from various sources and place them on your Oscommerce shopping cart. It's a great way to improve your SEO results and get your store to be indexed more frequently. In order to attract search engines and site visitors, store owners heavily rely on providing new products . Free download of RSS Aggregator for osCommerce 1.0.0, size 730.11 Kb.

All-in-One osCommerce SEO Package XII 1.0 Oscommerce Packages 

Ultimate Oscommerce shopping cart solution! Looking for best shopping cart solution to sell products or services online? Try our solution! Wide range of ecommerce features Installed more extra features! Set up within just minutes. Extra helpful features what did script more flexible. Search Engine Optimised ecommerce solution Easy text Content . Free download of All-in-One osCommerce SEO Package XII 1.0, size 3.27 Mb.

MSN Content Adder 2 MSN Tools Software 

MSN Content Adder is a utility that allow you to preview, and add additional MSN Content for MSN Messenger .It has hundreds of MSN Messenger Content packs(such as winks,emoticons,moods,backgrounds and display pictures). You can select a favourite pack of Content and add automatically for your MSN Messenger account.registration user can get more and . Free download of MSN Content Adder 2, size 1.53 Mb.

Easy RSS Content Generator 3.11 ExtraLabs Software 

Easy RSS Content Generator is an easy-to-use program for creating new unique Content out of news feeds (the RSS, Atom, and RDF formats are supported). You can use this product, for instance, to create completely autonomous, automatically updated sites, to increase the amount of Content on the topic, and to earn money with Adsense. Easy RSS Content . Free download of Easy RSS Content Generator 3.11, size 1.69 Mb.

Unique Content Producer Internet Marketing Service 

Save a lot of time by producing hundreds of unique contents with“Unique Content Producer”, based on an original text. Quick, easy and comfortable.

Three easy steps lead to hundreds of unique articles:

1st step:
“Unique Content Producer” scans the original article and analyses it. In a Thesaurus . Free download of Unique Content Producer, size 5.15 Mb.

A-PDF Content Splitter 1.0.0 A-PDF.com 

A-PDF Content Splitter is a desktop utility program that lets you split Acrobat files into smaller pdf files base on location and text information within the files. It can be used to split composite PDF documents (such as invoices, records or salaries) to pieces by invoice number, account number or employees name which statement in a pdf file. . Free download of A-PDF Content Splitter 1.0.0, size 2.60 Mb.

PDF Content Split SA 1.26 Traction Software 

PDF Content Split SA (Stand Alone version) can split on text information within the PDF, This is an ideal product if you had for example a PDF statement that needed splitting up on account number, PDF Content Split SA would do this with ease by searching for words within the pdf, marking start and end ranges and then automatically splitting the . Free download of PDF Content Split SA 1.26, size 3.88 Mb.

osCommerce Manager Small Business Edition MagneticOne 

Oscommerce Manager is a Windows application to quickly and effectively manage your Oscommerce online store. You can add, delete and update your products, categories and manufacturers, automatically upload your product images while editing products, categories, manufacturers, view reports, orders, export/import products, backup/restore database, . Free download of osCommerce Manager Small Business Edition, size 3.93 Mb.

Site Content Analyzer 3 3.2 CleverStat 

Site Content Analyzer 3 is new word in website parsing. As you know, website rank depends on two main factors: the amount and the quality of inbound links and the amount and the quality of website Content. Both elements are crucial in SEO and every webmaster concerning about the rank should pay a close attention to each of them.However, analyzing . Free download of Site Content Analyzer 3 3.2, size 3.19 Mb.

News Publishing Content Management System 2.3 Sirius Computer Consultants Limited 

The JPowered News Publishing Content Management System makes it easy for non-technical users to update and manage articles, press releases, news stories, headlines, and editorials. No HTML or programming knowledge is required, the system enables almost anyone to add a powerful News Content system to any web or intranet site. Overview This system . Free download of News Publishing Content Management System 2.3, size 378.88 Kb.

osCommerce PriceRunner Data Feed 7.6.7 MagneticOne 

Oscommerce contribution which would help you export easy your products into PriceRunner.com - one of the best Pay-Per-Click service.The website PriceRunner is a price comparison service launched in Sweden in 1999, and since bought by ValueClick. It allows users to compare prices on a range of products.PriceRunner uses a combination of screen . Free download of osCommerce PriceRunner Data Feed 7.6.7, size 30.72 Kb.

osCommerce Audio & Video - CineSound AV 1.0 Open Source Services 

CineSound AV is the most complete multimedia rendering package available for Oscommerce shopping carts. Its core functionality allows your video and audio files to be experienced by the largest possible number of visitors to your site by checking which multimedia player plugins are available on their browsers and supplying the appropriate embedded . Free download of osCommerce Audio & Video - CineSound AV 1.0, size 56.32 Kb.

Homepage Content Guard 2.0 softcome.com 

Homepage Content Guard is not only a super tool to help protecting homepage Content, but also a program to convert TEXT files to HTML files with user's templates. It bases on latest Internet Patent. After protecting by Homepage Content Guard, homepages are as normal as usual when being viewed. But if Internet users copy or print the homepages, they . Free download of Homepage Content Guard 2.0, size 349.18 Kb.

AXMEDIS GRID Content Processing Tools LE 2.1.0 AxMediaTech S.r.l. 

AXMEDIS Content Production Tools Light Edition: AXMEDIS editor and GRID AXCP tools, PnP, DRM editor, etc., all you need to create and processing any kind of Content and process any kind of Content manually and automatically: SMIl, HTML, Content adptation, fingerprint, crawling, indexing, cms, search, retrieval, control of P2P, etc. Automating: . Free download of AXMEDIS GRID Content Processing Tools LE 2.1.0, size 247.52 Mb.

Folder Content Maker Pro 1.9 whitecloudsoft.com 

Folder Content Maker Pro is a software for Win32 platforms, Win2k WinXP and Vista.It extract the filename and all level subfolder names orderly and save to a file.Main Features -------------------------------------------------- 1. Refined structure for filenames and subfolder names 2. Details of all folders 3. Size and date of files 4. Specifical . Free download of Folder Content Maker Pro 1.9, size 741.38 Kb.