Outlook Addin Software

Onlooker 1.0 Polychrome Business Software Solutions 

This new software launched as an add-in for Microsoft outlook helps prevent users from the embarrassment of forgetting to include an attachment when they meant to do so.

Be honest, at one time or another we've all sent an email promising an attached file with further information on a specific topic and forgotten to actually attach the . Free download of Onlooker 1.0, size 1.44 Mb.


Qlockwork Pro 2.1 workingProgram 

Qlockwork Pro is a premium version of the Qlockwork time tracking add-in for outlook. Qlockwork Pro talks directly to Windows to automatically provide detailed data about how all computer time is spent. It is designed to track all PC activity without the requirement to start and stop timers. All the tracking data recorded by Qlockwork is displayed . Free download of Qlockwork Pro 2.1, size 1.51 Mb.

Classify for Outlook 8 8 Mark Wilson Software 

Classify for outlook™ (also known as Classify) is an add-in for Microsoft® outlook™ that allows the user to easily insert security classifications at the start of electronic mail messages. Classify supports the standard IPM.Note and IPM.Post forms supplied with outlook™. Classify uses outlook as the e-mail . Free download of Classify for Outlook 8 8, size 1.70 Mb.

Email Image Converter 1.0 Victor Onishchenko 

Email Image Converter is an easy to use outlook add on, which automatically resizes image attachments. Email Image Converter automatically detects when you are attaching photos to an email and converts them. By default, Email Image Converter resizes only images bigger than 100Kb. Images smaller than 100Kb are generally small enough to send by . Free download of Email Image Converter 1.0, size 8.26 Mb.

SendGuard 1.0.95 Standss(South Pacific)Limited 

SendGuard description :
Forgotten to attach an important file to an email
Had an email blocked because it got sent out with an empty subject
Accidentally clicked Reply All (instead of Reply) on an email and informed too many people of confidential information
Accidentally clicked Reply (instead of Reply All) on an email and . Free download of SendGuard 1.0.95, size 0 b.

CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog 1.0 CodeTwo 

Imagine such situation. You scroll down the navigation pane in outlook, you miss the scroll bar, grab one of the folders and drop in an unknown location. Where did it go?? Not again... Sounds familiar? Or maybe you have deleted something from the outlook folder tree recently by accident only because outlook didn't ask you for any confirmation . Freeware download of CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog 1.0, size 9.12 Mb.

CodeTwo Sync for iCloud 1.2.1 CodeTwo 

CodeTwo Sync for iCloud is an outlook addin that allows you to easily sync outlook folders with iCloud directories. Thus, it can sync your contact list, your calendar appointments and your tasks across your iPhone, iPad and other similar devices.

The synchronization process runs in the background and its duration depends only of the . Free download of CodeTwo Sync for iCloud 1.2.1, size 0 b.

Christmas Day Countdown for Outlook 1.0.1 Add-in Express Ltd. 

Christmas Day Countdown for outlook is a cool plugin that allows you to view the number of days left to Christmas in the main window of he email client.

This little add-in will not only keep the good mood, let you hear a Christmas song and Santa's message. What's even more important, you will always see how fast the days go by and how . Free download of Christmas Day Countdown for Outlook 1.0.1, size 0 b.

EmailMerge for Outlook 3.0.53 Addins4Outlook.com 

EmailMerge allows you to personalise your mailings to your customers and friends and make them appear unique.

The software works as an addin on Microsoft Outllok and transforms the standard email client to a powerful marketing tool for the use of the amateur and professional marketer.

EmailMerge has the same functionality of . Free download of EmailMerge for Outlook 3.0.53, size 0 b.

SageLamp ZoomIn 1.2 SageLamp Solutions 

SageLamp ZoomIn is a handy addin for outlook that allows you to permanently save your zoom settings.

The addin enables you to automatically save the desired zoom level when reading a message and it is very easy to use. Once installed, it adds a new button to the outlook toolbar, enabling you to easily set the desired zoom level.

EmailTags for Outlook 1.1.4722 Standss (South Pacific) Limited 

EmailTags for outlook is a handy and reliable outlook addin designed to make it easier to find emails in your outlook Inbox.

EmailTags is a great way to quickly organize your emails. By tagging them, you will be able to rapidly locate the mails that are of interest.

. Free download of EmailTags for Outlook 1.1.4722, size 0 b.

TuneReplyAll IvaSoft 

TuneReplyAll is a handy and reliable outlook addin designed to display a warning when you use the 'Reply to All' feature. This prevents sending confidential data by mistake.

TuneReplyAll is also able to automatically add your email address in the To, CC and BCC fields or to new / forwarded messages.

. Free download of TuneReplyAll, size 0 b.

Email Notes for Outlook 2.0.4587 Standss (South Pacific) Limited 

Email Notes for outlook is a handy and reliable addin designed to attach notes to each email you write in a comfortable manner.

The addin implements a side-panel in the new email window, allowing you to jot down important information. However, the notes will be invisible to the recipients.

. Free download of Email Notes for Outlook 2.0.4587, size 0 b.

Signature Switch for Outlook 1.0.42 Standss (South Pacific) Limited 

Signature Switch for outlook is a handy and reliable addon designed to enhance the way you handle HTML-based signatures.

Signature Switch for outlook is easy to set up and usage is not complicated. Once deployed, HTML outlook signatures are easier to handle.

. Free download of Signature Switch for Outlook 1.0.42, size 0 b.

Outlook Attachments Forget Reminder 1.0.0 ReverseApps 

outlook Attachments Forget Reminder is an addin for outlook that you can notify you when you are about to forget attaching files to e-mails.

All the outgoing e-mails are scanned and you are notified if the application detects words such as “attached”, but no file is actually attached. Thus, you will avoid sending the . Free download of Outlook Attachments Forget Reminder 1.0.0, size 0 b.

Single Click Filing 1.2 Caelo Software BV 

Single Click Filing was born out of the recognition that most outlook users, for most of their messages, primarily use a handful of folders and outlook lacks the basic functionality to make email filing quick and easy. Single Click Filing allows the user to easily define up to 10 folders and create a filing button for each folder on the outlook . Free download of Single Click Filing 1.2, size 5.58 Mb.

AutoArchive Now 1.0 Michael Stum 

AutoArchive Now is an outlook addin designed to automatically move your old emails away from you into an archive, so that your main Folder structure should only contain current, still important mails.

AutoArchive Now will add a new Context Menu entry. Simply Right-Click an e-Mail, select AutoArchive Now! and it will be moved into the . Free download of AutoArchive Now 1.0, size 0 b.

Reply All with Attachment New AshwinGK 

This is an outlook addin designed to offer the possibility to reply to all with attachments.

While using outlook, many of us like to click Reply to All and wish all the attachments were included as-is. Or we wish we could click Forward and have all the recipients copied in as well. Here is a combo that helps both. Reply All with . Free download of Reply All with Attachment New, size 0 b.

FBLook Alpha TechHit.com 

If you are an outlook user, you probably have it open all the time. Now you can update your Facebook status, see your friend statuses and see the number of new requests without having to open the browser or any other applications. FBLook is a handy addin designed to integrate Facebook into outlook.

Usage: After you install FBLook, you . Free download of FBLook Alpha, size 0 b.

Enlocked for Outlook 1.1.9 Enlocked 

Enlocked for outlook is an addin designed to provide users with simple email security.

Based on state-of-the-art encryption techniques, Enlocked protects e-mail in transit, rendering it unreadable except by the addressee from their email client. But, unlike traditional solutions, sending an encrypted message requires no complicated . Free download of Enlocked for Outlook 1.1.9, size 0 b.