Paint Shop Pro Software

AKVIS Frame Suite 2 6 AKVIS LLC 

AKVIS Frame Suite is an impressing collection of edge effects for decoration of photos. The software offers a great variety of photo frame versions (from classic to most fancy frame samples) as well as gives an opportunity to generate a frame out of user patterns.

Artistic: A photo frame gives an image the final touch, makes it look . Free download of AKVIS Frame Suite 2 6, size 29.45 Mb.


Mandala Painter Aurora Borealis 

Mandala Painter (or mandalapainter ) is the professional Mandala drawing program for Mandala artists, designers and for everyone who just likes creating kaleidoscopic images. Due to it's very simple yet powerful mirroring tools the drawing becomes entertaining and easy. Mandala Painter's user interface was designed as simple as possible . Freeware download of Mandala Painter, size 0 b.

ContrastMaster 1 6 The Plugin Site 

ContrastMaster is a plugin for effective contrast enhancement as well as creating dramatic contrast looks, photorealistic paintings and HDR-like effects. It can turn low-contrast photos into vivid and detailed images and transform ordinary photos into interesting and dynamic shots.

ContrastMaster works with dozens of graphics . Free download of ContrastMaster 1 6, size 1.93 Mb.

Fotomatic 1 4 Cybia 

A collection of 8 plug-in filters for use with Adobe Photoshop or compatible host applications. They offer a series of effects based on traditional photography equipment and techniques. They are not meant to be complex or exact matches, merely a quick and easy method to achieve results that are similar to what can be produced via conventional . Freeware download of Fotomatic 1 4, size 53.27 Mb.

Plugin Commander Light 1 61 The Plugin Site 

Plugin Commander is a useful application for selecting, downloading and previewing plugins for image handling programs.

When an image edition program has many effects, plugins, add-ons, etc. it turns to be slower, longer to load and start up, context menus get bigger and complicated. Plugin Commander helps users to take control of all . Freeware download of Plugin Commander Light 1 61, size 3.09 Mb.

Focus Magic 3 2 Acclaim Software Ltd 

Focus Magic is an excellent application to improve and recover your out-of-focus digital photographs. This software uses a state-of-the-art technology that can efficiently recover the detail and sharp of your blurred pictures.
You can use it as a stand-alone software or as a plug-in for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Ulead PhotoImpact, Corel . Free download of Focus Magic 3 2, size 1.76 Mb.

Topaz DeJPEG (freeware) 1 3 Topaz Labs LLC. 

Topaz DeJPEG is an image enhancing tool which will improve the quality of the image after compression, by brushing out all the imperfections of the image. Many times after compressing a JPEG image, we didn’t get the same quality results. If you want to get rid of this problem then Topaz DeJPEG will be the correct choice. So make your JPEG . Freeware download of Topaz DeJPEG (freeware) 1 3, size 0 b.

GrafxShop Suite 3 9 Dev Bradshaw 

GrafxWeb similarly can use the images created by GrafxShop and enable you to author simple web pages.


- Dynamic Selection - Freehand, Oval, Rectangle, Polygon - combinations of any through CTRL and Shift. Magic Wand with color tolerance for quick selections. Selections and masks can be saved to disk and . Freeware download of GrafxShop Suite 3 9, size 37.47 Mb.

ImageSkill Outliner 2.0 ImageSkill 

Image Skill Outliner is a very useful plug-in. This plug-in works under some most popular commercial photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop 7, CS, CS2, CS3, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Coral Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7, 8, 9, Corel Paint Shop Pro (Photo) X, X1, X2, Corel Photo Paint 11, 12, Xara Xtreme, Microsoft Digital Image Suite . Freeware download of ImageSkill Outliner 2.0, size 2.10 Mb.

PhotoFreebies 2.0 The Plugin Site 

PhotoFreebies is a collection of free plugins for performing useful photo manipulations and effects like sepia effects, saturation gradients, b/w conversion, color space transformations and many more. Some of them have a dialog with adjustable controls whereas others are applied instantly without displaying a dialog.

PhotoFreebies . Freeware download of PhotoFreebies 2.0, size 72.80 Mb.

B/W Styler 1 3 The Plugin Site 

B/W Styler is a plugin for B/W conversion, creating traditional B/W effects and styling B/W photos. BW Styler works in dozens of graphics applications including Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop Elements, PhotoPlus, Photo-Paint, IrfanView and PhotoImpact under Windows and MacOS X. It also runs natively in Photoshop CS3 and CS4 on Intel-Macs. It . Free download of B/W Styler 1 3, size 2.56 Mb.

ImageSkill Magic Enhancer Lite 1.0 ImageSkill 

Image Skill Magic Enhancer Lite is an image or photo enhancing plug-in for your branded graphics or photo editing applications. The Image Skill Magic Enhancer Lite plug-in can automatically detect and install itself on following photo editing applications: Adobe Photoshop 7, CS, CS2, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2, 3, 4, 5, Coral Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7, . Freeware download of ImageSkill Magic Enhancer Lite 1.0, size 1.74 Mb.

ImageSkill Magic Sharpener Demo ImageSkill 

Magic Sharpener is an amazing image sharpening Photoshop-compatible plug-in for Windows Operating System designed by ImageSkill Software.
The plug-in can also work as with other commercial software like Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel (Jasc) Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Digital Image Suite and other free software like IrfanView and XnView. . Free download of ImageSkill Magic Sharpener Demo, size 5.97 Mb.

Autumn Rose Quick Page 1.0 StoryRock Inc. 

Autumn Rose Quick Page is a Pack for scrapbooking software.
The pack contains high-resolution (print quality) JPG and PNG files.
The Autumn Rose Quick Page can be easily installed and works easy with My Memories Suite scrapbooking software or Adobe Photoshop & Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro. . Freeware download of Autumn Rose Quick Page 1.0, size 31.46 Mb.

Misnamed Filter 0.6 Alex Vallat 

Its purpose is to detect spam emails which have been sent to valid email addresses, but using the wrong display names. For example, if an email is addressed to "Richard Meyer" <> then it is very likely to be spam (unless your name is Richard Meyer, of course!). This filter is capable of learning the valid display . Freeware download of Misnamed Filter 0.6, size 11.70 Mb.

Ulead GIF-X.Plugin 3.0 Ulead Systems, Inc 

Animate your images with Ulead GIF-X.Plugin. This collection of 12 high-end special effects will take any image or selection and output as instant GIF animations. GIF-X lets you take your company logo and wrap it onto a spinning 3D globe, create a waving flag, a glowing neon sign, and more.Ulead GIF-X.Plugin works seamlessly with Ulead GIFAnimator . Free download of Ulead GIF-X.Plugin 3.0, size 0 b.

Summer Citrus 2.0 StoryRock Inc. 

High-resolution (print quality) JPG and PNG files (with transparency). Click install directly into My Memories Suite scrapbooking software and General use installer for other software applications (i.e., Adobe Photoshop & Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, etc.) . All download options are available after checkout . . Free download of Summer Citrus 2.0, size 16.78 Mb.

Time to Play Quick Pages 1.0 SammyD Kreations 

This is a free installation kit for My Memories Suite scrapbooking software. It is a kit that allows you to play and to create photo books. High-resolution (print quality) JPG and PNG files (with transparency). General use installer for other software applications (i.e., Adobe Photoshop & Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, etc.) . . Freeware download of Time to Play Quick Pages 1.0, size 76.42 Mb.

Palette Converter Iconico, Inc. 

When you have created a palette in ColorPic 4.1 you can use the Palette Converter to export the palette to Paint Shop Pro swatches.
The fact is that this will probably work for Jasc Paint Shop Pro upwards as the scripting is the same but since we don't have the other versions we cannot provide default folder locations.
Since the program . Freeware download of Palette Converter, size 1.05 Mb.

PixPattern 1.0 ImageSkill Software 

PixPattern is an extremely user friendly and smart Photoshop compatible plugin for Windows designed by ImageSkill Software. It allows you to transform your photographs into a mosaic that is formed from a set of polygons differing in shape and angle. The plugin keeps the original color content of your photograph being able to keep the same color . Free download of PixPattern 1.0, size 4.88 Mb.