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EQ 10 - Equalizer for iOS 3.5 David Ross 

Mobile \ Music

EQ 10 is a Music Player, Streaming Radio Player and Free & Legal Music Downloader with EQ & FX

Equalizers -

* Classic 10 Band Equalizer (+ / - 12 dB)
* Fully configurable Parametric EQ (+ / - 15 dB)
* EQ filters - Low Shelf, High Shelf, 3X Peaking Filters with variable width (Q)
* Great for boosting . Free download of EQ 10 - Equalizer for iOS 3.5, size 1.89 Mb.


RadEQ - Equalizer for Streaming online Radio 1.17 Audioforge Labs Inc. 

Mobile \ Music

Streaming Audio Player with 7 band parametric equalizer. Over 2500 radio stations and growing.
+ Use the most advanced and precise equalizer interface in the app store. (It is the same interface as in Equalizer and Remaster.)
+ Adjust the powerful parametric equalizer by moving the seven control points or type in the values directly.

100% Calculus 3.2.1 Novel Approach 

Mobile \ Education

Check out the latest edition to our 100% textbook series! Now you can search for saved pages, add notes and even search for saved pages based on your notes. Make studying easier with this great app!!

Having Calculus troubles? 100% Calculus to the rescue! This app brings to you a comprehensive guide on Calculus and all its difficult . Free download of 100% Calculus 3.2.1, size 2.31 Mb.

3D CAD Models Engineering 3.0.4 CADENAS GmbH 

Mobile \ Productivity

The PARTcommunity 3D CAD models app is a download service for 3D CAD data by CADENAS.

This app provides engineers and purchasers in the mechanical engineering, automotive and building industry direct access to thousands of parts from more than 400 certified catalogs of leading global manufacturers.

The 3D CAD models are . Freeware download of 3D CAD Models Engineering 3.0.4, size 9.96 Mb.

AbleMath Graphing Calculator 1.0.5 AbleMath 

Mobile \ Education

AbleMath is a full featured scientific and graphing calculator.

- Custom keyboard for easy data entry.
- Easily share your data with friends. AbleMath will load data right from email.
- Create custom variables and store values in memory. A great feature of expensive graphing calculators.
- Normal, Scientific . Freeware download of AbleMath Graphing Calculator 1.0.5, size 1.36 Mb.


Mobile \ Education

** This app now allows you to download the videos on your phone and watch them off line anywhere, anytime! Happy learning :-) **

If youve seen desktop version but want the ease of use on your iPhone or iPad without the adverts but with all the video tutorials then this app is for you or your . Free download of Edexcel FP1 2.6, size 2.94 Mb.

Electronic Toolbox Pro 7.01.05 Marcus Roskosch 

Mobile \ Productivity

The ORIGNIAL Electronic Toolbox Pro app
Electronic reference and calculation resource for professionals, hobbyists, HAMs and students right at your fingertips

What users wrote about this app:

Well worth the money *****
I researched all EE apps before buying this one and I have to say that this one is the best by far. . Free download of Electronic Toolbox Pro 7.01.05, size 75.60 Mb.

EPV Calculator 1.0.3 Harperfection Corporation 

Mobile \ Medical

EPV Calculator calculates the Estimated Placental Volume from 2D ultrasounds of the human placenta.

Using a simple 2D ultrasound cross-section of the major axis of a placenta from 7 to 40 weeks of gestation the Estimated Placental Volume (EPV) can be calculated from three simple measurements: maximal width, height at maximal width and . Freeware download of EPV Calculator 1.0.3, size 5.14 Mb.

Quick Bootstrap Statistics 5.1 MSYapps 

Mobile \ Education

Bootstrapping is a technique for measuring sample statistics from a relatively small set of data elements. By randomly resampling with replacement from the array of data elements, the software is able to generate a distribution that approximates the Normal Distribution from which parametric statistics like mean, standard deviation, skewness, and . Free download of Quick Bootstrap Statistics 5.1, size 1.47 Mb.

TouchPlot 4.3 Pierre-Henri Jondot 

Mobile \ Education

TouchPlot is a powerful grapher with a long list of features :
- formula editor with custom keyboards along with prettyprint display of the formula being entered. Since version 4.0, an alternative algebraic formula editor is provided, and the learning curve is now much lower.
- symbolic differentiation
- numeric integration with . Free download of TouchPlot 4.3, size 1.26 Mb.