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Copy Path to Clipboard 1.5 4dots Software 

4dots Copy path to Clipboard is a free small shell extension that extends the right click menu of Windows Explorer and allows you to copy the path of the selected files or folders (one or multiple) to the clipboard.

This is very useful when you just quickly need the path of the file , for example, to pass it as an argument to another . Freeware download of Copy Path to Clipboard 1.5, size 8.62 Mb. Hard Drive Washer 3.00 

Windows and nearly all other software that is installed on it produce temporary data. These disk space consuming files are used to remember personal data or user behaviour in the best case, but most of the time they only decrease the speed of your system the more is installed on it. Unfortunately there are not many programs that really take care . Free download of Hard Drive Washer 3.00, size 358.20 Kb.

InstantMask 1.4 CPSSoftware 

InstantMask is a simple easy to use and powerful background removal and image masking tool. It lets you remove background from digital photo with few mouse clicks and moves. You mark the object with one marker and background with another and the program does the rest. The main advantages compared with similar programs are robust segmentation . Freeware download of InstantMask 1.4, size 5.60 Mb.

Copy This Path 1.0 Camtech 2000 

If you work a lot with the paths to files or folders like I do, this can be a time saving tool. This will add the command 'Copy This path' to the right click context menu in Windows Explorer to copy the full path of a file or folder to Windows Clipboard. The additional option 'Auto Send' automatically opens Notepad with the copied path already . Freeware download of Copy This Path 1.0, size 400.38 Kb.

Monkey Banana 1 4 Novel Games Limited 

Monkey Banana is a very enjoyable and challenging game in which you place the monkey in any of the available entries to the maze in a way that it ends directly in the banana. You must bear in mind that the monkey will turn whenever it can, so you must calculate its moves carefully before placing the monkey. The game includes 10 levels, and the . Freeware download of Monkey Banana 1 4, size 26.80 Mb.

Magical Mysteries - Path of the 1 5 Alder Games 

Enter a magical fantasy world of beautiful places and thrilling creatures! Use your Match 3 skills in a new way to search for enchanted scrolls, make useful potions and beat your mysterious enemies! Improve your spells and unravel the story of the Sorceress in Magical Mysteries, an innovative and fast-paced Puzzle game!

Magical . Free download of Magical Mysteries - Path of the 1 5, size 20.89 Mb.

Using Propositional Speech 2000 1.0 Parrot Software 

Users move pictures from the left side of the screen to the right side by using a command that mentions both the name of the picture and the new location (e.g. Put the light bulb beside the box.). Examples of prepositions used are above, beside, on top, below, etc. . Free download of Using Propositional Speech 2000 1.0, size 72.43 Mb.

rfProfiler Light 1 6 rfSoftware, Inc. 

rfProfiler Light is a software package containing a collection of useful tools from rfSoftware's more advanced products. Many of the features of rfProfiler Light are free. If you register the product, you get additional features and terrain databases. . Freeware download of rfProfiler Light 1 6, size 13.01 Mb.

Picture Identification 1.0 Parrot Software 

A real-life picture is dis- played on the screen. A list of three possible names is pre- sented. The user must select the word that best describes the picture. The program includes 50 pictures and client progress is tracked and available for retrieval in report form.

Performance records for each individual using the program are . Free download of Picture Identification 1.0, size 72.66 Mb.

VectorScribe for Adobe Illustrator CS5 1 1 Astute Graphics Limited 

VectorScribe Designer and VectorScribe Studio are the ultimate vector toolkits for all designers and users of Adobe Illustrator CS3 to CS5. They allow you to edit and create vector artwork faster, smarter and dynamically through an intuitive and fully integrated plugin system.

Don't let the low cost make you think that this plugin . Free download of VectorScribe for Adobe Illustrator CS5 1 1, size 3.25 Mb.

Best Numerology 2.0 VeBest 

Numerology is the science that is closely associated with numbers. It treats numbers as symbols that can both be your strength and weaknesses. Human nature can be strong or weak, talented or otherwise and all these aspects depend on numbers and their combinations.
At present, this science of Numerology is as old as the registered history of . Free download of Best Numerology 2.0, size 23.96 Mb.

Category Discrimination and Reasoning 1.0 Parrot Software 

There are 3 steps for each problem. In the 1st step, a list of words is presented in which all but one belong to the same category and the user must identify the one word that does not belong. In the 2nd step, 3 reasons why the word selected does not belong to the original list are presented and the user must identify the correct reason. In the 3rd . Free download of Category Discrimination and Reasoning 1.0, size 70.92 Mb.

Problem Solving 2000 1.0 Parrot Software 

A real-life problem is presented like A couple with three children want to have a quiet weekend together. What is the best way to ensure that? The user chooses between a list of four options that could theoretically all be solutions like: Tranquilize the children; Send the children outside to play; Tell the children to watch TV all weekend; and . Free download of Problem Solving 2000 1.0, size 72.66 Mb.

Sorting by Category 1.0 Parrot Software 

Sorting by Category program requires the user to sort words into appropriately related categories. The screen is divided into either 2 or 3 columns with a corresponding category button. A word is then presented that belongs to one of the categories. The user presses the appropriate category button to place a word into the corresponding category . Free download of Sorting by Category 1.0, size 68.77 Mb.

Things in Common 1.0 Parrot Software 

Two different people, places, or things are presented like a director and producer and the user is asked what they have in common. Users choose from a list of four alternatives like: They make movies; They write commercials; They oversee construction; and They work in restaurants.

The user is instructed to choose the best alternative. . Free download of Things in Common 1.0, size 68.77 Mb.

Visual Memory 1.0 Parrot Software 

Visual, Auditory & Grammatical Attention Training is a program that has lessons for visual, auditory, and grammatical processing. In each case, a fairly simple concept is presented with competing background stimuli as a distraction as a timed task. The three lessons are Competing Visual Stimuli, Competing Auditory Stimuli, and Competing . Free download of Visual Memory 1.0, size 72.66 Mb.

Word Stimulation 1.0 Parrot Software 

This program is designed to provide practice naming pictures. A picture is displayed and the user is asked to say the name. Users can cue themselves with the first letter of the word, the first sound of the word, the spelling of the word, a sen- tence cue for the word, hearing the word spoken, seeing the word spoken with sound, and seeing the word . Free download of Word Stimulation 1.0, size 68.77 Mb.

VirDir Digital Widget Systems 

VirDir Manager helps you manage your system's files and folders more effectively. VirDir maps your favorite directory paths to drive letters, letting you access them quickly and easily. With VirDir you can easily eliminate having to deal with long directory paths.

Ever find yourself typing in the same long path over and over . Freeware download of VirDir, size 47.15 Mb.

Win98 Tweak Ojars Krumins 

This program will allow you to change some of the Windows 98 features. You can also enable or disable some different animations, change the menu speed and remove some items from start menu. Now you can also remove the LogOff icon from your start menu. . Freeware download of Win98 Tweak, size 1.21 Mb.

CopyPathMenu 3.0 MartinStoeckli 

CopyPathMenu is an extension to the context menu of the windows explorer, which allows to copy the path of a file to the clipboard.

Depending on the settings, the path can be copied in different ways, for example to send it as a clickable link in an email. . Freeware download of CopyPathMenu 3.0, size 1.08 Mb.