Pc Anywhere Port Software

Home Automation and Control System 1.0 homeautomatia.sourceforge.net 

Home Automation and Control System is a software which can control devices (using Pc lpt Port) at home from Anywhere with any internet enabled device. This software drives a solid state relay by which we can control our home appliances. . Freeware download of Home Automation and Control System 1.0, size 17.17 Kb.


PC thermometer 1.0 RB 

Pc Thermometer - A method of measuring temperature using the Pc Game Port.
Display is via the program dialog or in the System tray.
Functions are provided to set the temperature read interval and the FTP interval for upload, The program alters a sample file called base.html and replaces variables in it with information from the Pc. . Freeware download of PC thermometer 1.0, size 5.21 Mb.

1-2-Remote 1.3.0 SFR GmbH 

1-2-Remote is a remote control software for you Pocket Pc to control Windows Media Player or iTunes on your Pc - Anywhere in your apartment! No matter if you are throwing a party, laying in the bath tub or chilling on the chair - with 1-2-Remote you have always got the fitting sound at your fingertips. You don+t even have to get near to your . Free download of 1-2-Remote 1.3.0, size 3.75 Mb.

DualDesk 20. 4. 2004 Advantig Corporation 

DualDesk is powerful, easy to use ad-hoc remote support software that is a one-time purchase and lets your technical support staff remote assist a Pc Anywhere on the internet through firewalls in less than 5 seconds with no configuration. Work smarter, save time and money providing full remote support help desk services to multiple clients . Free download of DualDesk 20. 4. 2004, size 4.17 Mb.

ScopeOnPC for Windows 2.0 TechRepublic 

ScopeOnPC is a free software that uses the Pc parallel Port and an ADC (Analog To Digital converter) circuit to turn your Pc into a full featured ocliloscope. Sampling: 100K Samples per second (DOS version) -100KHz Sampling: 40K Samples per second (Windows version) - 40KHz -5 V To 5V Input Range -50V To 50V Olerload Protection 8 Bit Resolution . Freeware download of ScopeOnPC for Windows 2.0, size 1.43 Mb.

LogMeIn Scout 2. 1. 2012 3am Labs, Inc. 

LogMeIn Scout is a remote access discovery and management tool that gives system administrators the ability to detect instances of LogMeIn and other remote access software, including Pc Anywhere, GoToMyPC, and VNC, on corporate systems.
LogMeIn Scout 2.0 allows system administrators to create policy-driven security and usage policies for . Freeware download of LogMeIn Scout 2. 1. 2012, size 0 b.

HsSmsDll 1 1 Hillstone Software 

HS SMS DLL is a Windows Dynamic Link Library enabling applications to send, receive, read and delete SMS messages via a GSM modem attached to Pc COM Port, supporting selected features of standards GSM 07.05 (ETS 300 585) and GSM 03.40. HS SMS DLL includes integrated encryption which can be optionally used to encrypt and decrypt SMS text using AES, . Free download of HsSmsDll 1 1, size 83.58 Mb.

dsdGSM 1.0 dsdgsm.sourceforge.net 

dsdGSM DLL is a Windows Dynamic Link Library enabling applications to send, receive, read and delete SMS messages via a GSM modem attached to Pc COM Port, supporting selected features of standards GSM 07.05 (ETS 300 585) and GSM 03.40. . Freeware download of dsdGSM 1.0, size 5.42 Kb.

LTProg 1.0 Ltprog 

LTProg is pindriver technology multi devices programmer througth the Pc USB Port

LTProg 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of LTProg 1.0, size 0 b.

Splash Desk 0.50b Leslie Young 

Get remote control access to your Windows Pc Anywhere. The goal of this project is to be a "Let's Just Get Started!" remoting tool for the help desk technician, being fully functional and able to operate w/o requiring addon plugins or setup installations . Free download of Splash Desk 0.50b, size 434.11 Kb.

Phone Dial by PC 1.14 Infonautics GmbH 

Phone Dial by Pc can dial/operate a phone that is using the serial interface RS-232 connected to the Pc com Port. Phone numbers can be dialed and redialed from any application via customizable hotkeys. Also an incoming phone call can be answered and terminated by hotkeys. The last 10 numbers are available for redialing. If the phone has no serial . Free download of Phone Dial by PC 1.14, size 400.00 Kb.

DualDesk Lite Advantig Corporation 

DualDesk lets your support staff assist a Pc Anywhere on the internet, from another Pc Anywhere on the internet through firewalls in less than 5 seconds with no configuration. Provide temporary, full service ad-hoc remote control help desk services, transfer files, chat,re-boot & auto-reconnect and control a remote user's workstation in . Free download of DualDesk Lite, size 3.67 Mb.

EzCom2Web 3.0 Cosmin Buhu 

Lightweight HTTP server and a script engine (like PHP or ASP) in one application .It is a very good tool to control a device connected on a remote Pc serial Port with a web browser. You can build a complete web interface for your RS232 device, for example for a home automation box, a remote camera, a ham radio, writing html and script pages. The . Free download of EzCom2Web 3.0, size 684.03 Kb.

Energizer FileSaver 4 3 Technuity Inc. 

Energizer FileSaver is a powerful tool designed to manage UPS devices and your Pc.

To use this tool, attach communication cable to connect UPS and Pc COM Port and enable the installation program of monitoring software.

The main interface of Energizer FileSaver integrates the monitoring display of FileSaver for Windows.

AccPlus 1.3 Microsys Com Ltd. 

AccPlus is an utility designed to communicate with a Smart Battery or a serial memory device via the Pc parallel Port and a Philips Standard I2C Parallel Port Adapter. You can view the Smart Battery data and reset the EEPROM to its initial values. The I2C and Microwire protocols are implemented, so you can deal with many serial memories, both 8 and . Free download of AccPlus 1.3, size 796.92 Kb.

MemPlus 1.2 Microsys Com Ltd. 

MemPlus is an utility designed for EEPROMs programming, using the Pc parallel Port and a Philips Standard Parallel Port Adapter. It allows you to Read/ Edit/ Write a large number of serial memories, working either with I2C or Microwire protocols. You can deal with I2C EEPROMs (24C01 ... 24C128) and Microwire ones (S29L220, 80AF, 93C66, 29L394), . Free download of MemPlus 1.2, size 838.86 Kb.

FlashClips U3 1.00 M8 Software(UK) 

Away from home ? Wish you had that document, web address, email address or phone number that's on your Pc ? Now you can hang all your useful information on your key ring and use it on any Pc Anywhere!FlashClips is the U3 portable version of the M8 Multi Clipboard. Anything that can be cut or copied to the Windows clipboard can be captured and . Free download of FlashClips U3 1.00, size 1.94 Mb.

CEIA Power Cube Assistant 1 2 CEIA Spa 

CEIA Power Cube Assistant is a software device which provides useful advice for coil optimization.Before starting this program you have to ensure that the RS 232 Pc serial Port is connected to the power cube.This software has an expert advice that follows you from the beginning to the end of the test . Free download of CEIA Power Cube Assistant 1 2, size 41.94 Mb.

Ajax VNC 01.00 ajaxvnc.sourceforge.net 

A "Clientless" VNC solution implemented with Ajax technology. You can remote your Pc Anywhere without pre-installing any client. As it is purely HTTP, you can VNC even behind firewall or proxy. Java VNC server able to run on Windows/Mac/Linux. . Freeware download of Ajax VNC 01.00, size 71.25 Kb.

ScanNow for Windows 1.0 Marat Fayzullin 

A small in size and screen estate, but rich in features application giving you control of an AR8000 radio scanner connected to Pc serial Port. ScanNow has Frequency Database (organized as a tree), Search (with graphical Signal diagram), Scan, Hunt Mode, and many other . Free download of ScanNow for Windows 1.0, size 230.69 Kb.