Pc Computer Software

SSI Model Railway Control System 3.00 GPP Software 

SSI is an application which enables a Pc Computer to control the operation of a model railway layout through hardware connected to the communications port.SSI uses the MRAPI 'middle ware' product to provide the actual hardware communications.SSI replaces a conventional control panel with a Computer screen, providing significant levels of . Free download of SSI Model Railway Control System 3.00, size 3.17 Mb.


Recipe Manager software: from Freedom Software 5 Freedom Software 

Recipe Manager is recipe software for your Pc Computer to organize your recipes and information: also a combined PIM, contact manager, cardfile, Rolodex program to organize your time, contacts and correspondence. Simple but powerful home and business software to store any information, send/review e-mails and track correspondence. Includes Alarms, . Free download of Recipe Manager software: from Freedom Software 5, size 5.32 Mb.

V CAST Media Manager Smith Micro Software Inc 

V CAST Media Manager transfers media between a Pc Computer and compatible phones. A single installation of the application supports all compatible phones. If your phone is not supported you may still download the application to manage media and play it on your Computer.

If you want to organize and manage your pictures, videos and . Freeware download of V CAST Media Manager, size 0 b.

FLVHosting Desktop FLV Player 2.0 FLVHosting.com 

2 previous FLV Players available for you to play FLV Media files on your Pc Computer. The player above is V3 and the most current.

Since there is no FLV player freely available in an operating system (Yet) FLV Hosting is proud to offer 2 such players to you for use, free of charge, FLV Player 1 and FLV Player 2.0.

The Free . Freeware download of FLVHosting Desktop FLV Player 2.0, size 1.49 Mb.

NRV10 interFX Audiffex 

Use your Mac or Pc Computer as a flexible external effect unit for NRV10.

NRV10 mixer comes bundled with a simpler version of our interFX application.

The bundled version allows you to open 2 VST effects per track.

To use more plug-ins, MIDI control, software instruments, recording and playback, ReWire . Free download of NRV10 interFX, size 8.26 Mb.

Purge Jihad 0.5.1 Freeform Interactive LLC 

Purge is an online-only Pc Computer game. It is a hybrid First-Person-Shooter / Role-Playing-Game set in the near future accounting a war between the diametrically opposed forces of science-fiction (the Order) and fantasy (the Chosen). Technology versus magic. Science versus religion. It is a great divine war, where followers pray for intervention . Freeware download of Purge Jihad 0.5.1, size 338.59 Mb.

HarnWare 5 4 Tyco Electronics UK Limited 

HarnWare is the Tyco Electronics Pc Computer aided wiring harness design system for the defence, rail, aerospace, naval and motor sport industries. Some key features of the wiring harness design function in these industries are outlined in the next section and then subsequent sections provide an overview of HarnWare and HarnVis - a 3D harness . Freeware download of HarnWare 5 4, size 17.35 Mb.

MwManager Radwag 

Freeware "MW Manager" is designed to establish cooperation between a weighing module MW-01 and a Pc Computer. The application enables adjustment (calibration) of the MW-01 (i.e. determining start mass, determining adjustment coefficient, determining gravity correction value, linearity correction), mass reading, tarring, zeroing and . Freeware download of MwManager, size 8.89 Mb.


DVD Player has everything most people might need to run a DVD on your Pc Computer. The interface is compact, slick, and clear. Using this programs you are allowed to: 1)Play DVD movies (support all DVD video formats). 2)Grab snapshot and save it as an image and grab snapshot, save it directly as wallpaper and set how you want to set the wallpaper. . Freeware download of OSS DVD Player, size 15.30 Mb.

the rpg project 1.0 Rpgproject 

This project is an rpg Pc Computer game. A title for the game has not yet been decided. The game will be made using rpg maker 2003.

the rpg project 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of the rpg project 1.0, size 0 b.

SoftCab Personal Firewall Software 1.5.28 SoftCab 

Personal firewall software for powerful protection your Pc Computer. Firewall has built-in NAT server. APR,TCP,UDP,ICMP and other protocols are supported by personal firewall software. Download firewall and protect your Pc.
* Block unwanted network packets according to rules.
* Block or allow network connectivity for certain . Free download of SoftCab Personal Firewall Software 1.5.28, size 188.74 Kb.

HCANS 1.0 iPocketPC.Net 

Computer and Network support. You can request help, call them, send an email. Get help on all your Mac/Pc Computer, networking and printer issues. . Freeware download of HCANS 1.0, size 2.52 Mb.

Windows PC Computer Basics - Hard Drives 1.0 Windows PC Computer Basics 

Windows Pc Lesson on Hard Drives & Their Size - What is a hard drive and more: Easy video Computer lesson on understanding what a hard drive is and what it does, plus why the size always seems to be smaller than what it says on the box. Are you being ripped off by drive manufacturers? . Freeware download of Windows PC Computer Basics - Hard Drives 1.0, size 27.62 Mb.

TextMagic Messenger 2.0 TextMagic 

TextMagic Messenger for Windows lets you send and receive text messages from your Pc Computer.Key Benefits:

Turns your Computer into a mobile phone able to send and receive text messages.
Send text messages to large groups.
SMS marketing.
Type long text messages effortlessly from the comfort of your keyboard.
Fast, . Free download of TextMagic Messenger 2.0, size 3.09 Mb.

PodPhone to PC 1.00 easyPadApps 

PodPhone to Pc, software that transfers music songs, movie videos, playlists and photo images from iPhone/iPod Touch to iTunes on Pc Computer. PodPhone to Pc detects contents on your iPhone/iPod Touch automatically, and one click to start synchronize transfer process. PodPhone to Pc lets you export photos to anywhere on you Computer.

plist Editor for Windows 1.0.2 VOWSoft,Ltd. 

It's software that can open, edit and save plist file under Windows system. It is useful for customize your iPod Touch or iPhone on Pc Computer, or just want edit a plist file under Windows system.

In the Mac OS X, property list files are files that store serialized objects. Property list files use the filename extension .plist, . Freeware download of plist Editor for Windows 1.0.2, size 5.06 Mb.

Data backup software for Windows 1.9.2 PC computer backup programs 

Program File Sync is the program which allows to compare folders and to synchronize their content. Thus, the basic functions of one of the best Pc Computer backup programs are the comparative folder analysis and file synchronization.
The comparative folder analysis is spent between two directories. The analysis purpose is to reveal how much . Free download of Data backup software for Windows 1.9.2, size 786.43 Kb.


Power DVD Player Plus has everything most people might need to run a DVD on your Pc Computer. The interface is compact, slick, and clear. Using this programs you are allowed to: 1)Play DVD movies (support all DVD video formats). 2)Grab snapshot and save it as an image and grab snapshot, save it directly as wallpaper and set how you want to set the . Freeware download of Power DVD Player Plus, size 15.30 Mb.

MagicGemz Game Cheater 1 1 Softedge IT Solutions 

MagicGemz Game Cheater is a program designed to make difficult Pc Computer games easier, fun and interesting to play. Use it to find hidden values for in-game resources such as Health, Lives, and Ammunition, to adjust those values, and to improve your games. . Freeware download of MagicGemz Game Cheater 1 1, size 2.83 Mb.

check cash advance forum surfer 1.05 check cash advance inc 

"Now You Can Search Up To 15 Of Your Favorite Forums Simultaneously... All From The Desktop Of Your Pc Computer With This Revolutionary New Forum Search Tool"... "And It'sFREE!"...Dramatically discover more post topics of interest much easier than searching manually!Search deep into the text for keywords not just the headline . Freeware download of check cash advance forum surfer 1.05, size 639.63 Kb.