Pcs Software

Userful Desktop 8.0 Userful Corporation 

Userful Desktop is a complete, all-in-one locked down and tamper-proof, cloud managed virtual desktop solution. When a user logs off, the station is cleared of browser histories and downloaded files. Privacy is guaranteed. Customers report an improved computing experience for users with an average cost savings of 54% over their previous . Free download of Userful Desktop 8.0, size b.


SewIconz 1. 4. 2003 S & S Computing, Inc 

SewIconz is software for viewing the contents of embroidery files, quilting files, and certain image files (jpeg, gif, png, bmp, dxf, plt) as icons from within Windows Explorer. With SewIconz, the stitch pattern contained in embroidery files and some cross-stitch files will appear as icons as you scroll through your Windows folders. Information . Free download of SewIconz 1. 4. 2003, size 0 b.

CadQView 1.0 S & S Computing 

CadQView is stand-alone software developed by S & S Computing that allows viewing and printing of individual CAD and Quilt files. It is intended as a useful adjunct to SewIconz.
CadQViewer supports formats like: DXF(autocad), HQF(handiquilter), IQP(Intelliquilter), PLT(autocad), QLI(statler stitcher) . Freeware download of CadQView 1.0, size 4.38 Mb.

SewWhat-Pro 2. 3. 2007 S & S Computing, Inc 

SewWhat-Pro embroidery file editor and conversion tool. You may use it to merge, rotate, and resize (at constant stitch density) existing embroidery patterns, as well as convert from one embroidery format to another. Batch conversion of large numbers of embroidery files between different formats is also available. There is also a cutting tool for . Free download of SewWhat-Pro 2. 3. 2007, size 0 b.

OPC Netlistener 2 22 Somebytes 

The server allows supervising device processes (watchdog) and provides the operator with the CPU load data as an OPC variable. In addition it shows the CPU load of the host computer.

The server sends ICMP (ping) or SNMP-requests to the supervising hosts, and presents these as an OPC-item. Or it supervises cyclical processes on the host . Freeware download of OPC Netlistener 2 22, size 2.85 Mb.

Genie Timeline Free Genie-Soft 

Genie Timeline is a program to backup and restore your files. It comes in three editions: Free, Home and Professional. The free edition of the program, we are talking about, has limited options but in no way worse than the two other editions. It is a great and easy to use program for home users.
The Genie Timeline’s interface is . Freeware download of Genie Timeline Free, size 0 b.

SewCat 3. 7. 2005 S & S Computing, Inc. 

SewCat is software for cataloging embroidery files on your computer and external media (CD's, floppy drives, etc). With SewCat you can view embroidery files in specific directories, conveniently move them into user-definable folders, and rename them in a variety of meaningful ways.

Main Features :
- Graphically choose . Free download of SewCat 3. 7. 2005, size 0 b.

HomeVision 3.45.0003 Custom Solutions, Inc. 

The HomeVision computer software is a 32-bit program for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP.
This 3.45a version is intended for use with HomeVision hardware version 1203C and PROM version C3.45.

The 3.45 version added several features:
- For United States users, the automatic daylight savings time feature uses the new start and stop . Freeware download of HomeVision 3.45.0003, size 7.97 Mb.

SplitWorks 2009 1 3 R&B 

Features of SplitWorks 2009 : Preview of disjointed sets of faces within a SplitWorks Feature Manager group folder facilitating the creation of knitted surfaces. The system allows you to browse through the different sets, select the faces in order to move them with to other folders.Automatically creates a planar surface from an open set of planar . Free download of SplitWorks 2009 1 3, size 81.79 Mb.

ViTerminal XP Lite Soft Ltd 

ViTerminal XP is an independent multifunctional terminal service providing a wide range of opportunities for home, office and system administration.In comparison with other alternative terminal solutions that require the number of connection licenses equal to the number of pcs or users, ViTerminal licensing policy counts only active connections, . Free download of ViTerminal XP, size 7.55 Mb.

Polkast Polkast LLC 

Everyone is talking about cloud services. Instead of sending your content up to the cloud, Polkast brings the cloud to you. Polkast dynamically creates your own "direct cloud," letting your mobile devices access your pcs directly and securely.

You keep control. Your files are stored on your computers in your own network . Freeware download of Polkast, size 10.19 Mb.

Userful Pre-Book Windows Client 2 Userful Corporation 

Pre-Book Client for Windows is the client software of the Pre-Book PC Reservation software from Userful that is designed to operate on Microsoft Windows operating systems. The Pre-Book Client for Windows needs to connect to a Pre-Book server for authentication and for loading system configurations. The location for the Pre-Book is server is . Freeware download of Userful Pre-Book Windows Client 2, size 281.60 Kb.

Desktop Server 4 Userful Corporation 

is Includes the complete Linux Desktop (based on Fedora Core) pre-integrated with Userful's unique 10-to-1 desktop advantage. Includes support for multi-user sound and USB keys. With this software and extra video cards up to ten users can independently browse the Internet, send email and run a wide variety of productivity software, all from one . Free download of Desktop Server 4, size 2942.66 Mb.

Genie Timeline Professional 2 1 Genie9 

Genie Timeline Professional 2.1: Revolutionary backup software that is designed to meet the data protection needs of day to day business users. With 3 simple, straight forward steps you can enjoy enhanced features such as; disaster recovery, backing up a wide selection of data types, multiple performance modes, enhanced security and much more. No . Free download of Genie Timeline Professional 2 1, size 29.88 Mb.

Genie Timeline Home 2012 Genie9 

Genie Timeline 2012 Home Edition is a backup/restore tool available to home users with a stunning new metro style interface. Continuous update releases are available for the life time of the product to provide complete, seamless and reliable backups and restores. The new edition is faster, richer in features and easier to use. Timeline can backup a . Free download of Genie Timeline Home 2012, size 13.67 Mb.

System Mechanic Professional RealDefense LLC 

System Mechanic Pro uses patented technology to restore speed, power, and stability to your PC. It fixes errors, boosts performance, defends against infections, and proactively prevents problems from reoccurring. This all-in-one solution to complete Windows care also recovers deleted files, securely wipes data, and includes high-performance . Free download of System Mechanic Professional, size 1.19 Mb.

BNTINV Remote Scanner Carla Drake 

The BTNINV Remote Scanner allows you to get WMI data over the network from a central PC. The program will scan a single IP address or a range of IP addresses and collect the WMI data. You can also scan by computer name. There is an option to automatically get all the active computer names in a domain or workgroup. The user account logged into the . Free download of BNTINV Remote Scanner, size 115.34 Kb.

DiscoverStation 4 Userful Corporation 

Userful's DiscoverStation is the perfect solution to provide "indestructible" computer and Internet access. DiscoverStation's unique design enables customers to deploy a secure, hardened and virus-free cluster of computer workstations that requires virtually no upkeep. Stations can be centrally monitored and customized using a powerful . Free download of DiscoverStation 4, size 737.15 Mb.

Registry Booster 2009 2.1.1216.5631 Uniblue Systems Ltd. 

RegistryBooster is the easy answer to all your Windows registry problems. This award winning software starts by conducting a deep scan of your registry, checking for file extension errors and other registry conflicts. RegistryBooster will then repair or remove unused, corrupted and harmful files so optimizing your PCd-deOaos performance. You can . Free download of Registry Booster 2009 2.1.1216.5631, size 3.12 Mb.