Peer Software

Emerald P2P UltraPeer 3.4.0 P2PGems 

EMERALD P2P UltraPeer is a very fast and precise download service which provides a built-in file search engine and chat functions. Using the service is extremely intuitive and you feel you are one click away from downloading any MP3 files, MPEGS (movie clips) or JPG's (pics). Being based on the massive popular LimeWire P2P client ,it is raw power . Freeware download of Emerald P2P UltraPeer 3.4.0, size 5.40 Mb.


KC Softwares VideoInspector KC Softwares 

VideoInspector is a tool designed to provide you with as much information as possible about your video files. With VideoInspector you'll know why your video files has no sound or refuses to play correctly. VideoInspector will help you installing the required CoDecs (coder/decoder software) for an optimal performance. VideoInspector can also . Freeware download of KC Softwares VideoInspector, size 1.92 Mb.

VideoToolBox 1 1 KC Softwares 

VideoToolbox is a movie file analyzing utility. Features include:
Container support; AVI, Matroska
Codecs requirements automatic detection
File intergrity check
Automatic, content based container format detection
Displays movie info; Duration, streams
Displays Video stream info; Resolution, bitrate, frames per . Freeware download of VideoToolBox 1 1, size 0 b.

KC Softwares AudioGrail KC Softwares 

KC Softwares AudioGrail is a set of tools that lets you rename, tag, organize, and analyze quality of your audio files to improve your overall experience with digital music.

This application features include support for MP3, OGG, MPC, APE, AAC, FLAC WavPack audio files; a tag editor with support for ID3Tag V1 & V2 tags, Vorbis . Free download of KC Softwares AudioGrail, size 0 b.

KC Softwares AVIToolbox KC Softwares 

AVI toolbox is a tool for video operations. It helps the user to do operations on the video like editing, capture, splitting, sound operations etc. AVI toolbox is utility that splits the audio and video separately for video or audio based operations. It provides the convenience to burn the video files into CD with the help of the respective burn . Free download of KC Softwares AVIToolbox, size 0 b.

Lets Play Darts! 3.0.45 Hans Peer 

Enjoy the awesome game of darts brought to you by Hans peer. Invite your friends for a competitive game of darts on your computer. You can see the points every player made, with the help of the 501 feature, you can also see the highest scores made with the history feature and you can keep track of your tricks easily. . Free download of Lets Play Darts! 3.0.45, size 5.98 Mb.

KC Softwares IDPhotoStudio KC Softwares 

IDPhotoStudio is a user-friendly ID photo duplicator & printer.
With this software you can easily import you photo and pictures, edit the size of the print and print then on your home or company printer with one click.

The easy to use interface is ideal for experienced or non-experienced users. . Freeware download of KC Softwares IDPhotoStudio, size 0 b.

PhotoToFilm KC Softwares 

With the development of digital photography, many people have gathered a huge photo collection that would like to watch on their TV set instead of their computer screen. If you are one of such persons, then you may find useful Photo To Film. This is an easy-to-use program that does exactly what its name implies in an easy, straightforward manner. . Free download of PhotoToFilm, size 0 b.

PhotoToMovie 1 1 KC Softwares 

PhotoToMovie is the most user friendly solution for anyone who wants to easily make a movie out of digital pictures. Unlike most video editing software, PhotoToMovie is very easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. PhotoToMovie can add nice looking effect to your film and thanks to video compression your movies can be easily sent to friends . Freeware download of PhotoToMovie 1 1, size 0 b.

Solipsis 1. 1. 2001 ANR-RIAM Project 

This software is a French R&D project (ANR-RIAM) leaded by Orange Labs, funded by ANR and Media & Networks cluster of Brittany.
The aims are to create a public, massively-shared and user-generated unbound digital universe, sustained by a dedicated peer-to-peer protocol, with a modern day rendering engine and some great and accessible . Freeware download of Solipsis 1. 1. 2001, size 0 b.

SoulSeek 157 NS 13 Soulseek, LLC 

Soulseek is a file-sharing or peer-to-peer (P2P) application. It is used mostly to exchange music, but users are able to share distinct type of files. It also is used as a platform for the promotion of unsigned artists.

Ad-free, spyware-free, originally this file-sharing application was dedicated to the free exchange of electronic . Freeware download of SoulSeek 157 NS 13, size 97.54 Mb.

SoulSeek Client 157 test 12b Soulseek LLC. 

SoulSeek Client 157 test 12b is a P2P file sharing client.

This program was created with the intention to help unknown musicians to distribute their material easily, but can be used to share all kind of files.

The "Search File" button allows you to search in the whole sharing network the files you want to . Freeware download of SoulSeek Client 157 test 12b, size 9.64 Mb.

Nabto Server 2 2 Nabto 

A Nabto server may be any computer with Internet access - you just need to install the Nabto server software. Once the basic software is installed, you may share information from the computer by installing various Nablications (services). Presently we support only regular computers to act as Nabto servers but our vision is to support any device as . Freeware download of Nabto Server 2 2, size 12.29 Mb.

KC Softwares SUMo KC Softwares 

SUMo stands for Software Update Monitor. It is a very powerful software through which you can update your system using latest version of much desired software. It displays small window screen in the corner of your system for updating when you open a new program. Therefore, it keeps your PC up-to-date.

SUMo can automatically scan the . Freeware download of KC Softwares SUMo, size 0 b.

KC Softwares KCleaner KC Softwares 

KCleaner is designed to be the most efficient Hard Disk cleaner, tracking every useless byte in order to give you all the ressources you may need for your documents, music, pictures, movies,... It is the first product of this kind featuring a full automatic mode, which works in background so that you don't have to care about when to launch it. . Freeware download of KC Softwares KCleaner, size 0 b.

KC Softwares KFK KC Softwares 

KFK is a utility to split huge files into user specified size or number of files. KFK is an ideal utility for users transferring files from a High density medium to low density medium requiring multiple disks. The split files can be burnt onto the CD with the required software for burning. KFK is helpful to send files using email where the upload . Freeware download of KC Softwares KFK, size 0 b.

WuWu 0.9 Interface Dynamics, Inc. 

WuWu is an incredible new group-based communication product that will change the way people use the Internet forever! Imagine being able to use one single interface to communicate with other people online using different methods like: instant messages, chat, file sharing, voting, and all sorts of other types of collaboration. WuWu uses . Freeware download of WuWu 0.9, size 1.29 Mb.

BadVPN for Linux 1.999.111 Ambroz Bizjak 

BadVPN is an open-source peer-to-peer VPN system. It provides a Layer 2 (Ethernet) network between the peers (VPN nodes). The peers connect to a central server which acts as a chat server for them to establish direct connections between each other (data connections). These connections are used for transferring network data (Ethernet frames), and . Freeware download of BadVPN for Linux 1.999.111, size 786.43 Kb.

SSuite Office - Snappy IM 2.2 SSuite Office Software 

Improve communications in your company, student campus, home network, or even replace that old pabx system.
Snappy IM is designed to be an instant messaging and video software for use within small, medium and large Local Area Networks {LAN}, even Wi-Fi networks. This application is an ideal replacement for internet messengers in companies, . Freeware download of SSuite Office - Snappy IM 2.2, size 1.21 Mb.

SSuite Office - FaceCom Portal 2.0 SSuite Office Software 

FaceCom Portal is designed to be a video/voip application for use within small, medium, and large Local Area Networks {LAN}, even Wi-Fi networks. This communication's app is an ideal replacement for internet chat and video connections in companies, home networks, student campuses, or wherever it is needed.

It is also able to create a . Freeware download of SSuite Office - FaceCom Portal 2.0, size 6.30 Mb.