Pet Provider Information Software

Built4 Pets SA1.2 DarkStone Data 

pet management software to record pet care Information including pet care
visits, medications, vaccinations, and special diets. Detail the cost of each
visit for your records. Includes a total pet cost report. Keep track of
medication doses, dates of vaccinations and comments of each visit. Contact
Information for all pet . Free download of Built4 Pets SA1.2, size 51.97 Mb.


CMS 1500 Assistant 1.2.2005 ADA Liberant Inc 

CMS 1500 Form Filler Software: stores patient and Provider Information for future use. Feature rich, cheap, and easy to use. This software was written to assist psychologists, social workers, mental health professionals, chiropractors, and small practice physicians in automating the completion of the CMS 1500 claims form. Print complete CMS1500 . Free download of CMS 1500 Assistant 1.2.2005, size 3.02 Mb.

Makhaon Worklist Server 3.1 Makhaon Software 

Makhaon Worklist server Software Package represents server software, which transfers the list of patients, scheduled for the study, into the device or set of devices. The program can inquire the list of patients from the Hospital Informational System of other producers. The list can be entered and updated manually. Besides such standard . Free download of Makhaon Worklist Server 3.1, size 10.15 Mb.

Smart Pet Health Professional 1.1 Programming Sunrise Ltd. 

Smart pet Health Professional keeps as much Information about your animals as you wish. You can create an extensive pet profile, including a picture of the animal and owner Information. You can record adoption Information, to give potential adopters insights into each pet's likes and temperaments. You can record a complete medical history of each . Free download of Smart Pet Health Professional 1.1, size 5.03 Mb.

Reverse Mortgage Canada 1 Reverse Mortgage For Senior 

Various types of financial product that will allows a senior to release the equity in their home have appeared on the market in the last few years. Reverse mortgages as they are commonly known, can be a great type of financial product which can allow you to use the money you have tied up in your main asset to fund your lifestyle in your senior . Freeware download of Reverse Mortgage Canada 1, size 304.09 Kb.

PIMSY 5.0 Smoky Mountain Information System 

PIMSY is a feature packed, enterprise level EMR/PMS system that can help you do what you do best while improving your bottom line at the same time. Read through the list of features in PIMSY, things like Cost Reporting, Authorization Management, SALs and Invoicing, Payroll all of which will help your practice reach its goals. . Free download of PIMSY 5.0, size 0 b.

DRPU Tour and Training Management DRPU Software Pvt. Ltd. 

The most powerful Tour and Training Management Software schedule, track and manage all your company employees tour and training needs. Quickly and easily track employee Tour and Training details with Tour Type, Training Course and Training Provider Information. Software allows to generate tour and training pass with option to print Company Reports, . Free download of DRPU Tour and Training Management, size 7.81 Mb.

Staff Training Enterprise resource planning 

Affordable staff training software is finest quality program that allows only primary user to change and view employee’s tour records and training status with advanced option. Cost effective employee tour scheduling system application is helpful for company HR department, managers, IT department and other users to manage workers travel . Free download of Staff Training, size 7.80 Mb.

CBI Assistant 1.2 LiteKey, LLC 

You may not remember the last time you saw your physician or the name of the medication youre taking. You may not know the amount of your prescription copay or if youve signed up for dental coverage. But one item you rarely forget is your mobile phone. With Creative Benefits, Inc. mobile app, CBI Assistant, youll have benefits at a . Freeware download of CBI Assistant 1.2, size 3.88 Mb.

Sys Information 7.0 B3315 1.0 Arvin Soft 

Sys Information is programmed to become a total system Information Provider, and also very fast and accurate software. Sys Information uses only little resources to retrieve system Information compared to other system Information providers. It also accurate in retrieving the Information such as * Retrieves Total Information of Hardware such as . Freeware download of Sys Information 7.0 B3315 1.0, size 3.38 Mb.

Pet Sitter 2.5 Binary House Software 

pet Sitter is an easy-to-use powerful tool, perfect for those who run pet-sitting or dog-walking business and for those who simply want to take care of their animal companions properly. A comprehensive solution, the program allows creating the database of pets and events planned. It is absolutely essential for pet sitters and dog walkers, as it . Free download of Pet Sitter 2.5, size 15.59 Mb.

Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Facebook 14.0.4730.1010 Microsoft 

The Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Facebook allows you to connect your Facebook account to the Outlook Social Connector and obtain Information about your friends and colleagues. You can see status updates and recently posted items from your Facebook contacts.

You can also use Outlook Social Connector to display a quick . Free download of Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Facebook 14.0.4730.1010, size 0 b.

Microsoft OLEDB Provider for DB2 1.0 Microsoft 

The Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2 is a COM component for integrating vital data stored in IBM DB2 databases with new solutions based on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition and Developer Edition. SQL Server developers and administrators can use the Provider with Integration Services, Analysis Services, Replication, Reporting Services, . Freeware download of Microsoft OLEDB Provider for DB2 1.0, size 14.10 Mb.

Pet Health Software Pet Health 1 

The FREE pet Health Software tracks your pet's health, so you can keep personal records of of your pet's medical history. If you want to know when your cat or dog had an exam, procedure or shot, you can view that Information instantly on your own computer. pet Health Software is free tool for tracking all of your pet's health Information and . Freeware download of Pet Health Software Pet Health 1, size 125.83 Kb.

Pet Grooming Software for Mobile 1.2 Binary House Software 

The pet grooming software offers an extensive database that store in all details relating to scheduling of grooming processes, data of pets and clients, data relating to groomers and all financial earning Information as well. This software is so easy to use and manage that within a simple glance the organizer can perform a search to find the animal . Free download of Pet Grooming Software for Mobile 1.2, size 7.27 Mb.

Hamster Names: Pet Baby Names for your Hamster 1.1 Code 4 Development LLC 

Initial Half Price Sale!

Unique and adorable pet names for your hamster with valuable Information that will help you care for your pet. Hundreds of unique names will give you lots of ideas about how to name your new pet hamster.

Learn about all the hamster breeds.

A great tool for a child who just received their . Free download of Hamster Names: Pet Baby Names for your Hamster 1.1, size 1.05 Mb.

QrPort - storing & instant exchange frequently used short information 1.2 

How much time do you spend searching for the account number, password, and other frequently used, personal Information (skype, icq, pay pal, webmoney, IP tv, account number, sip, Provider info, link to your facebook page, twitter account)

How much time is spent on it to transfer e-mail, address or link to your friend, in this case, . Free download of QrPort - storing & instant exchange frequently used short information 1.2, size 3.36 Mb.

SmartWhois 4.1 TamoSoft 

SmartWhois is a useful network Information utility that allows you to find out all available Information about an IP address, host name, or domain, including country, state or province, city, name of the network Provider, administrator and technical support contact Information. SmartWhois can be configured to work from behind a firewall by using . Free download of SmartWhois 4.1, size 2.78 Mb.

SIBPROvider Interbase OLE DB Provider 2.2.1 SIBProvider 

SIBPROvider is an OLE DB Provider specific for Interbase 6/7 and Firebird 1.x. It allows you to use Interbase with ASP, Visual Basic, VBA, Delphi, Crystal Reports, ColdFusion, Jscript, VBScript and anything thatls works with ADO or OLE DB. SIBPROvider was 100% rewrote and redesigned for better peformance and stability and to supply more features. . Free download of SIBPROvider Interbase OLE DB Provider 2.2.1, size 2.07 Mb.

Pet Sitting 3.0 Software 

If you pet-sit one pet or 4 at once, this software is for you. Now you can keep track of all past pet sitting jobs. You cantell what family hires you the most, or the least to watch their pets.Keep track of telephone numbers, addresses and muchmore info for each family you pet sit for. You can search by times, dates, addresses, names and much more. . Free download of Pet Sitting 3.0, size 1.15 Mb.