Phonetic Software

RuTast Dr. Kudaschov 

RuTast-Software makes it possible to write Cyrillic letters, using an English keyboard. The software uses an onscreen keyboard with Russian standard and Phonetic layout. On each key is a Latin and a Cyrillic letter. Therefore it is much easier for the user to choose the right key for the corresponding Russian letter. . Free download of RuTast, size 530.14 Kb. Zulu - English Dictionary 1.0 TshwaneDJe HLT 

For those of you who would like to have an off­line Zulu dic­tio­nary on their com­put­ers, TshwaneDJe cre­ated a stand-alone Win­dows soft­ware from the on­line dic­tio­nary. It comes with the com­plete vo­cab­u­lary . Free download of Zulu - English Dictionary 1.0, size 6.74 Mb.

Bangla Caculator 1.0 BanglaSoftware 

Bangla Caculator is the first calculator of the world that has two languages. All the mathematical operation of this calculator is like the normal calculators only the display is different. The user can do calculation in both Bangla and English language. The calculator has two modes. One is the Bangla mode, where the numerals are in bengali and the . Freeware download of Bangla Caculator 1.0, size 7.47 Mb.

Excel Convert Files From English To Russian and Russian To English Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Convert MS Excel files from English to Russian and vice versa. . Free download of Excel Convert Files From English To Russian and Russian To English Software 7.0, size 788.48 Kb.

Excel Convert Files From English To Arabic and Arabic To English Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Convert MS Excel files from English to Arabic and vice versa. . Free download of Excel Convert Files From English To Arabic and Arabic To English Software 7.0, size 789.50 Kb.

Find Words That Rhyme With Each Other Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Find words that rhyme with the words of your choosing. Enter multiple words one at a time or load multiple words from a file. Save results as text or Excel files. . Free download of Find Words That Rhyme With Each Other Software 7.0, size 1.07 Mb.

Teach Aero Pro 3.0.0 Sema-family 

Teach Aero Proa€™s unique, patented technology which can help you quickly master the fundamental basis of any foreign language. The combination of the vision of the words by way of tips and theirs by the audition with a correct pronunciation is optimally to effective use of functionalities of the memory (of the short-term and long-term memory) . Free download of Teach Aero Pro 3.0.0, size 3.82 Mb.

Teach Sens Pro Sema-family 

Subconscious perception of the text, graphic and sound information at level of a visual recognition in physiologically safe mode of the prolonged action. Concentration of attention on of the text information without necessity of it to read or memorize. Support of all standard formats of the text, graphic or sound information. Original sound and . Free download of Teach Sens Pro, size 3.24 Mb.

Teach Game Pro Sema-family 

Linguistic games make it possible to create interactive imprint of the learning material in one's memory or considerably to expand a psychoanalytic result, using imaginative and abstract-logic thinking. In the program three game forms are presented: "Guessing game"; (character-oriented the lettering of header of the dictionary entry with . Free download of Teach Game Pro, size 3.55 Mb.

Teach Data Pro Sema-family 

Uniform editor of the databases, lessons with a standard tooling of navigation and support. Incremental search in a database. Support of all standard formats of the textual, graphic and sound information. The database volume is unlimited. Scan of pages in three modes. A database for one cliques. An insert and support of all non-standard symbols . Freeware download of Teach Data Pro, size 2.77 Mb.

Typo Generator - Misspelled Domains 1.0.5 Xodo Inc 

Typo generator is domains misspelling generator which helps you find misspells of high traffic domain names. Typo generator may find for you all possible misspells based on: Skip Letter, Double Letters, Reverse Letters, Skip Spaces, Wrong key, Inserted key, Phonetic KEY. Imagine all that traffic you may get when you are able catch misspelled domain . Free download of Typo Generator - Misspelled Domains 1.0.5, size 1.36 Mb.

010 Memorizer 1.0 SweetScape 

010 Memorizer is a powerful program for memorizing numbers. The system works by associating a number with a word or a phrase that creates a vivid image in your mind.
The conversion between numbers and words is done by phonetics: certain consonant sounds represent numbers and vowels act as fillers. 010 Memorizer features a large, fully . Free download of 010 Memorizer 1.0, size 1.05 Mb.

Eng. 2 Marathi Character Convertor 1.0 Multiicon 

Welcome to Eng2Marathi character converter software. Eng2Marathi software works as you speak Marathi language. It is very useful for your office and personal works. It has best features and also simple to use. This software solves your Marathi typing problems.

Eng2Marathi software is very useful to the people who wants to type letter or . Free download of Eng. 2 Marathi Character Convertor 1.0, size 10.48 Kb.

English Macedonian Dictionary - Lite 1.0 Bede Products 

English Macedonian Dictionary d-deOCt (Windows, Mac, Linux), electronic software travel dictionary to translate English to Macedonian displaying a list of words in romanised (Phonetic) Macedonian. The Macedonian English dictionary translates from Phonetic Macedonian to English. Copying a word from the translated list for a reverse translation can . Free download of English Macedonian Dictionary - Lite 1.0, size 241.17 Kb.

mueller-dict 3.1 CHG 

An electronic version of popular English-Russian dictionary by professor V. K. Mueller in format suitable for use with dictd server. Current version contains more than 50000 articles and represents a full copy of the 7-th edition of mentioned dictionary, with some additions and corrections sourced from the more recent typographical editions. It . Free download of mueller-dict 3.1, size 6.92 Mb.

Phonology Assistant 3.0.1 SIL International 

Phonology Assistant is a computer program for analyzing Phonetic data. Phonology Assistant creates consonant and vowel inventory charts and assists the user in searching through the data corpus to do phonetics and phonology.
Give Phonology Assistant a try to see how useful it can be in your phonology projects!
. Freeware download of Phonology Assistant 3.0.1, size 36.26 Mb.

IPA Help 2.1 SIL International 

IPA Help is a computer program for learning to recognize, transcribe, and produce the sounds of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

You can use IPA Help to do the following tasks:

* Hear IPA sounds by clicking their symbols in the IPA chart.
* Test recognition of phones.
* Hear IPA sounds in . Freeware download of IPA Help 2.1, size 30.91 Mb.

TranscriptionWriter 1.1 ForceMem 

The TranscriptionWriter freeware program is designed to write English words with the help of Phonetic symbols.
. Freeware download of TranscriptionWriter 1.1, size 304.09 Kb.