Photo Stamp Time Visual Software

Photo Stamp Removal 5.2 SoftOrbits 

Photo Stamp Remover is a Photo correction utility that can remove watermarks, date stamps, scratches, dust, stains, wrinkles, tears and other unwanted artifacts that appear on photographs. Offering a fully automatic process, the program uses an intelligent restoration technology to fill the selected area with the texture generated from the pixels . Free download of Photo Stamp Removal 5.2, size 2.83 Mb.


Photo Stamp Remover 1.3 SoftOrbits 

Photo Stamp Remover is a image correction tool that can delete watermarks,date stamps,scratches, and other objects from digital images. This program uses an unique restoration technology to fill the unwanted area with the background generated from the pixels around the selection, so that the defect blends into the rest of the Photo naturally.
. Free download of Photo Stamp Remover 1.3, size 1.59 Mb.

ProSoft Photo Stamp 1.0.7 ProSoft 

ProSoft Photo Stamp is a utility that allows you to add text overlay to your photos. It supports the addition of EXIF data as well as custom text anywhere on your photos. It also support batch stamping of multiple files and comes with an import/export feature. ProSoft Photo Stamp is a utility that allows you to add text overlay to your photos. It . Free download of ProSoft Photo Stamp 1.0.7, size 1.46 Mb.

NHibernate Profiler B681 Hibernating Rhinos 

NHibernate Profiler is a real-Time Visual debugger allowing a development team to gain valuable insight and perspective into their usage of NHibernate. The product is architected with input coming from many top industry leaders within the NHibernate community. Alerts are presented in a concise code-review manner indicating patterns of misuse by . Free download of NHibernate Profiler B681, size 4.09 Mb.

ActiveDrawer 2.5 CodeDrawer 

ActiveDrawer is a real-Time Visual drawer for Visual Studio C++.It makes source code to diagrams in real-Time.It is a Visual Studio addin program.It provides list view of macroscopic contents.It also provides flow-chart style diagrams and NSD(Nassi-Shneiderman Diagrams).It co-relations between user source code and Visual Studio.It supports Visual . Free download of ActiveDrawer 2.5, size 21.97 Mb.

2011 World Press Photo Contest 1.1.2 World Press Photo 

World Press Photo presents a Visual journey of the past year through the eyes of the world's top photojournalists. Browse the entire collection of award-winning photography from the 2011 World Press Photo Contest, the leading competition in the field of photojournalism.

The 2011 World Press Photo app showcases the 369 images awarded in . Free download of 2011 World Press Photo Contest 1.1.2, size 533.73 Mb.

2014 World Press Photo Exhibition Guide 1.0.0 World Press Photo 

World Press Photo presents a Visual journey of the past year through the eyes of the world's top photojournalists. The 2014 World Press Photo Exhibition Guide app brings another dimension to our worldwide exhibition tour.

While visiting one of our exhibitions, the Exhibition Guide app will provide visitors with extra information about . Freeware download of 2014 World Press Photo Exhibition Guide 1.0.0, size 17.83 Mb.

Punch Card Time Tracker 1.1 Cheah Kar Weai 

Time tracking is easy and effortless with this App. You can use this App to track multiple projects, with locations/tasks. Just a few steps to start Time tracking:
1) Add project
2) Add locations
3) Tap IN button to Stamp Time in. Tap OUT button to Stamp Time out.
4) Configure settings to allow this Apps works intelligently. . Free download of Punch Card Time Tracker 1.1, size 734.00 Kb.

Tournament Plus 2.0 BrownBag Data 

Tournament Plus is a true relational database incorporating tournament information, contact and invitation data, registration capabilities, and real Time Visual Bracket Sheets that you update with a click of the mouse.

This software was developed by people who run wrestling tournaments.

It has been used for years in . Free download of Tournament Plus 2.0, size 69.84 Mb.

Ladybug Mixer Pro 3 9 Neatware 

Compositing live and vivid videos, showing stunning Visual effects in high-definition, Ladybug Mixer *, a multi-channel media player with real-Time Visual effects on Windows, works greatly for your video applications such as video remix, digital signage, and broadcasting.

-mChannel technology supports multiple channel video in . Free download of Ladybug Mixer Pro 3 9, size 29.41 Mb.

OpenCLX 0.1alpha 

OpenCLX, an open-source run-Time, Visual, and database library for Borland Kylix compatible with FreeCLX. . Freeware download of OpenCLX 0.1alpha, size 2.47 Mb.

123 Photos 1.0 Capsule 

Why 123PassportPhoto ?
Save money: You don't need to pay so much for your passport Photo.
Save Time: Just take a Photo and create passport Photo with 3 steps. It takes less than 5 minutes to be ready.
. Free download of 123 Photos 1.0, size 2.52 Mb.

Visual Photo Time Stamp 2.1.2 DTS8888 

For most of today's digital cameras the photos are saved in JPG files. The date and Time at which a Photo is taken are stored along with the image in so called EXIF format. Such date and Time information can be viewed on a PC once the JPG files are transferred from the digital camera to the PC. When you make a hardcopy of a digital Photo by using a . Free download of Visual Photo Time Stamp 2.1.2, size 211.97 Kb.

Free passport photo software 6.4 Digital Album Inc 

Free passport Photo software support Most countries. Totally free software for passport Photo and ID Photo. Save Time and money $ 10-15 and 30-60 min waiting. You can choose print it at your printer or to export Jpeg files with 6-8 passport photos on one 4X6 Photo paper at the nearest Photo lab for 10-15 cents only. Printing at home or at your . Freeware download of Free passport photo software 6.4, size 22.46 Mb.

Musemage x64 Paraken Technology 

Musemage x64 is the world's first fully functional GPU-powered Photo editing software with advanced features and simple user interface. Thanks to the GPU accelerated filters, musemage has ultra fast speed and real-Time Visual feedbacks. FEATURES: Ultra-fast Image Processing: A· Fully GPU accelerated filters; A· Fully real-Time interoperation; . Free download of Musemage x64, size 27.89 Mb.

Daily Tao Quote 1 About the Tao 

Next Time you start your computer, instead of staring at your screen impatiently, why not contemplate the meaning of life? The program displays a quote from the Tao with a relevant Photo every Time you start your computer. 31 quotes and images in this version. More in the free upgrade. Press a button to print out the quote and image. Program closes . Freeware download of Daily Tao Quote 1, size 2.01 Mb.

Visual AVCHD Time Stamp 1.0.0 DTS8888 

The Visual AVCHD Time Stamp (vATS) application was developed to be a tool to add date and / or Time Stamp to the captured AVCHD video files.

Here are some key features of "Visual AVCHD Time Stamp":

dlTE Supports NTSC or PAL AVCHD file formats.
dlTE Supports large file size (> 100GB).
dlTE Superimposes . Free download of Visual AVCHD Time Stamp 1.0.0, size 1.06 Mb.

Batch Photo Date Stamper 1.0 Fingerspoil Games 

Exif metadata is the data that digital cameras append to photos, giving information about camera manufacturer, model, owner, comments etc.
Batch Photo Date Stamper watermarks photos using their Exif data like Photo date and Time taken, comments, description, etc. at any requested position, processing folders (and their subfolders) full of . Free download of Batch Photo Date Stamper 1.0, size 727.04 Kb.

Colorhat Time Tracker for Visual Studio 1.10 mar3ek 

Colorhat Time Tracker for Visual Studio is a handy and reliable plugin designed to provide possibilities to manage your Time intuitively.

Colorhat is a Time tracking web service and this plugin integrates into into Visual Studio, so you can manage Time spend on various tasks.

. Free download of Colorhat Time Tracker for Visual Studio 1.10, size 0 b.

File Data Modifier UC Soft 

As its name suggests, File Data Modifier is a lightweight, yet handy application that you can use to change the Time Stamp of any file in your computer.

With the help of this application, you can easily change the creation, modification and last accessed dates and times for the input file.

. Freeware download of File Data Modifier, size 0 b.

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