Php Code Generator Software

TemplateTamer 1.2.3 Bytesmith 

TemplateTamer is a web application development tool for creating and maintaining a template based dynamic Php web applications, with clearly and completely separated Php Code from the html design. As such it is a great tool for complex dynamic sites, especially where Designers and Programmers work together on the creation of the site. It's main . Free download of TemplateTamer 1.2.3, size 2.59 Mb.


JSPMaker 1.1.0 e.World Technology Ltd. 

JSPMaker is a powerful yet easy-to-use Code Generator that creates a full set of JSP (JavaServer Pages) quickly from MySQL or Oracle.Using the generated JSP, users can view, edit, search, add and delete records in the database easily on the Web. Generated codes are clean, straightforward and easy-to-customize. With JSPMaker, JSP developers can . Free download of JSPMaker 1.1.0, size 4.53 Mb.

ASP XMLMaker 3.1 e.World Technology Ltd. 

ASP XMLMaker is an easy-to-use Code Generator for creating ASP (Active Server Pages) that output XML from a Microsoft Access Database or any ODBC Data Source. You can instantly serves XML for Ajax, RSS, Flash or any other applications that consumes XML. ASP XMLMaker is designed for high flexibility, many options enable you to generate the XML in a . Free download of ASP XMLMaker 3.1, size 7.70 Mb.

SQL VB ASP Code Generator 1.0 NewRAD 

SQL VB ASP Code Generator is a powerful multi-purpose tool that lets you effortlessly generate SQL, VB and ASP Code. You can even generate an entire VB application or ASP web application, all derived from the tables in your database with just one click.

No more recreating the same old SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE SQL queries and . Freeware download of SQL VB ASP Code Generator 1.0, size 9.02 Mb.

DTDtoCPP 0.5 coder4hire 

DTDtoCPP is a C Code Generator for XML files processing.

It automatically generates parser C classes basing on DTD specification.

- Generated classes parses XML string and put XML values to the appropriate class members.

- Multiple and optional elements support

- Source-Code only output (no need . Freeware download of DTDtoCPP 0.5, size 32.76 Mb.

Web Site Factory 1.0 Code OnTime LLC 

Web Site Factory is a premium Code Generator project now available to premium project subscribers. Web Site Factory is based on Data Aquarium Framework and features sophisticated page layouts and professional user interface themes modeled after Microsoft SharePoint. The entire source Code is included. It supports multiple standard page layouts that . Free download of Web Site Factory 1.0, size 471.04 Kb.

Butterfly Code Generator 0.18 

Butterfly is a simple Code Generator using XMI as the input and XSLT templates to generate any type of Code. Several templates are provided including EJB, JDO and Struts. Users may use the templates, modify them or create new ones using XSL. . Freeware download of Butterfly Code Generator 0.18, size 6.55 Mb.

Codex Code Generator rc 

Codex is a Code Generator based on a central MetaModel which can be created via multiple channels: reflection, Doclet, XML/XMI, etc. because it offers a generic Loader concept. The templates are similiar to JSPs and allow to use the full power of Java. . Freeware download of Codex Code Generator rc, size 4.45 Mb.

Jutty Code Generator 1.0 

Jutty is a Code Generator that will produce basic classes for a variety of patterns and standard coding classes. I'm hoping to make this an Eclipse plugin in order to start all types of new files. . Freeware download of Jutty Code Generator 1.0, size 7.25 Kb.

LifeGen - A code generator for liferay 1.0 

A eclipse plugin Code Generator for liferay with spring MVC in web layer and using spring as business layer. This is a simple tool which would reduce the redundant effort of liferay portlet XML updation, controller and preference JSP page generation. . Freeware download of LifeGen - A code generator for liferay 1.0, size 74.15 Kb.

Luna Data Layer Code Generator 1.0 

A data layer Code Generator for . Freeware download of Luna Data Layer Code Generator 1.0, size 608.28 Kb.

MyGeneration Code Generator rc 

MyGeneration is an extremely flexible template based Code Generator written in Microsoft.NET. MyGeneration is great at generating Code for ORM architectures. The meta-data from your database is made available to the templates through the MyMeta API. . Freeware download of MyGeneration Code Generator rc, size 4.88 Mb.

PHP Button Generator 1.0 

Php Button Generator - A Dynamic Button Engine for Web Site. Using button templates, windows True Type fonts(TTF), small icons to dynamic generate buttons for your web pages. Use it with Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) to let user to choose their web skin. . Freeware download of PHP Button Generator 1.0, size 441.11 Kb.

PHP Class Generator 1.0.1 

The Php Class Generator generates Entity classes for OO Design in Php/MySQL.It installs ADODB and generates a useful DatabaseManager Class that will automatically connect to the MySQL using the provided connection parameters. . Freeware download of PHP Class Generator 1.0.1, size 561.78 Kb.

PHP Class Generator Eclipse plug-in 1.0.6 

Php Class Generator Eclipse plug-in creates multiple Php classes based on an XML template and a MySQL database table. Each generated class represents an access object for one database table, offering getters and setters for each database table field. . Freeware download of PHP Class Generator Eclipse plug-in 1.0.6, size 1.09 Mb.

PHP Code Snippet Library 091 

Php Code Snippet Library.Php-CSL is designed to let you store all your favourite Code snippets, functions and classes. Visit for the latest info. . Freeware download of PHP Code Snippet Library 091, size 81.61 Kb.

PHP Firewall Generator 2.0 

The Php firewall Generator is a simple Php script that generates a firewall script for iptables based firewalls. Note that release 1.0 is for ipchains, and release 2.0 is for iptables. . Freeware download of PHP Firewall Generator 2.0, size 58.45 Kb.

PHP FormMail Generator 1.0 

Php FormMail Generator - A tool to create ready-to-use web forms in a flash. Once the form has been generated, you have a full functional web form. Including error checking of required fields, email address validation, credit card number & expiry date che . Freeware download of PHP FormMail Generator 1.0, size 72.11 Kb.

PHP Report Generator 0.45 

Php Report Generator generates PDF-files from an result set of an SQL Statement. The description of the report is stored in a SQL Table. The project consists of the printing machine and an HTML front end, to create a report definition. . Freeware download of PHP Report Generator 0.45, size 1.55 Mb.

Rapid Code Generator using NesC syntax 0.1 

The "Rapid Code Generator" will reduce the amount of tedious and repeatitive Code one would have to write for a large software project with well defines modules and interfaces. A module exposes (provides) zero or more interfaces and may uses zero or mo . Freeware download of Rapid Code Generator using NesC syntax 0.1, size 12.53 Kb.