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How To Play Backgammon+: Learn Backgammon 1.0 Peter Fischer Florez 

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Featuring: How to play backgammon tutorials. This will walk you through how to play . Free download of How To Play Backgammon+: Learn Backgammon 1.0, size 28.63 Mb.


Quick Backgammon 1.0 Geert Verkade 

Quick backgammon is a program that allows you to play backgammon against your computer.

The idea behind it was to make a light, yet well equipped and well playing program that enables you to play a quick game, without taking over all the resources of your computer in the process. . Freeware download of Quick Backgammon 1.0, size 0 b.

MonteCarlo Backgammon 

Monte Carlo backgammon is a neural net based computer backgammon player which has learned to play backgammon by self play.

Training neural nets to evaluate backgammon positions is a process whose results speak for themselves. After all, almost all of the strong computer backgammon programs in existance are neural net based.

online Backgammon games 1.0 backgammon 

Mister-Gammon is the world's largest backgammon club. play backgammon for free or for real money, meet people from all over the world and join 24/7 tournaments! Our loyal players keep returning to play because they enjoy all of the value-added perks the fabulous interactive games to play online backgammon. Currently over 100,000 registered players . Freeware download of online Backgammon games 1.0, size 293.60 Kb.

Backgammon N01 2 Fun chess 

How to play backgammon
The object of the game is to be the first to get all your checkers off the board.
Playing the backgammon game
1. Set up the backgammon board.
2. Sit opposite your opponent with the board between you.
3. Throw a single die to determine who will get to move first. Roll again if . Freeware download of Backgammon N01 2, size 25.60 Kb.

GameSite 2000 3 1 GameSite 2000 Ltd. 

play backgammon, chess reversi and checkers online with a user-friendly customizable graphics interface. Challenge worldwide players.Translate chat in 6 languages.Compete in tournaments and leagues. Many unique features including a Mail system, web browser,privacy options and more! Many new features added in version 2.0! New chat options, such as . Free download of GameSite 2000 3 1, size 0 b.

Brouf_BackGammon 1.0 Brouf_Soft 

An intuitive software to play backgammon through a cool and friendly graphic interface... . Freeware download of Brouf_BackGammon 1.0, size 373.76 Kb.

Backgammon Net 1.0 

Octave program which trains artificial neural networks to play backgammon through self-play. . Freeware download of Backgammon Net 1.0, size 38.24 Kb.

Backgammon Kings 1.1.1 Mynet A.S. 

backgammon Kings, the legendary Facebook game played by millions of users, is on iPhone NOW.

Download backgammon Kings for FREE immediately, play with your friends or with any online player you want. You can play backgammon Kings on your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPads.


- "play NOW" allows . Freeware download of Backgammon Kings 1.1.1, size 30.30 Mb.

Backgammon Live! 1.0.7 Come2Play 

The #1 backgammon game on Facebook has hit the App Store! Now you can play backgammon on the go with friends and players from all over the world, anytime, anywhere with a simple click of a button!

Travel far and wide to the most exotic locations by hopping on new and exciting backgammon boards on your way to become the worlds best . Freeware download of Backgammon Live! 1.0.7, size 21.92 Mb.

Backgammon Social (Tavla Beni) 1.4.4 MoraLabs 

***Turkish, English, Arabic and Russian are supported ***

backgammon is an old Board Game that you can play 2 players. backgammon Social lets you to play backgammon online with your friends and other players all over the world.

backgammon Social lets you to customize your Boards with your taste of colors.

Facebook . Freeware download of Backgammon Social (Tavla Beni) 1.4.4, size 31.04 Mb.

Backgammon7 4.7 

play backgammon online with players from all around the world. Participate in live backgammon matches online. Learn backgammon Rules and Strategy. Inside you will learn the basic online backgammon rules needed to become familiar with this classic board game. . Freeware download of Backgammon7 4.7, size 205.82 Kb.

BackgammonCoach 2.0.0 Laurent Pichon 

BackgammonCoach is an application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad high resolution which allows you to play backgammon against the computer and obtain mathematical indications about the best possible moves. It is an excellent partner to play against and improve your backgammon skills at the same time.

Within an interface adapted to the . Free download of BackgammonCoach 2.0.0, size 11.95 Mb.

Online Backgammon Empire 5.1 Online Backgammon Empire 

Write messages, chat with friends while playing backgammon. play backgammon 24 hours, 365 days a year. Participate in backgammon tournaments and mess with your friends online. Challenge and chat with worldwide players. play in fun and exciting online backgammon matches. A fun game that you'll like! . Freeware download of Online Backgammon Empire 5.1, size 190.46 Kb.

Gammonet 2.0 Microsys Com Ltd. 

play backgammon with your friends from all over the world. This game version has new 3D boards, many playing options and an intuitive interface. It allows you to play on the Internet with a direct IP connection or using an instant messenger client. You can invite your opponents to play rated or unrated games, having the doubling rules enabled or . Free download of Gammonet 2.0, size 3.95 Mb.

C4FIBS Backgammon client for FIBS 

C4FIBS is a client for the First Internet backgammon Server (FIBS). play backgammon in real-time using this nice looking graphical interface. . Freeware download of C4FIBS Backgammon client for FIBS, size 593.50 Kb.

Mister Gammon 1.57 Online Casino & Backgammon Ltd. 

Mister Gammon is a very popular web site focused on online backgammon. It combines all the best information available on the web about playing backgammon, including playing rules and winning strategies. So far the Mister Gammon site has attracted over 100,000 registered players and these numbers are growing constantly. As a portal for online . Freeware download of Mister Gammon 1.57, size 304.09 Kb.

Chebache HD 1.1 Scott Pardee 

play award winning Chebeche on the iPad! Chebache (Che-ba-che) unites elements of the ancient games Checkers, backgammon and Chess. Although most closely related to backgammon of these three classics, Chebache offers many unique new modes of play, adding more options of movement and strategy.

"If you love strategy games such as . Free download of Chebache HD 1.1, size 14.68 Mb.

PartyGammon 42.0 PartyGaming 

backgammon is a game for two players. The game is played on a board with 24 triangles in alternate colors called ‘points’. They are numbered 1 to 24.

The board is divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant contains six points. The lower right-hand quadrant is known as your ‘home board’.
. Freeware download of PartyGammon 42.0, size 45.04 Mb.

Gammon Fortune 2.57 online casinos masters. 

How fortunate are the Internet backgammon players who come across the Gammon-Fortune site! Here, in the space of just a few web pages, are the pearls of web wisdom about the backgammon game. Everything that you could possibly think of or dream about in playing a better backgammon game is here. For a start there are some amazing playing rules such . Freeware download of Gammon Fortune 2.57, size 304.09 Kb.

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Free Play Scripts by award-winning playwright Kirk Bromley.

Free play scripts and selections by playwright Kirk Wood Bromley.


A backgammon program for KDE.

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