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Tams11 Tratzee Tamera A Shaw-McGuire 

Play this awesome Online dice Game where you try and complete the phases in order before the other players do. You need the Tams11 Lobby from in order to Play Online against others. . Freeware download of Tams11 Tratzee, size 1.41 Mb.


Tams11 Dingo Tamera A Shaw-McGuire 

This unique dice Game combines slots and bingo. Pull the slow lever to roll the dice. Then cover a number that matches one of the dice. Once you fill in a row you earn points. Some dice will give you bonuseslike extra rolls or extra points.

You can Play solo against a computer player or Online against other players using the Tams11 . Freeware download of Tams11 Dingo, size 1.02 Mb.

Disney Toontown Online Walt Disney Internet Group 

Disney Toontown Online is a multiplayer Online Game for kids and families.

In Toontown the players impersonate Toons, and must join forces to save the world from the invading robot Cogs, who are attempting to turn the world of Toontown into a corporate metropolis.

The weapon that Toons use to defeat Cogs are . Free download of Disney Toontown Online, size 1.27 Mb.

Lost City of Z National Geographic Society 

Lost City of Z is a hidden object Game in which your main goal is to find your sister who has gone missing in the jungle. Throughout the Game, you will visit different locations searching for clues, while playing hidden object games. All the locations as well as the objects are very attractive and detailed, featuring wonderful landscapes with . Free download of Lost City of Z, size 0 b.

Neo Steam : The Shattered Continent Studio MARS / Hanbit Soft 

The most industrious of the Pom were the Maestros, the keepers of technology. Their most important discovery was how to gather, store, and utilize a powerful resource known as Neo Steam. Once the secrets of Neo Steam had been unlocked, the world entered a golden age of technology and learning.

However, the King feared the Maestros . Freeware download of Neo Steam : The Shattered Continent, size 0 b.

Daycare Nightmare - Mini-Monsters PlayFirst, Inc. 

Daycare Nightmare is a great fun Game where the main objective is to take care of baby monsters and keep them happy until their parents pick them up. The main screen will show a happy meter, it fills up when babies are happy and empties when they are upset. Keep them happy so parents will give you a big tip. You will take care of different . Free download of Daycare Nightmare - Mini-Monsters, size 0 b.

Cinema Tycoon Gold 32.0 TikGames, LLC. 

Cinema Tycoon Gold 1.0 is a very entertaining roleplay Game. You will have to manage a cinema of your own. The Game is very amusing and it has got an entertaining storyline. The main objective of the Game is to get as much clients as you can, in order to do that you will be able to use many upgrades. The Game has got excellent video graphics and . Free download of Cinema Tycoon Gold 32.0, size 0 b.

Plantasia PlayFirst, Inc. 

Plantasia is a beautiful time management Game with a gardening theme. Your job is to help Holly repair the gardens and complete her training as a fairy. To fix the gardens, you have to grow flowers and restore statues. To grow flowers, you must use the available tools like shovels and watering cans to plant the seeds and maintain them. When the . Free download of Plantasia, size 0 b.

Wisegal 32.0 Merscom 

Wisegal is a “hidden object Game” set up in Mafia ambience. You will take the role of Patty Montanari, a lady who once worked for the Mafia, but who decided and managed to leave that life in order to protect her three sons. Now, her older son has disappeared in New York, after receiving a letter from an old friend. Your goal is . Free download of Wisegal 32.0, size 0 b.

Echoes of the Past: Royal House of 32.0 PlayFirst, Inc. 

Having made an incredible journey in time, you’ll find yourself in the medieval kingdom of Orion. Reveal an ancient curse and save the kingdom and its inhabitants. The last prince of Orion is waiting for your help!

Open the weird locks and explore every room of the castle in Echoes of the Past: Royal House of Stone. You will . Freeware download of Echoes of the Past: Royal House of 32.0, size 211.97 Kb.

HERO108 1.6.45529 Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. 

When you create a new character in Hero: 108 Online, you may choose to Play through the tutorial or skip straight to Hero City (District A).
On your quest to defeat the evil High Roller, you’ll make your way through frosty prairies, scorching deserts, humid forests, and mysterious raid boss zones. Luckily, when you need to rest and . Freeware download of HERO108 1.6.45529, size 1.99 Mb.

Furball Frenzy 7. 3. 2018 PlayFirst, Inc. 

Use powerful lightning traps to capture the invading furballs as they attempt to gobble up Earth's candy supply. Collect and use super-charged power-ups and trap the furballs as they invade! Increasingly difficult obstacles, traps, and puzzles await as you clear the entire solar system of the invading scourge. . Free download of Furball Frenzy 7. 3. 2018, size 1.57 Mb.

Red Cross ERU 3 3 I Sioux B.V. 

Red Cross ERU will make you feel like an apprentice and train you in the apprentice skill program to help people in different situations with the objective to prevent human suffering. This great simulation will train you in survival and helping skills. Once you learn certain things you will decide by your own and learn to Play and complete the . Free download of Red Cross ERU 3 3, size 49.28 Mb.

Iceblast 1.0 PlayFirst, Inc. 

It's global freezing! Strange ice crystals have appeared out of nowhere and only you can save us from them! Lead a team of ice demolition experts, Skye, Luna and Sun, and strategically use their unique abilities to destroy ice crystals all over the globe. Train your team in the dojo and upgrade their tools as you fight for earth's very . Free download of Iceblast 1.0, size 25.53 Mb.

Jessica - Secret of the Caribbean PlayFirst, Inc. 

Jessica received a pack that changed her life, she got immersed in the search of the Secret of the Caribbean. Help her to find all the information and clues to solve this mystery. In this Game you will find different levels with different tasks, finding hidden objects, solving puzzles, collecting clues and special objects. Each level of the Game . Free download of Jessica - Secret of the Caribbean, size 0 b.

The Village Mage - Spellbinder 32.0 PlayFirst, Inc. 

Learn how to cure the illnesses in your village by matching 3 or more similar items to collect potion ingredients. Mix and deliver 12 types of curative elixirs before customers get impatient and leave. You can recruit 3 different pets to assist in your magical endeavors. Use your puzzle skills to weave your good magic now! . Free download of The Village Mage - Spellbinder 32.0, size 20.89 Mb.

Angela Young 2 - Escape the Dreamscape PlayFirst, Inc 

Angela Young 2 - Escape the Dreamscape is an ingenious puzzle Game. Angela Young is stranded in the treacherous and mysterious Dreamscape! With help from wizard calling himself the Keeper of Dreams, she was able to progress through the dangerous maze, but still has not found her missing cat, Felix. . Free download of Angela Young 2 - Escape the Dreamscape, size 0 b.

Public Enemies Bonnie and clyde Playfirst Inc. 

Janette Jones Parker is a writer that has taken a room in the Red Crown Tavern in Platte City, Missouri, to write her next novel. She discovers it is where Bonnie & Clyde used to hide, and there she finds a notebook, which is Bonnie’s log.

Help Janette decipher a strange message left by Bonnie and Clyde in this . Free download of Public Enemies Bonnie and clyde, size 66.58 Mb.

Millionaire Manor: The Hidden Object PlayFirst 

Your grandfather has disappeared! The only clue he left is a cryptic message about a Game show that no longer exists.

Can you overcome the mysteries of the Millionaire Manor and stop the macabre machinations of a madman? Can you uncover the secrets of your unhinged Host?

Take on the challenges of The Hidden Object Show . Free download of Millionaire Manor: The Hidden Object, size 207.87 Kb.

Veronica and the Book of Dreams Playfirst Inc. 

After discovering a mysterious book in her local library, Veronica is transported to a magical world that is in desperate need of her help! Driven by a mysterious voice, Veronica is guided to a dusty old book that is covered in cobwebs. After reading just a few lines, Veronica begins to feel dizzy and sinks into a deep sleep. Explore the new world . Free download of Veronica and the Book of Dreams, size 20.94 Mb.