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Safari Island 1.0.1 Zylom Games 

Safari Island is a wonderful game in which you can make complete pictures by combining tiles. You can use only those tiles that are completely visible. The pictures can have different shapes and require different numbers of tiles to complete it. All the levels have different layouts and hide a different animal that you must uncover. The levels are . Free download of Safari Island 1.0.1, size 3.47 Mb.


Fishing Craze Deluxe 1 1 Zylom Games 

Fishing Craze Deluxe

Fishing Craze Deluxe is not a fish-tale ... it's the real thing! Cast your line in different waters and catch fish to earn points and climb to the top of the rankings. Catch a boatload of fishing fun in this original challenge! Your fellow fishers are sure to keep you on your toes, but watch . Free download of Fishing Craze Deluxe 1 1, size 0 b.

Shangri La Deluxe Zylom Games 

Shangri La is a word game in which you must form words with the available letter tiles. The available tiles are the ones that have at least two adjoining sides unblocked. They are easily identified by their yellow color. Each letter contains a certain amount of dots. The more dots it has, the more points you will get when forming a word with that . Free download of Shangri La Deluxe, size 0 b.

Super Collapse Puzzle Gallery Deluxe Zylom Games 

Super Collapse Puzzle Gallery Deluxe

Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery Deluxe is a puzzle party!
Are you a puzzle genius?
Can you remove all the blocks using a minimum number of moves?
It isn't as easy as it looks!
You have to battle against the colorful blocks.
Be sure to make strategic . Free download of Super Collapse Puzzle Gallery Deluxe, size 0 b.

Sparkle Deluxe Zylom Games 

Sparkle Deluxe

Be enchanted by the sparkle of Sparkle Deluxe, the glimmering, fairytale three-in-a-row game.
Crowberry Woods is plunged into darkness and could certainly use some light. Collect magic spells.
Earn amulets which will give you the power you need to return the beautiful twinkling light to the . Free download of Sparkle Deluxe, size 0 b.

CelebPoker 10 8 CelebPoker 

CelebPoker is the online poker room choice for poker players who only want to experience the very best in Internet poker. Every month CelebPoker offer in excess of $20 Million in Guaranteed in poker Tournaments and prizes, huge Progressive Jackpot Sit 'N' Go tournaments, low to high stake cash games and regular high-value freerolls.

Bonnie's Bookstore Deluxe 1 1 Zylom Games 

Bonnie's Bookstore Deluxe

Bonnie has taken over her grandfather's bookstore. She decides to write a children's book after discovering some fairy-like drawings in the attic that were drawn by her father. Take up this challenge with Bonnie in Bonnie's Bookstore Deluxe. Find and form words throughout . Free download of Bonnie's Bookstore Deluxe 1 1, size 0 b.

Sudoku! Deluxe Zylom Games 

Sudoku! Deluxe

Sudoku! Deluxe is a game of logic simple and addictive that will leave you begging for mercy! Solve the mystery of the number grid with reasoning and patience (no math required). There is only one rule: Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains all digits 1-9 only once. Let the . Free download of Sudoku! Deluxe, size 0 b.

Jewel of Atlantis Deluxe Zylom Games 

Discover the sunken city of Atlantis in search of valuable treasures in this action puzzle adventure.

Jewel of Atlantis Deluxe
Go Deluxe for even more fun while playing.
Download Jewel of Atlantis Deluxe and play on your PC any time you want, whether or not you're online.
But that's not all you get! Jewel of . Free download of Jewel of Atlantis Deluxe, size 0 b.

Zylom Puzzles Deluxe 1.0 Zylom Games 

Zylom Puzzles is a collection of nice and entertaining puzzle games, developed by Zylom games.
This collections brings Four puzzle boxes, each containing five puzzles.
The interface is extremely simple and modest, but the real strength of this game collection is in its challenging and intensive action. The game takes place in a train . Free download of Zylom Puzzles Deluxe 1.0, size 0 b.

Secrets of Olympus Deluxe Zylom Games 

Secrets of Olympus Deluxe

Have fun matching pieces in a game where you choose what you play next! Discover the secrets of the ancient Greek gods joining this thrilling adventure. There are 300 challenging levels of piece matching frenzy, a Chamber of Secrets which holds 150 hidden words to find and shape shifter bonus . Free download of Secrets of Olympus Deluxe, size 0 b.

Neptune's Secret Deluxe Zylom Games 

Neptune's Secret Deluxe

Meet Hannah, a young archaeologist in search of the secrets of Atlantis. Look for Hannah's equipment in the thrilling search and find game that is Neptune's Secret Deluxe. Her quest leads her to a mysterious amulet handed down since the age of the Greek gods and its meaning. . Free download of Neptune's Secret Deluxe, size 0 b.

Shangri La 2 Deluxe 32.0 Zylom Games 

Shangri La 2 is the second installment of the word game in which you must form words with the letter stones that are free. The rules are exactly the same as in the previous version, although this one features several improvements regarding graphics and offers a bit more variety. In case you haven't played the previous version, I'll . Free download of Shangri La 2 Deluxe 32.0, size 9.88 Mb.

Solitaire Cruise Deluxe Zylom Games 

Solitaire Cruise Deluxe

Welcome aboard the most luxurious cruise ship in the world: the Britannic. Explore the world, sail the seas, and play unlimited solitaire card games in Solitaire Cruise Deluxe. Travel around the world in over 200 challenging levels, from America to Japan. Hoist the mainsail for the sea voyage . Free download of Solitaire Cruise Deluxe, size 0 b.

Super Collapse Puzzle Gallery 2 Deluxe Zylom Games 

Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 2 Deluxe

Inspired by one of the most popular puzzlers of all time, the original game of colored blocks and fast clicks has returned as the ultimate break for your brain. Only those with strategic sense and careful clicks will be labeled a Puzzle Genius. Can you remove all the blocks from . Free download of Super Collapse Puzzle Gallery 2 Deluxe, size 0 b.

Sunset Studio 32.0 Zylom, Inc 

Sunset Studio in an amazing Hollywood-inspired hidden object game in which you play a poor peon working in the props department. As in any hidden object game, your goal is to search cluttered scenes for specific prop items before you run out of time. It includes a great variety of power-ups to collect, that are generally granted when you discover a . Free download of Sunset Studio 32.0, size 0 b.

Magic Inlay Deluxe Zylom Games 

Magic Inlay Deluxe

They've made it even more fun! The minds behind Puzzle Inlay return with Magic Inlay. The amazing gameplay remains - place colored gems to complete the interesting images. Choose from three fantasy environments inhabited by magical creatures to challenge your jewel arrangement skills. With over . Free download of Magic Inlay Deluxe, size 0 b.

Liong - The Dragon Dance Deluxe Zylom Games 

Liong - The Dragon Dance Deluxe

Travel the Emperor's realm to stop the dragons from escaping through the gate in two great game modes: Puzzle and Mahjong. Return the stolen magical Liong dragons in this brain-bending blend of matching madness. Each location presents an assortment of beautiful mask, clever fortunes and amazing . Free download of Liong - The Dragon Dance Deluxe, size 0 b.

Text Express Deluxe 2.0 Zylom Games 

Text Express is a word game in which you must form words using the given letters to keep your train moving and reach the next station before your competitor. To form words you just click on the available letters and click on the Submit button when the word is ready. If you can't form any word, you can click on the shuffle button to rearrange . Free download of Text Express Deluxe 2.0, size 0 b.

Kalima Deluxe Zylom Games 

Kalima Deluxe

Kalima is a great and challenging game. Make as many words as you can and test your vocabulary using predetermined first and last letters. If you succeed in making several words in one turn you can even earn extra points! (By the way, did you know that 'Kalima' is Swahili for . Free download of Kalima Deluxe, size 0 b.