Popup Ads Blocker Software

Adguard Ads Blocker 4. 2. 2000 Adshows LLC 

Adguard is a powerful Ads and Popup blocking utility. Adguard works with all installed browsers and protects you against advertisements, speeds up pages loading and reduces bandwidth usage. Key features of Adguard: 1. Saves time and nerves; 2. Works with all popular browsers; 3. Easy to use, works just out of the box, needs no tuning or . Free download of Adguard Ads Blocker 4. 2. 2000, size 1.27 Mb.


Ad Annihilator 2.4.6 Ad Annihilator Software 

Intelligent banner, Popup and cookie Blocker with offline browsing capabilities. Features include:- Advertisement (Banner) stopper; - Browser pop-up windows killer; - Cookie Blocker; - Powerful, flexible and yet easy-to-use Web content filtering mechanism for filtering out banners, Popup windows and cookies; - Offline browsing capability; - Ability . Free download of Ad Annihilator 2.4.6, size 2.18 Mb.

Popup Killer 3000 1.0 ZaZZeR.com Inc. 

Popup Killer 3000 blocks those annoying pop up Ads and popunder Ads from intruding on a users computer. It also protects the user's computer from homepage hijackers that change the homepage on a computer without the user's permission. Allows user's to accept certain Popup Ads by holding the ctrl button and clicking with their mouse. . Free download of Popup Killer 3000 1.0, size 2.61 Mb.

AdsGone Spyware Blocker Popup Killer A1Tech, Inc. 

By almost every standard, AdsGone has established itself as the leading Popup and banner elimination software available. With this program, you can finally maximize your enjoyment of the Internet without ever having to worry about those mindless, irritating and potentially damaging Popup advertisements.

Main Features:

- . Free download of AdsGone Spyware Blocker Popup Killer, size 3.23 Mb.

A+ PopUp Blocker 1.0 Amplusnet 

Pop Ups got you angry? Is your privacy safe?
A+ Pop Up Blocker offers Advanced Pop Up and Pop Under Control by stopping all those annoying Popup windows that slow down your surfing and interfere with your Internet experience.

Take Control!
A+ Popup Blocker allows you to decide what you want to see and what you don't while . Free download of A+ PopUp Blocker 1.0, size 461.37 Kb.

AdsGone Popup Killer ad Blocker 5.0.6 A1Tech, Inc. 

Finally, a Solution to the Web's Most Hazardous and Disruptive Problems: Blocks popups, banners, flash Ads, messenger service Ads, and detects spyware that serves Ads. Blocks Ads in Kazaa, Morpheus, Gator, ICQ, MSN, AIM, or Trillian. Thousands of people all over the world are already experiencing the power of AdsGone Popup Killer and banner ad . Free download of AdsGone Popup Killer ad Blocker 5.0.6, size 2.15 Mb.

Popup Assassin Pro 1.8 Oreware.com 

It works fully automatic and in the background and the only way to notice that a Popup window has been closed, is if you choose to activate the sound notification which will sound every time a Popup is closed. Main Popup Assassin Pro features: - Popup Assassin Pro is very fast and small; - Works best at blocking Popup Ads when using Internet . Free download of Popup Assassin Pro 1.8, size 1.69 Mb.

PopUp windows blocker IEPopUpControl 0.2. Shestakov Victor 

This program is made for to block the Popup windows, which appear regardless of user desires when visiting websites. This Blocker is made for Internet Explorer version 5.0 and higher. . Freeware download of PopUp windows blocker IEPopUpControl 0.2., size 436.22 Kb.

Popup Toolkit 1 4 Popup-Toolkit 

Popup Toolkit Software is The Most Effective Popup Generator present. A new, useful and easy to use software for your computers.

Popup Toolkit is used to create regular and Unblockable Popup Ads (Hover Ad windows) that please the spectator with their joyful visual effects and make the user stay with the Popup and even wait for another . Free download of Popup Toolkit 1 4, size 0 b.

SlimBoat 1.0.12 FlashPeak, Inc 

SlimBoat is a free web browser that is fast, secure and loaded with powerful features. It is fast to start up and fast to open your favorite web sites. SlimBoat helps you surf the internet safely and securely by incorporating multiple layers of protection measures. SlimBoat also includes tons of powerful functions and flexible options so that you . Freeware download of SlimBoat 1.0.12, size 10.82 Mb.

SlimBoat for Mac 1.1.6 FlashPeak, Inc 

SlimBoat is a free web browser that is fast, secure and loaded with powerful features. It is fast to start up and fast to open your favorite web sites. SlimBoat helps you surf the internet safely and securely by incorporating multiple layers of protection measures. SlimBoat also includes tons of powerful functions and flexible options so that you . Freeware download of SlimBoat for Mac 1.1.6, size 18.41 Mb.

Ad Nuker Popup Blocker & Spam Filter AdNuker 

Filter Junk E-Mail Spam, Ads, Pop Ups advertising, Viruses, Tojans & Spyware. Works with POP3 & IMAP. This FREE tool uses intelligent filtering of annoying Popup Ads, e-mail spam, Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Viruses, Spyware Cookies. Unique features allow you to block all popups and spam or allow only the ones you want to receive. This . Freeware download of Ad Nuker Popup Blocker & Spam Filter, size 2.73 Mb.

Zero PopUp Killer XP 6.4 Ax-Soft 

Zero Popup Killer XP will detect and close the annoying pop-up windows you sometimes encounter at certain Web service sites when surfing the Web. It will automatically run when you open your browser, but you may also turn it on or off manually. Zero Popup Killer XP is a small, effective, and intelligent anti-pop-up software product that can kill . Free download of Zero PopUp Killer XP 6.4, size 1.72 Mb.

IEJet-Popup Killer and Ad Stopper 1.41 Retsina Software Solutions 

It is a compact and efficent plug-in of Internet Explorer. It has the following features: Block the annoying Popup ad/Ads windows;Block Messenger Spam(which is getting popular today);Block Macromedia Flash;BOSS KEY to minimize/close all IE windows within 1 second;Alternative ways to disable IEMate temporarily;Disable Load/Unload JavaScript;Control . Free download of IEJet-Popup Killer and Ad Stopper 1.41, size 366.59 Kb.

SlimBrowser 6.01.057 FlashPeak, Inc 

SlimBrowser is a fast and secure internet browser for Windows fully loaded with powerful features. It starts up quickly and opens web pages right in front of you with minimum delay. It is designed to let you browse the Internet carefree by guarding your personal information and protecting your privacy. SlimBrowser offers various functions and . Freeware download of SlimBrowser 6.01.057, size 3.88 Mb.

AdCleaner 1.2 eEriEsoft,Inc. 

Key Features: 1.Block Floating Ads and new form popups 2.Clean and auto block over 5600 Adwares,Spywares 3.Easy to use, default settings ,hotkeys supported 4.Lovely looks,Skins ,user tips supported 5.Clean all form IE Ads including : general Popup Ads,modelessdialog Popup Ads,winhelp Popup Ads,unfathered Popup Ads,floating,animated Ads,flash . Free download of AdCleaner 1.2, size 1.80 Mb.

POP-Stopper-IE 1.2.6 Absolute Futurity 

Best Popup Remover. POP-Stopper-IE is the only Popup removal software that also stops window resizing. POP-Stopper-IE is also then only Popup removal software that gives you a second chance on blocked popups. All other Popup removal software do not even let you know what popups it removes. Suppose you went to your bank online and they had an . Free download of POP-Stopper-IE 1.2.6, size 3.53 Mb.

AD Popup Killer 2.1 BrotherSoft 

When surfing the Internet, frequently the annoying pop-up ad windows will disturb your sights and occupy your system resource. AD Popup Killer can help you to clean all of pop-up Ads. However, if you want Popup Ads to be shown, i.e. not be closed, you can easily disable it to view the pop up screen. Blacklist and white list are allowed. And you can . Free download of AD Popup Killer 2.1, size 651.26 Kb.

WebCleaner 2.42 OntheV 

WebCleaner is a program that can prevent annoying sponsors Popup's when you visit some web sites. WebCleaner can kill all kinds of typical Ads IE popups smartly. It also can block any Web ad content (advertising Banners,Images or Flashes) don't want.1.* Stops Popup IE windows before they are Created.2. Blocks Popup IE windows created by spyware or . Free download of WebCleaner 2.42, size 2.48 Mb.

Active Scripting Fast Disable 1.5 Sparkleware 

Internet Explorer's Active Scripting "feature" is responsible for Popup windows, scrolling status bar text, security holes, and other annoyances. Unfortunately, some websites require this technology for basic navigation, so permanently disabling Active Scripting is an impractical solution. The "Enable/Disable Active Scripting" . Free download of Active Scripting Fast Disable 1.5, size 593.92 Kb.