Portable Security Software

USB Secure 2.1.6 NewSoftwares.net 

USB Secure helps you password protect USB drives, Thumb drives, Memory cards, External drives and Flash drives. It supports plug and play and runs automatically once a USB drive is plugged in, asking you the password for it. USB Secure is hassle free and it doesn't need a rocket scientist to master.

USB flash drives are . Free download of USB Secure 2.1.6, size 1.47 Mb.


SSuite Agnot StrongBox Security 2.0 SSuite Office Software TM 

Now this is what I call real Security!... You may use any one of nineteen, industrial and military strength, encryption ciphers to secure your most precious private information.

There is BlowFish, TwoFish, CAST-128, Cast-256, DES, 3DES, ICE, Thin ICE, ICE2, IDEA, MARS, Misty1, RC2, RC4, RC5, RC6, Rijndael(AES), Serpent, and last but . Freeware download of SSuite Agnot StrongBox Security 2.0, size 1.35 Mb.

Mobil Phone Live Surveillance 2 1 The Best of The Best 

Wireless mobile phone video monitoring solution which gives you private Security and safety with real-time video monitoring. You can watch live images from your webcams on mobile phone using any kind of internet link from any location in the world. In case of invasion, a true picture helps avoid false alarm and cancel Security reports to prevent . Free download of Mobil Phone Live Surveillance 2 1, size 6.18 Mb.

Lockmydrive - Instant & Strong 1.2 SoftVit 

By running the downloaded Installer(.exe file), the program will be individually set up specifically for your data carrier. Simply select the necessary disk, enter your email and password, choose the program version (Instant or Strong) and click Register. In a couple of seconds the program will be set up on the selected disk. After that you can . Free download of Lockmydrive - Instant & Strong 1.2, size 5.63 Mb.

Encrypt Stick 5.2.0W ENC Security Systems 

Encrypt Stick is a simple and easy to use application that will encrypt your USB flash drive in order to protect your critical data such as personal information, pictures etc.

Encrypt Stick software is the most advanced Portable Security application available on the market today. Encrypt Stick turns your in-hand serial numbered USB flash . Free download of Encrypt Stick 5.2.0W, size 0 b.

Lockmydrive - Instant & Strong 1.2 SoftVit 

By running the downloaded Installer(.exe file), the program will be individually set up specifically for your data carrier. Simply select the necessary disk, enter your email and password, choose the program version (Instant or Strong) and click Register. In a couple of seconds the program will be set up on the selected disk. After that you can . Free download of Lockmydrive - Instant & Strong 1.2, size 5.63 Mb.

Portable Penetrator 8.0 SecPoint ApS 

Portable Penetrator is a complete solution for securing your wireless network and identifying any Security flaws before hackers have a chance to do so. This wifi Security software provides detailed reports, exposing Security issues before it is too late. It allows you to fully secure all of the wireless networks and recover WPA2, WPA and WEP keys . Free download of Portable Penetrator 8.0, size 70.16 Mb.

Windows Vista Security Guide 2008 Javvin Company 

Designed for everyone using or planning to use Windows Vista operating system, this Windows Vista Security quick guide covers all daily used Windows Vista Security features and options, provides quick solutions when crisis happens, and gives tips for users to better manage his/her system to achieve Security goals.A comprehensive yet Portable . Free download of Windows Vista Security Guide 2008, size 34.34 Kb.

Hopedot VOS (Security Edition) 1.3.0 Hopedot Electronics Co., Ltd 

Hopedot VOS generates a new virtual operating system based on user's existing Windows OS. All the operations in the virtual system is isolated from the host system, so users can install, run softwares, save private data, and set their own desktop in this virtual environment without leaving any trace on the host system. All the settings and files . Free download of Hopedot VOS (Security Edition) 1.3.0, size 5.75 Mb.

Lockmydrive FreeLocker 3.1 SoftVit 

LockmyDrive FreeLocker is a Portable data Security software offering a quick, easy in use and reliable solution for your private data protection. The software can secure any sensitive information, photos, videos, important documents protecting your files from unauthorized viewing, copying and deletion. It can be used to secure files and folders on . Freeware download of Lockmydrive FreeLocker 3.1, size 16.42 Mb.

Katana : Multi-Boot Security Suite 2.0 Katana-usb 

Katana packages Security / ethical hacking distributions (like Backtrack, Ophcrack, & UBCD) together with Portable Windows applications (like Metasploit, NMAP, Cain & Able, & Wireshark) to run off a single USB flash drive.

100s of Security / ethical hacking tools, Boot from multiple Live distributions, Run hundres . Freeware download of Katana : Multi-Boot Security Suite 2.0, size 4280.16 Mb.

Fix MSE 1.0 The Windows Club 

This freeware Portable utility will reset all the Registry and other settings of Microsoft Security Essentials to default value.

Microsoft Security Essentials, is an excellent freeware antivirus offering from Microsoft. Microsoft Security Essentials runs quietly and efficiently in the background so that you are free to use your . Freeware download of Fix MSE 1.0, size 54.53 Kb.

Easy SMTP Server 2.52 SoftFolder Inc 

Send e-mail messages easily and securely from your Portable PC while you are traveling around the world! Every time you change your location connecting your PC to different Internet Service Providers (ISPs), you must reconfigure your e-mail program to be able to send messages via different SMTP servers you have to use. Easy SMTP Server is a simple . Free download of Easy SMTP Server 2.52, size 1.26 Mb.

JBMail 3.2 Jem Berkes 

JBMail is a compact and Portable secure e-mail client that supports SSL/TLS encrypted POP3 and SMTP. The software has been designed for simplicity, Security and on-line mailbox access meaning that mail is manipulated remotely and NOT stored locally. Delete spam or large attachments without having to first download them! This Portable software does . Free download of JBMail 3.2, size 567.30 Kb.

Internet Security Filter 1st Security Software Center 

Internet Security Filter is your personal internet filtering utility. It controls all the data being transmitted and received through any internet application - such as web browers, chat programs, email clients, news readers, etc. in real-time. You can define three Security levels: alow all, alow all except blacklist, block all except blacklist. It . Free download of Internet Security Filter, size 1.23 Mb.

AnVir Security Suite 5.2 windows task manager 

AnVir Task Manager provides full set of Windows enhancements that help in every-day work Security & Performance: *Full information about processes, services, Internet connections, drivers, DLLs the best replacement for Windows Task Manager *Descriptions for 70 000 startup programs, Internet Explorer toolbars and services know what is running on . Free download of AnVir Security Suite 5.2, size 1.82 Mb.

True System Security Tweaker CoolStuff.WS 

True System Security Tweaker is a freeware Security utility for tweaking and optimizing Windows operating system. It can simply be used as a Portable application to customize and secure your PC to meet your safety requirements. You can define access level to lots of Control Panel applet functions including Desktop, Network, Passwords, Printers, . Freeware download of True System Security Tweaker, size 1.24 Mb.

BUFFALO Secure Lock Ware 2 66 BUFFALO INC. 

BUFFALO Secure Lock Ware is BUFFALO’s free solution to the Security needs of their external drives users. This Fort-Knox-like simple software performs two Security-related tasks – first, it locks and unlocks any BUFFALO USB Portable device, and secondly, SLW encrypts and decrypts any file or folder using AES encryption . Freeware download of BUFFALO Secure Lock Ware 2 66, size 3.87 Mb.

Neo Security Flash 1. 3. 2001 Neo Technology 

Innovative tool that empowers flash memory devices, increasing their performance and storage capability, encrypts your files keeping them virus free with the most powerful Portable antivirus. 1. File Manager Data transfer from PC to a Flash memory device and vice versa. It allows you to encrypt and compress files. All files are scanned for virus . Free download of Neo Security Flash 1. 3. 2001, size 29.54 Mb.

Kaka USB Security 1.10 kakasoft 

USB Security is the ultimate USB drives Security solution ! Password protection of all your data on USB Drives, External Drives, Thumb Drives in seconds.

Its advanced protection technique ensures complete Security of your data on any USB and External Drives. It completely prevents all unauthorized accesses to your USB devices and block . Free download of Kaka USB Security 1.10, size 1.81 Mb.