Portable Windows Software

Portable Windows Elapsed Running Time 1.6.2000 Alberto Martinez Perez 

Portable Windows Elapsed Running Time is a small utility designed to enable you to view the time elapsed since Windows was started. Its compact interface takes up very little desktop space, so you can have the uptime always visible using the always on top option. It can show also the elapsed days/hours in the taskbar icon. . Freeware download of Portable Windows Elapsed Running Time 1.6.2000, size 251.90 Kb.


Why Reboot Exodus 

Exodus WhyReboot™ is a small "Portable" Windows application that helps you decide whether to reboot your computer after running an installer. It does this by displaying a list of "pending file operations" (rename, delete, etc) that will occur after rebooting your computer. Quite often, no reboot is really needed. . Freeware download of Why Reboot, size 5.40 Mb.

Calc4all 2 9 Totusoft 

Calc4all is a Portable Windows calculator with practical built in features. This project started out because there was no other simple Portable calculator out there with all the features. Calc4all has a simple, easy-to-use interface with so many useful features, you'll find that it will quickly become your favorite calculator. . Free download of Calc4all 2 9, size 36.82 Mb.

iPassword Generator 1.0 Ipassgen 

iPassword Generator is a free, lightweight and Portable Windows application designed to create a strong and unique password for each of your applications or online accounts from the keyfile you selected using a technology called Tabula recta. In addition, you are allowed to encrypt and hide your keyfile inside any other file with the AES-256( . Freeware download of iPassword Generator 1.0, size 839.85 Kb.

Katana : Multi-Boot Security Suite 2.0 Katana-usb 

Katana packages security / ethical hacking distributions (like Backtrack, Ophcrack, & UBCD) together with Portable Windows applications (like Metasploit, NMAP, Cain & Able, & Wireshark) to run off a single USB flash drive.

100s of security / ethical hacking tools, Boot from multiple Live distributions, Run hundres . Freeware download of Katana : Multi-Boot Security Suite 2.0, size 4280.16 Mb.

SVNPortable 1.0 Svnportable 

A Portable Windows based distribution of SVN to take with you. Put it on a removable USB Flash Drive or TrueCrypt volume (maybe even both) then GO!

Take it with you. It's Portable.

SVNPortable 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0 . Freeware download of SVNPortable 1.0, size 3.02 Mb.

Windows Vista Security Guide 2008 Javvin Company 

Designed for everyone using or planning to use Windows Vista operating system, this Windows Vista security quick guide covers all daily used Windows Vista security features and options, provides quick solutions when crisis happens, and gives tips for users to better manage his/her system to achieve security goals.A comprehensive yet Portable . Free download of Windows Vista Security Guide 2008, size 34.34 Kb.

WinToUSB 5.5 The EasyUEFI Development Team 

WinToUSB (also called Windows To USB) is the best free Windows To Go Creator which allows you to install and run a fully-functional Windows operating system on an external hard drive, USB flash drive or Thunderbolt drive. It is so easy and efficient, with just a few simple steps and a few minutes, you can create your first Portable Windows 10/8/7 . Freeware download of WinToUSB 5.5, size 5.82 Mb.

PasteCopy.NET Beta / Geir Aage Hovland 

PasteCopy.NET is a Portable Windows Clipboard Manager with multilingual support. It´s fully automated and has a (auto-) resizable preview pane. PasteCopy.NET enlarges the capacity of Windows Clipboard and lets you organize csv (Comma separated values), html, rtf (Rich Text Format), text, unicode- text & images into customizable . Free download of PasteCopy.NET Beta /, size 0 b.

Device Doctor Portable 1.0 Device Doctor Software Inc. 

Device Doctor is a freeware Windows application that scans your computer hardware and checks to see if there are new driver updates available for your devices. It also locates drivers for Unidentified Devices in the Windows Device Manager. All this in a Portable utility that can run off of a USB drive. This tool was designed to be very simple and . Freeware download of Device Doctor Portable 1.0, size 5.35 Mb.

WINC - Portable Windows Commander 1.0 mosworks.ic.cz 

This is a simple Windows Commander. You can use it as an template for your own. It was done to be Portable(Only one file), non-installable and open source. . Freeware download of WINC - Portable Windows Commander 1.0, size 127.55 Kb.

Portable Windows Hider 1.1.25 CodeCaged.com 

Windows Hider designed to hide Windows in taskbar, programs, files and folders (all to background) without closing them, instantly by one click or hotkey.
With Windows Hider you can divide your Windows, programs, files, etc.. by groups and rename each group by its properties.


Hide/Show . Freeware download of Portable Windows Hider 1.1.25, size 482.34 Kb.

install PC Win Boot 1.0 PC Disk Tools Corporation 

PC Win Boot is used to create custom Windows PE boot disks. The target media could be a CD, DVD or USB stick/Drive. You can include any programs into your own boot disk and be a computer expert. Boot disk can be used as System recovery tools or mini and Portable Windows system. . Free download of install PC Win Boot 1.0, size 5.06 Mb.

MuseTips Text Filter (Portable) MuseTips.com 

MuseTips Text Filter is a free, lightweight and Portable Windows software that lets you read, search and filter text files with ease.

Text lines are instantly filtered as you type your search phrase, with all matched terms highlighted in a contrasting color.

- Fast as-you-type searching
- Search phrase auto . Freeware download of MuseTips Text Filter (Portable), size 478.41 Kb.

Digital Disease Terminator 2.0 12Bytes.org 

GET THIS PROGRAM FOR FREE! How? Tell a friend about DDT. If they buy a license, you get yours free - no strings attached! Visit the 12Bytes website for details.

Digital Disease Terminator is a highly configurable, flexible and intuitive program capable of running multiple, 3rd party, command line anti-virus/anti-malware scanners.

FrameDummy 1.0 Appgramming 

Run FrameDummy and get a window frame around any image or screen area. The frame dummy looks and behaves like a real desktop window. Use it for screenshots, messages, pranks, or software development. Write a greeting or a birthday card, save it as image, and show it with FrameDummy. Or make a fake desktop window, that looks 100% real, but does not . Free download of FrameDummy 1.0, size 52.43 Kb.

Restart on Crash 1.0 Janis Elsts 

Restart on Crash is an monitoring tool that will watch the applications that you specify and automatically relaunch any program that hangs or crashes. You can add any number of applications to monitor, enable/disable them individually and edit the command line that will be used to restart an application.

Restart on Crash doesnd-deOaot . Freeware download of Restart on Crash 1.0, size 471.86 Kb.

MuseTips Text Filter MuseTips.com 

MuseTips Text Filter is a free, lightweight and Portable Windows software that lets you read, search and filter text files with ease. Text lines are instantly filtered as you type your search phrase, with all matched terms highlighted in a contrasting color.

- Fast as-you-type searching
- Search phrase auto . Freeware download of MuseTips Text Filter, size 1.89 Mb.

Instantbird Portable 1.3 Portableapps 

Instantbird is a customizable instant messaging client with support for AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, Twitter, Facebook, XMPP, IRC and ICQ. It's powered by Mozilla so it has support for customization using themes and extensions built-in.

Instantbird is designed to make instant messaging better:

Talk to all your friends - . Freeware download of Instantbird Portable 1.3, size 14.37 Mb.

Portable Defraggler 2.09.391 Piriform Ltd. 

Defraggler is a defragmentation tool designed to work on files, folders or the entire disk drive. After analysis, Defraggler will list all the fragmented files on the drive together with their location on disk. The application supports individual file defragmenting.

Use Defraggler to defrag your entire hard drive, or individual files - . Free download of Portable Defraggler 2.09.391, size 2.94 Mb.