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'SharePoint visionaries, admins and end users: get the most comprehensive, all-inclusive free SharePoint Analytics solution on the market to help you optimize and transform your Portal, compatible with all SharePoint versions including SharePoint Online, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003. Productivity levels can skyrocket and adoption rates grow with the . Freeware download of CARDIOLOG ANALYTICS, size 49.15 Kb.


Cardilog SharePoint Analytics Tool 1 Intlock 

CardioLog- SharePoint Analytics Free Edition offers you the same powerful capabilities to track and improve your intranet Portal as its commercial counterpart, but in a scaled-down form. It is the only web Analytics tool designed for SharePoint portals that's available entirely for free, and it supports all versions of SharePoint.
CardioLog . Freeware download of Cardilog SharePoint Analytics Tool 1, size 38.91 Kb.

Cardiolog Analytics Free Edition Intlock Ltd 

Cardiolog Analytics Free Edition is a web Analytics solution designed for SharePoint and SharePoint Online. It provides users with an efficient means of increasing their productivity.

The application enables you to improve the usability of your intranet, drive Portal collaboration, boost your ROI and enhance the overall productivity of . Free download of Cardiolog Analytics Free Edition, size 0 b.

Active Business Intelligence Portal DB Software Laboratory 

Active BI Portal is business intelligence software that provides an integrated solutionfor designing and deploying reports and web forms over the internet and intranet.Active BI Portal consists of two parts Active BI Portal Manager which works on Windows only
and server part which is collection of PHP scripts and can be run on Windows, UNIX . Free download of Active Business Intelligence Portal, size 7.30 Mb.

Bitrix Intranet Portal 7.1.5 Bitrix Inc. 

Bitrix Intranet Portal is a business-driven intranet solution designed for Enterprise 2.0 collaboration. Get an effective and easy-to-use intranet Portal that includes the latest integrated communication, collaboration, social networking, document sharing, and task management tools

Quick Setup&Deployment Process: Installation time . Free download of Bitrix Intranet Portal 7.1.5, size 67.67 Mb.

PG Portal Pro AUG.2011 Pilot Group Ltd 

PG Portal Pro is a turnkey Portal software. It lets you start your Portal Web Site with many advanced features. PG Portal Pro is a perfect solution for City, Community, Business, Corporate Portal and a clone of popular Portal web sites such as Yahoo or MSN. Highly customizable, PG Portal Pro Solution can be easily set to satisfy your demands. PG . Free download of PG Portal Pro AUG.2011, size 329.73 Kb.

Siebel Analytics 7. 8. 2005 Siebel Systems, Inc. 

Siebel Analytics allow an enterprise to measure and evaluate business performance across customers. It helps in analyzing past, present and future opportunities with the help of Dashboard Reports to determine actions required to meet the sales targets. With the help of Dashboard reports we can determine which products and customers are generating . Freeware download of Siebel Analytics 7. 8. 2005, size 1.68 Mb.

Desktop Web Analytics - For Piwik 1.0.1 desktop web analytics 

Now you can view your Piwik statistics directly on your desktop (you must install Piwik on your server first)
Desktop Web Analytics use Adobe AIR (Flex 3 here) technology and it's available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

So when you've installed Desktop Web Analytics, the demo of "Piwik" is operationnel and . Freeware download of Desktop Web Analytics - For Piwik 1.0.1, size 3.02 Mb.

Client Node Portal 1.0 Spirit Software Solutions 

Client Node Portal Provide your operations staff access to your TSM Client Nodes without giving them access to your TSM Servers. Create a single Client Node List of all the client nodes in your environment from TSM Studio and simply load the List into the Client Node Portal. . Freeware download of Client Node Portal 1.0, size 63.94 Mb.

Software Analytics SDK for C++ MagneticOne 

Software Analytics for C++ provides comprehensive overview of desktop and mobile application usage. It collects all relevant information about software such as number of installations, downloads, first and repeated starts, usage frequency, most popular features, most popular versions, etc. and presents the information in a convenient way for . Free download of Software Analytics SDK for C++, size 15.90 Mb.

PG Portal Pro AUG.2011 1.0 Pilot Group Ltd 

PG Portal Pro is a turnkey Portal software. It lets you start your Portal Web Site with many advanced features. PG Portal Pro is a perfect solution for City, Community, Business, Corporate Portal and a clone of popular Portal web sites such as Yahoo or MSN. Highly customizable, PG Portal Pro Solution can be easily set to satisfy your demands. PG . Free download of PG Portal Pro AUG.2011 1.0, size 329.73 Kb.

Lavastorm Analytics Engine, Public 4.6.0 Lavastorm Analytics 

A powerful and visual tool for ETL, data integration, data transformation, data visualization, and Analytics. Use it to unify data locked in silos or scattered on desktops and to reduce the time to manipulate data from Excel, CSV, or ASCII files by 90% or more. Data exported from your databases (Oracle, Access and others), data warehouse, operating . Free download of Lavastorm Analytics Engine, Public 4.6.0, size 182.83 Mb.

Advanced Video Analytics New Bikal 

Advanced Video Analytics is a module that you can load into CyeWeb in order to analyze video content in detail. The Advanced Video Analytics module can notify the user when it identifies something that requires attention.

For instance, it can detect illegal moving or parking, suspicious objects, fire or smoke. Every element that requires . Free download of Advanced Video Analytics New, size 0 b.

Trackerbird Software Analytics SDK RC1 Trackerbird Ltd. 

Trackerbird Software Analytics SDK enables software developers to track installations, product and feature usage trends, user behaviour and license conversions.

This SDK can be integrated into your projects easily and fast. The SDK automatically collects usage metrics and other anonymous data about your product which is then processed by . Free download of Trackerbird Software Analytics SDK RC1, size 0 b.

EQATEC Analytics GO 1.5.35 EQATEC A/S 

EQATEC Analytics is a SaaS solution that is designed to give a detailed answer to the question "how is our software used by our users?" Any organization developing software will like to know these answers, because they can help the organization make better decisions based on facts rather than gut-feelings. The answers are provided through . Free download of EQATEC Analytics GO 1.5.35, size 1.70 Mb.

WRF Portal 2.3 Advanced Computing Section 

WRF Portal is a handy, easy to use GUI designed to take you through the entire process of running WRF: creating a domain (using the built-in WRF Domain Wizard component that generates your namelist.wps and namelist.input files), creating and running workflows, monitoring the progress of your runs, diff'ing workflows and files.

This . Free download of WRF Portal 2.3, size 0 b.

Decision Analytics 8.0 Sobesoft 

Decision Analytics is a useful application for the businesses that face important decisions on a daily basis and need a consultant. The application provides you with a scoring solution that assesses the importance of the decision.

After answering the questions you should be able to read the score of the decision and estimate its impact . Free download of Decision Analytics 8.0, size 0 b.

Arc-Flash-Analytics 5.0.1 Mykhaylo Furtak 

Arc-Flash-Analytics has been developed based on IEEE P1584 Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations. It is a simple and easy to use application for calculating arc incident energy and arc flash boundary.

Also, it can determine limited, restricted and prohibited approach boundaries, hazard risk category required by NEC / CEC and . Free download of Arc-Flash-Analytics 5.0.1, size 0 b.

Block Yourself from Analytics for Safari 1.0 Igor Jerosimic 

Block Yourself from Analytics for Safari is a browser addon designed for webmasters to block their activity for the websites they own. No more false stats in your Analytics data. It is not meant to block Google Analytics scripts for all websites.

How to use:
1. click on extension button in toolbar, open options
2. enter all . Free download of Block Yourself from Analytics for Safari 1.0, size 0 b.

Surfstats Website Analytics Standard Edition 2013.5.1 SurfStats Software cc 

Surfstats Website Analytics Standard Edition was created as a useful and reliable program that can easily create site activity reports. The program can also generate conversion tracking reports from log files.

Reports can be generated in various languages with output to screen, file directory, FTP or e-mail. It supports most common log . Free download of Surfstats Website Analytics Standard Edition 2013.5.1, size 0 b.