Position Window Software

Chameleon Buttons Lite Chameleon Apps Team 

Chameleon Buttons will allow you to control the windows of your programs using customizable buttons added to the title bars of the windows (Position Window at left/right of screen, Always on Top, Specify Transparency, Minimize to Tray, Minimize to Caption). . Freeware download of Chameleon Buttons Lite, size 4.00 Mb.


Chameleon Window Manager Lite Evgeni Shmakov 

Chameleon Window Manager Lite will allow you to control the windows of your programs using customizable buttons added to the title bars of the windows (Always on Top, Minimize to Tray, Minimize to Caption, Specify Transparency, Position Window at left/right of screen). The interface supports skins and is very easy to use. . Freeware download of Chameleon Window Manager Lite, size 3.71 Mb.

ScreenGridy 1.0 Digola 

ScreenGridy is a useful tool to simplify and speed up your work with Windows. It has an improved option to work with the desktop. ScreenGridy uses the simplest and most effective way to transform the Position and size of a Window. It shows a grid over the desktop. By moving the mouse over the desktop grid cells, you can change this up to ten times . Freeware download of ScreenGridy 1.0, size 893.66 Kb.

ZMover 7.3 Basta Computing, Inc. 

ZMover helps you manage your desktop layout by enabling you to set the size, Position and layering of application windows. Instead of wasting time rearranging windows across your single or multiple monitor display, you can configure ZMover to do the job for you. Simply tell ZMover which windows you want to modify and how, then hide the program and . Free download of ZMover 7.3, size 2.75 Mb.

Diversify manager 1 1 Deskex group 

Diver++ is a little system utility, MDI program, that allow you do some usable things, you need in working/testing process. What can it do? - send messages to choosen Window. - search Window by mouse moving, or by handle. - change state of Window: enable/disable, show/hide/restore/maximize/etc... - change Position, z-order, parent of Window. - . Freeware download of Diversify manager 1 1, size 364.54 Kb.

WindowPlace 1.5.4454.17504 pfre017 

WindowPlace is a handy and reliable application designed to make it possible to save Window positions and sizes to a profile.

Switching between profiles will effortlessly move and resize your windows. Help improve productivity - especially for multi-monitor systems.

. Free download of WindowPlace 1.5.4454.17504, size 0 b.

System Mouse 1.0 Greatis Software 

System Mouse - Mouse Cursors, Clipping and Moving ComponentSystem Mouse (TSystemMouse component) allows you to get and set the mouse Position, move mouse cursor into any control or Window, change and restore any system default cursor and clip the mouse moving area by rectangle, Window, form or control bound. The control of the system mouse features . Free download of System Mouse 1.0, size 873.47 Kb.

SnappyWindows 1.02 Ad-Ons 

SnappyWindows is a Windows add-on that lets you quickly and easily move and resize any Window so that it 'snaps' to a 'pretty' Position on your screen - such as next to a border or another Window - perfectly touching with no wasted space, yet not overlapping! It's as if your Window had strip magnets on its edges - it will stick to any edge that is . Free download of SnappyWindows 1.02, size 125.95 Kb.

Stage Position Template 1.0 FlashComponents 

In the preview example when the Window is resized or goes to full screen mode, the elements slide to the center, vertical and horizontal with a nice ease.Each element can be modifyed to Position differently on the stage.All anymations are programmed in ActionScript 2.0, so you can easily change the tween type and speed. So you can figure out what . Free download of Stage Position Template 1.0, size 499.71 Kb.

12Ghosts WinControl 9 2 12Ghosts Inc. 

Set the size and Position of a Window exactly and easily, close or terminate any Window, by hotkey, batch file, or scheduler. Start and Position windows that don't keep their Position themselves. Or test the layout of your web page at 640x480, for example. . Freeware download of 12Ghosts WinControl 9 2, size 82.33 Mb.

Screen Ruler 2D 1.16 Infonautics GmbH 

Screen Ruler 2D is a ruler for the desktop which measures in 2 dimensions (horizontal and vertical). Furthermore, an integrated color picker shows the color under the selected corner mark in different color systems and the Window information panel provides technical information about the underlying Window (3 in 1). Additionally, a built-in . Free download of Screen Ruler 2D 1.16, size 1000.00 Kb.

PlaceMint 3.0.2 Patrick Lannigan 

A Window placement origination tool. Arrange windows into defined slots based on Window title. Slots are configured by the user to ensure the windows are Position to each users needs. Windows can be swapped between slots by hotkey or with the mouse. . Freeware download of PlaceMint 3.0.2, size 83.97 Kb.

Javascript Popup Window 3 3 Apycom Software 

Using Deluxe Popup Window, anyone can add popups to their web site in a couple of minutes. You don't need any in-depth knowledge of HTML or Javascript to develop popup windows with Deluxe Popup Window. Deluxe Popup Window comes with an easy-to-use GUI wizard Deluxe Tuner that allows you to generate all the code needed to create javascript popup . Free download of Javascript Popup Window 3 3, size 5.54 Mb.

Windows Controller ACTIVE SOFT COMPANY 

Windows Controller lets you to use keyboard shortcut key (the hotkey, e.g. Ctrl+Alt+K ) to execute a set of commands which can set the active Window's Position and size to custom values; move or resize each edge of the active Window making it align to other Window edges; and execute some Windows actions.

Windows actions executed by . Free download of Windows Controller, size 409.14 Kb.

Portable Gridy 0.50 Sector Seven 

Gridy adds an invisible grid to Windows, so that any Window you move or resize is snapped to it.Snapping is enabled with mouse drag or keyboard arrow keys. Gridy also lets you store and restore a Window's size and Position in up to 9 slots. This is useful for quickly arranging your windows in a convenient way. In addition, you can apply these . Freeware download of Portable Gridy 0.50, size 220.16 Kb.

Tinted Window 1.0 Euan J Hunter 

Tinted Window is a simple Java-based customizable colored overlay that was designed to help individuals with dyslexia.

This colored overlay can be quite helpful and a real stress reliever when trying to read black writing on a white background.

The size, Position, color and transparency of the overlay are all adjustable. . Freeware download of Tinted Window 1.0, size 0 b.

SetMate 1.1 Digola 

SetMate is an alternative Window manager. The SetMate divides the desktop workspace into a customized grid. The grid corresponds to the desktop size. With a click on the grid and highlight cells, you can transform the Position and size of the current Window. Also, you can make a Window transparent, move, redesign, resize, add stay on top function . Free download of SetMate 1.1, size 789.71 Kb.

Actual Window Guard 6.3 Actual Tools 

Actual Window Guard is what you need to keep your workspace in optimal condition for efficient and comfortable work. It has many settings helping to organize windows on the desktop and keep them in the order you prefer. It means you won’t have to spend time resizing and positioning windows as it will be done automatically. And there are many . Free download of Actual Window Guard 6.3, size 3.98 Mb.

Actual Window Menu 6.3 Actual Tools 

Actual Window Menu is a suite of the most popular innovative tools letting users operate windows on the desktop in some advanced ways: alternatively minimize to Windows notification area (system tray) or to a floating icon on the screen, alter the execution priority of Windows processes on-the-fly, apply semi-transparency effect, roll up/unroll, . Free download of Actual Window Menu 6.3, size 4.02 Mb.

Free Internet Window Washer 3.6.1 Eusing Software 

Free Internet Window Washer is a free and easy to use software that will safe guard your privacy by cleaning up the tracks of your activities on your PC and the Internet.

As you work on your computer and browse the Internet, you leave behind traces of your activity.The Windows built-in functions will not protect you, most of the tracks . Freeware download of Free Internet Window Washer 3.6.1, size 1.31 Mb.