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123 Zoo: Writer FREE 2.0.1 Raul Riera 

Mobile \ Education

The sequel for the very popular ABC Zoo: Writer is here, this time is with numbers.

123 Zoo is an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch application orientated to teach children the numbers in a fun and exciting way. They will be able to browse through beautiful, colorful hand drawings of animals and numbers, listen to well spoken . Freeware download of 123 Zoo: Writer FREE 2.0.1, size 19.19 Mb.


ABC's Writer 1.2.0 Dawson Toth 

Mobile \ Education

ABC's Writer lets you draw with your fingers and save your art. Trace all the letters of the alphabet! . Freeware download of ABC's Writer 1.2.0, size 9.02 Mb.

Baby Writer HD 1.0 Baby Cortex 

Mobile \ Education

The essential writing and learning application for your Child on the iPad!

Baby Writer is an electronic copybook for your child to learn vocabulary and practice handwriting in a fun and engaging way! With child-friendly and entertaining graphics, Baby Writer shows English words and their corresponding images and sounds for letters and . Freeware download of Baby Writer HD 1.0, size 16.15 Mb.

Barcode Reader/Writer 1.1 iOS Developer 

Mobile \ Utilities

?"Barcode Reader/Writer" allows you to Read(Scan) and Write(Generate) Barcodes with many Symbologies.

-Read Barcode from your Camera (Auto-Detect Scanning, Real-Time)
-Read Barcode from your Photo Album
-Send your Reader Result via E-mail, Message, and Copy it to Clipboard
-Write (Generate) . Free download of Barcode Reader/Writer 1.1, size 1.05 Mb.

Character Writer 2.0.2 David Caddy 

Mobile \ Productivity

Character Writer is an elegant text editor and the best way to work with special characters on the iPad.

Character Writer's custom keyboard offers you easy access to over 500 special characters while you type.

Designed with style and function in mind, Character Writer is the perfect productivity tool for anyone who writes . Free download of Character Writer 2.0.2, size 2.52 Mb.

Chinese Writer for iPad 1.0 Language Systems 

Mobile \ Education

The Chinese Writer for iPad is a touch-interactive tool from Popup Chinese (http://popupchinese.com) that will teach you how to write Chinese characters. Learn the basics with our 25 character tutorial, and register with your free Popup Chinese account to unlock practice mode with 1000 extra characters in both simplified and traditional Chinese. . Freeware download of Chinese Writer for iPad 1.0, size 27.16 Mb.

Easy Writer Lite 2.1.3 Infovole 

Mobile \ Productivity

Easy Writer Lite - the power of simplicity ...
This user-friendly and simple text editor is the ultimative productivity text tool for your iPad.

"The best iPad text environment Ive discovered yet", says Charles Moore on appletell.com
"The de facto intelligent text processor for the iPad" - top rating at . Freeware download of Easy Writer Lite 2.1.3, size 15.83 Mb.

EQ Writer 1.0 Raymond Hodgson 

Mobile \ Education

Use EQ Writer to create high quality web documents from a simple text document on your iPhone or iPad. EQ Writer uses Markdown formatted text and MathJax to create HTML, XML, and ePub documents. EQ Writer is a simple and elegant solution to putting your work, especially highly technical work out onto the Web.

Includes complete Dropbox . Free download of EQ Writer 1.0, size 6.82 Mb.

Heart Writer 1.0.4 Simzart 

Mobile \ Productivity

LAUNCH PROMOTION: Only $1.99 now! // Featured on New & Noteworthy in Japan App Store!
? The Fastest Way To Write On The iPad ?
Heart Writer is the simple yet powerful text editor that supports 40 desktop-level keyboard shortcuts for quick and easy editing.

Using Heart Writer on iPad, you can concentrate on writing and . Free download of Heart Writer 1.0.4, size 4.09 Mb.

HTML Writer 2.7 Ron Wheland 

Mobile \ Productivity

HTML Writer makes it easy to create or edit HTML files on the go with color syntax highlighting. You can customize your own tag, element, and snippet toolbars. Tapping on a toolbar button will insert it's text where ever you have placed the cursor. You can use the built in mini web browser to find a page and download its HTML. Upload or download . Free download of HTML Writer 2.7, size 2.62 Mb.

Kurdish Writer 1.1 Kurditgroup.org 

Mobile \ Productivity

Kurdish writer is an application that makes possible to write, save and e-mail Kurdish texts. It can be used as your Kurdish notebook.

How to use
- Click [+] button on the top-right to create a new text.
- Start typing.
- All copy/paste functionality is available during typing.
- You can Copy/Save/Edit/Email the . Freeware download of Kurdish Writer 1.1, size 4.61 Mb.

Kurdistani Writer 1.1 Fawad Khan 

Mobile \ Productivity

Kurdish Writer is a great gift for Kurdish speakers who wants to communicate in their native or mother language. Through this application, most of the people can be able to communicate with their friends,family and relatives in his own language.

Key Features of Kurdish Writer are

- User can write in Kurdish Alphabets.

Lao Writer 1.1 Fawad Khan 

Mobile \ Utilities

Lao Writer is a great gift for Lao speakers who wants to communicate in their native or mother language. Through this application, most of the people can be able to communicate with their friends,family and relatives in his own language.

Key Features of Lao Writer are

- User can write in Lao Alphabets.
- User can share . Free download of Lao Writer 1.1, size 10.80 Mb.

QR Reader/Writer 1.1 iOS Developer 

Mobile \ Utilities

?"QR Reader/Writer" allows you to Read(Scan) and Write(Generate) QR Codes.

-Read QR Code from your Camera (Auto-Detect Scanning, Real-Time)
-Read QR Code from your Photo Album
-Send your Reader Result via E-mail, Message, and Copy it to Clipboard
-Write (Generate) QR Code with unlimited text . Free download of QR Reader/Writer 1.1, size 1.15 Mb.

Quick Writer with Augmented Reality technology 1.1 Bamboo Interactive Labs 

Mobile \ Utilities

Quick Writer is a text editor to enable you to watch things in front you while typing.

Quick Writer will actually let you SEE the view beyond your phone when typing, so you will never need to take your eyes off the screen!!!


Have you ever hit a tree while you were typing a short . Free download of Quick Writer with Augmented Reality technology 1.1, size 1.05 Mb.

20000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne (ebook) 1.3 Ubiklabs 

Mobile \ Books

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is a classic science fiction novel by French writer Jules Verne published in 1870. It tells the story of Captain Nemo and his submarine Nautilus as seen from the perspective of Professor Pierre Aronnax.
. Free download of 20000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne (ebook) 1.3, size 3.88 Mb.

21 Days To a Novel 3.1 ZappTek 

Mobile \ Education

Legends brings you: 21 Days To a Novel is a collection of exercises which will set any writer up to successfully write that novel they've been dreaming about. The exercises hit hard on the critical areas of book design: characterization, world building, plotting, description, dialogue and more. The exercises likewise serve as diagnostics for when . Free download of 21 Days To a Novel 3.1, size 419.43 Kb.

2GoVids: Rachel Star Stunt Show Volume 1 1.0 EmJa Interactive 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Welcome to 2GoVids, we bring video entertainment to your iPhone and iPod Touch!

Hey, I'm Rachel Star! I am a lot of things: stunt girl, producer, visionary, rapper, writer, mastermind, a fuddy form of evil, poet, and schizophrenic. I work with different TV shows around the world and I love creating and working on all forms of . Free download of 2GoVids: Rachel Star Stunt Show Volume 1 1.0, size 56.83 Mb.

999: The Novel HD 1.01 Aksys Games Localization, Inc. 

Mobile \ Books

Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors The Novel (999) is a thrilling adventure story from acclaimed writer Kotaro Uchikoshi that takes readers on a suspense-filled journey full of danger, terrifying choices, and unexpected twists toward a variety of endings that may or may not see them coming out alive on the other side.

Nine . Free download of 999: The Novel HD 1.01, size 622.85 Mb.

AutoCopyWriter 2.1 planning NYARO 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Ever struggle to come up with a clever catchphrase or new ide* Auto Copy Writer is here to save the day!

Auto Copy Writer is a catchphrase generator that takes over 1,000 words and 120 grammar patterns, randomly combines them, and elegantly displays them on the screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch. A limitless number of slogans, mottos, . Free download of AutoCopyWriter 2.1, size 12.58 Mb.

Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis 2.1.0 Standard Works LLC 

Mobile \ Books

Harry Sinclair Lewis (February 7, 1885 January 10, 1951) was an American novelist, short-story writer, and playwright. In 1930, he became the first American to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, "for his vigorous and graphic art of description and his ability to create, with wit and humor, new types of characters." His works are . Free download of Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis 2.1.0, size 2.73 Mb.

Baltasar Gracian Books 1.0 EBOOK 

Mobile \ Education

Baltasar Gracian (1601-658) was a Spanish jesuit and baroque prose writer. Grecians style, generically called conceptism, is characterized by ellipsis and the concentration of a maximum of significance in a minimum of form, an approach referred to in Spanish as agudeza, and which is brought to its extreme in the Oraculo manual y arte de prudencia, . Free download of Baltasar Gracian Books 1.0, size 419.43 Kb.

Barbados Travel Companion 2.0 Sutro Media 

Mobile \ Travel

The best of Barbados with detailed information

Written and created by experienced travel-guide writer and journalist, Harry S. Pariser, this app is the ideal companion for your trip to Barbados!

In addition to a terrific potpourri of sights and attractions, Pariser covers topics including hiking, diving, snorkeling, . Free download of Barbados Travel Companion 2.0, size 42.05 Mb.

Barcode Scanners 2.3 Manatee Works Inc. 

Mobile \ Utilities

Want an insider view of the Manatee Works SDK barcode scanner? Download our Barcode Scanners app to see how leveraging our SDK can add new interactivity to your app and enable a host of marketing and enterprise activity Our barcode reader library supports all major code symbologies, including Aztec, PDF417, Code 25 (Interleaved and Industrial), . Freeware download of Barcode Scanners 2.3, size 3.57 Mb.

Celebrating Dickens 1.2 University of Warwick 

Mobile \ Education

Happy 200th Birthday Charles Dickens. Celebrating Dickens provides an academic insight into the novels, life and times of Charles Dickens, one of the greatest ever storytellers.

Award-winning screen-play writer Andrew Davies, who adapted both Bleak House and Little Dorrit for the BBC, contributes with an exclusive insight into how one . Freeware download of Celebrating Dickens 1.2, size 21.29 Mb.

Celtic Fairy Tale Classics 1.1 blufish LLC 

Mobile \ Books

Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs for the iPad!



Read the classic fairy tales of this timeless writer...


-The Horned Women
-Conall Yellowclaw
-The . Free download of Celtic Fairy Tale Classics 1.1, size 838.86 Kb.

Chamilio GamePad 1.0 App Lab Inc. 

Mobile \ Utilities

Use your iPad as a portable gaming machine by connecting your iPhone as a game controller!

Attention developers! The Chamilio SDK is now available!

Email support@chamilio.com for more details.


-Multi-touch controls
-4 different layouts
-1 to 4 button configurations and an additional . Freeware download of Chamilio GamePad 1.0, size 3.46 Mb.

Chance of a Lifetime #1 1.0 iVerse Media 

Mobile \ Books

Writer: Jim Mitchel
Artist: Freddie E. Williams II

CHANCE OF A LIFETIME deals with the enormous responsibility that comes with being the FIRST superhero ever. We're introduced to a man named Jack Lewis, "The American," who overnight is given incredible superpowers. Are these superpowers a gift, or a curse? . Free download of Chance of a Lifetime #1 1.0, size 7.13 Mb.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman Books 2.0 EBOOK 

Mobile \ Books

Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935) was a prominent American sociologist, novelist, writer of short stories, poetry, and nonfiction, and a lecturer for social reform. Among most of her works, "The Yellow Wallpaper" became a feminist classic. Her best known work is Women and Economics, which argues that sexual and maternal roles of women . Free download of Charlotte Perkins Gilman Books 2.0, size 1.26 Mb.

Charles Dickens Audio Library (was MP3 Dickens) 1.3.2 As Written Productions 

Mobile \ Books

A complete audio collections of works of the famous English writer and social critic, Charles Dickens (1812-1870). This library includes famous works such as Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, A Christmas Carol, Great Expectations, and A Tale of Two Cities (to name a few), as well as not-so famous works such as Barnaby Rudge, Sketches By Boz, and . Free download of Charles Dickens Audio Library (was MP3 Dickens) 1.3.2, size 2.41 Mb.