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Ward Mission Program 0.6 Tom Welch 

The Ward Mission Program or WMP is a simple and handy tool that can be used to track all of the missionary activity within a ward or branch.

This includes the families that are being taught, missionary exchanges and meals. Ward Mission Program was developed with the help of the Java programming language and should run on multiple . Free download of Ward Mission Program 0.6, size 0 b.


House Program New Danny Stanis 

House Program is a simple, small, command prompt based application specially designed to enable you to enter a house`s information, and then displays that info.

Basically all it does is just let you enter a house`s information and then display`s that information, no big deal.
for WindowsAll

. Freeware download of House Program New, size 0 b.

Program Sentry 2.1.0 Leithauser Research 

Program Sentry will provide users with access control and usage management. When installed, it allows you to either create a list of blocked programs or a list of allowed programs. In the blocked programs mode, any Program on the list is blocked.

In the allowed Program mode, any Program NOT on the list is blocked. Which mode you choose . Free download of Program Sentry 2.1.0, size 0 b.

Program Lock Pro 2.14g SoftDD Software 

Lock and unlock any Program on your pc. Other features include the ability to choose your own message to display if anyone attempts to run one of your locked programs, and also includes password protection so only you can unlock the Program when you are ready to use it. Allows the entire PC to remain active and running, and it only locks and . Free download of Program Lock Pro 2.14g, size 0 b.

WinCln .NET 3.93 Miller Chan 

"Win" means for MS Windows, "Cln" is the short form of cleanup. WinCln .NET Program is used to cleanup the useless files in a PC. It aims to protect your privacy by Removing the sensitive data like system logs, visited website, e-mail content and more.
Clean up fast : No install is needed, no time is wasted on file . Freeware download of WinCln .NET 3.93, size 559.78 Kb.

xCAT - Program Saver 1.00 xCAT-Industries 

The xCAT - Program Saver application was designed to help you run any Program if you are not using your computer.

Compare it to a screensaver, that only runs when are not using your computer aswell, as soon as your computer is idle for a certain time this Program will start the application you specify.

. Free download of xCAT - Program Saver 1.00, size 0 b.

Auto program installer New Daan Seegers 

Auto Program installer is a small, easy to use application specially designed to offer users a tool to help them install certain tools like: Ccleaner, Frostwire and much more fast and easy.

Using this utility is as easy as can be: you select the app and Auto Program installer will download it and start the installation process.
for . Freeware download of Auto program installer New, size 0 b.

pdfrearrange 1.0 SANFACE Software 

pdfrearrange is a very flexible and powerful Program.
pdfrearrange allows you to reorder the pages inside existing pdfs. It's simple to use it like a batch application to reorder the pages of every PDF in your archive.
It's simple to use it inside your cgis.
PDFrearrange is a powerful tool for PDF prepress use, the output PDF have . Free download of pdfrearrange 1.0, size 356.51 Kb.

Program Launcher 1.0 Johannes Wallroth 

If you need to start several programs simultanously, this Program can be useful to you. It can start 5 groups of programs with up to 5 programs in each group, either manually or timer controlled. You can start *.exe files or document files, for which the standard Program is started then. You can also specify arguments for the programs to start . Freeware download of Program Launcher 1.0, size 167.77 Kb.

SubmitByRick Freeware Submission Program 4.0 Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 

A freeware submission Program for FFAs and classified sites to submit to the free for all link sites or classified sites of your choice. Contains 25 free submission sites . Freeware download of SubmitByRick Freeware Submission Program 4.0, size 796.92 Kb.

Multi-Client Invoicing Program Data Recovery Links 

Data Doctor Billing and Inventory management software is a network-capable multi-client invoicing Program that creates interface together with the accounting software Data Doctor Billing and Inventory management. This utility is most comfortable for tiny to medium size businesses. However, you can also handle Data Doctor Billing and Inventory . Free download of Multi-Client Invoicing Program, size 6.16 Mb.

Bulk Messaging Program Group SMS Software 

How to send bulk messages globally without internet connection, just in one click! Advanced bulk messaging Program can send massive group messages within few minutes to all national and international mobile networks without any internet connection. Massive text messaging Program sends sms including personalized sms, events notifications, job . Free download of Bulk Messaging Program, size 954.20 Kb.

SimpleMail for Windows 1.0 RyanMorrisonDeveloper 

SimpleMail is a free Program that uses UAP (Unwanted Access Protection) in order to keep you safe from hackers, viruses, and spammers by Removing all javascript, ActiveX and pictures from e-mails to ensure the highest protection while viewing e-mail. . Free download of SimpleMail for Windows 1.0, size 976.22 Kb.

Ising 1D Program 1.0 Harvey Gould, Jan Tobochnik, Wolfgang Christian, Anne Cox 

The STP 1DIsing Program is a Monte Carlo simulation of a one-dimensional Ising model in equilibrium with a heat bath at temperature T using the Metropolis algorithm. The default is N=64 spins up (s = 1) with no external field with heat bath temperature T=1.

STP Ising1D is part of a suite of Open Source Physics programs that model aspects . Freeware download of Ising 1D Program 1.0, size 922.75 Kb.

Coin Toss Program 1.0 Harvey Gould, Jan Tobochnik, Wolfgang Christian, Anne Cox 

The STP CoinToss Program displays a histogram of the number of heads when many coins are tossed. The default number of coins tossed is 100 and the coins are fair (the probability of heads for a single coin is 0.5).

STP CoinToss is part of a suite of Open Source Physics programs that model aspects of Statistical and Thermal Physics (STP). . Freeware download of Coin Toss Program 1.0, size 918.55 Kb.

Ising Mean-Field Solution Program 1.0 Harvey Gould, Jan Tobochnik, Wolfgang Christian, Anne Cox 

The STP IsingMeanFieldSolution Program uses Newton's method to calculate solutions to the mean-field approximation to the equation of state of the Ising model. The Program also displays the free energy as a function of the magnetization m for given values of T and the magnetic field H. The default is a temperature T = 1, the number of nearest . Freeware download of Ising Mean-Field Solution Program 1.0, size 495.97 Kb.

Twin Paradox Program 1.0 Kiril Simov & Wolfgang Christian 

The Twin Paradox Program displays the effect of time dilation on a moving twin as seen from a stationary twin. In the default scenario the light signals sent from the moving twin are depicted using a spacetime diagram and are shown as seen in the stationary twin's reference frame (the Home Frame). The sliders can be used to change the twin's trip . Freeware download of Twin Paradox Program 1.0, size 544.22 Kb.

Ising Density of States Program 1.0 Harvey Gould, Jan Tobochnik, Wolfgang Christian, Anne Cox 

The STP IsingDensityOfStates Program computes the density of states of the two-dimensional Ising model using the Wang-Landau algorithm. The default is a lattice of linear dimension L=16 (for a total of N=L^2 spins).

STP DensityOfStates is part of a suite of Open Source Physics programs that model aspects of Statistical and Thermal . Freeware download of Ising Density of States Program 1.0, size 488.63 Kb.

GR Embedding Program 1.0 Wolfgang Christian, Mario Belloni & Anne Cox 

The GR Embedding Program displays a representation of the curvature of space near a massive object.

GR Embedding is part of a suite of Open Source Physics programs that model aspects of General Relativity. It is distributed as a ready-to-run (compiled) Java archive. Double clicking the gr_embedding.jar file will run the Program if Java . Freeware download of GR Embedding Program 1.0, size 538.14 Mb.

QM Superposition Program 1.0 Wolfgang Christian 

The QM Superposition Program displays the time evolution of the position-space wave function. The default wave function shows a two-state superposition of harmonic oscillator states. Additional states and other potential energy functions can be specified using the Display | Switch GUI menu item.

QM Superposition is one of 18 Open Source . Freeware download of QM Superposition Program 1.0, size 607.30 Mb.