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Zeus IDE 3.98l Xidicone P/L 

If you are looking for a powerful IDE for the Windows environment then your search is over. Features include Brief, WordStar, Epsilon keyboard emulation, intellisensing, code folding, auto-completion, class browsing, MDI interface, project workspace file management, integrated support for CVS, integrated class browser, code completion, seamless ftp . Free download of Zeus IDE 3.98l, size 55.31 Mb.


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Cryptlib Encryption Toolkit

A powerful security toolkit which allows even inexperienced crypto programmers to easily add encryption and authentication services to their software.

SSL++ -- C++ Wrapper arround OpenSSL library

SSL++ is simple C++ library encapsulating OpenSSL functionality to make it simple and easily accessible to C++ programmers.

The ACTS Toolkit

A set of DOE-developed software tools that make it easier for programmers to write high performance scientific applications for parallel computers.

GNU Scientific Library

A free numerical library for C programmers. Includes over 1000 mathematical functions and algorithms. Distributed under the GNU General Public License.


A user-oriented software package that allows non-programmers the opportunity to explore the computational power of their computer. Free trial download.

The Best Of Dates, The Worst Of Dates

Just because Y2K is over, doesn't mean programmers are done creating date bugs - covers many date and time issues, especially ISO 8601 - by Gilbert Healton.

GNU Scientific Library

The GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is a numerical library for C and C++ programmers. It is free software under the GNU General Public License.