Programming Delphi Software

StroyCode 1.44 SoftConstructors 

StroyCode combines a set of features that are necessary for a developer. The main purpose of the program is to produce other programs. Programming in Pascal/Delphi.
Below is a description of components, which StroyCode consist of:
- Creating source codes in Pascal language.
- Resource editor for programs. Creating resource (*.res) . Freeware download of StroyCode 1.44, size 1.40 Mb.


Abridge Insert 1.2 John Security 

Abridge Insert is a very useful keyboard and clipboard extender. Using Hotkey combinations, it allows you to easily insert commonly-used text into any application, such as a word processors, email programs, tables, IDEs, etc. Abridge Insert can also add up to 10 extra clipboard entries for the exchange of text and graphics among applications.

SubRip 1.033 BRAIN 

SubRip 1.40 beta 4 is a DVD Ripper.
SubRip is a software which allows you to rip DVD subtitles with their timing as a text file. Can also convert vobsub(sub and idx) to srt text subtitles(vobsub to srt / sub to srt). The license of this video & dvd software is Free Software. . Freeware download of SubRip 1.033, size 1.57 Mb.

HJSplit PRO Beta 0.3 

HJSplit PRO is freeware software that allows the split of any file in parts of a specific size, and join the parts together again. With this software you also can generate a checksum of files or groups of split files. The files came in a compress folder; its executable can be run directly without the necessity of an installer.

The . Freeware download of HJSplit PRO Beta 0.3, size 17.67 Mb.

Embarcadero Prism Embarcadero Technologies 

Embarcadero Prism provides a flexible development solution and robust, Delphi-like Programming language for rapidly developing .NET, Mono, ASP.NET, and data-driven applications for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Embarcadero Prism combines easy-to-learn syntax based on the Pascal language with features not available in other .NET Programming . Free download of Embarcadero Prism, size 619.77 Mb.

GIPALS32 - Linear Programming Library 1.2 Optimalon Software 

GIPALS32 is a linear Programming library that incorporates the power of linear Programming solver and simplicity of integration to any software tools like Ms Visual C++, Ms Visual C# .Net, Ms Visual Basic, Borland Delphi and other that support a DLL import. The maximum number of constraints and variables is unlimited.The linear program solver is . Free download of GIPALS32 - Linear Programming Library 1.2, size 461.82 Kb.

Crash Course Delphi 1.03 Studiebureau Festraets 

Crash Course Delphi is a step-by-step Delphi Programming tutorial for beginners, in HTML-format and with GIF images.Delphi combines the user-friendliness of Visual Basic with the precise control and speed of C++. With Crash Course Delphi, you can learn as you practice. . Free download of Crash Course Delphi 1.03, size 113.66 Kb.

Quake2 to Delphi conversion 

Purpose of the project is to port GPL:ed Quake2 engine to Borland Delphi (and Kylix) Programming languages. . Freeware download of Quake2 to Delphi conversion, size 1.30 Mb.

EngInSite Perl Editor Lite 2 Luckasoft 

If you've used Windows Programming tools like Visual Basic, Visual C++ or Delphi, EngInSite Perl Editor's IDE will be familiar to you. If not, you'll find that the visual environment can give you a dramatic productivity boost!You will value syntax highlighting for PERL, HTML and other languages, customizable and expandable code templates, . Freeware download of EngInSite Perl Editor Lite 2, size 3.48 Mb.

absoluteTools-SendMail 1.1.2 absolutePDF 

absoluteTools-SendMail is a easy to use ActiveX COM Control that enables you to send email from your Windows applications using VB, VC++, Delphi or any other ActiveX COM aware Programming environment. Now with a free .NET component version (same license, no additional charge).Send emails to multiple recipients (To, CC, Bcc) either in plain text or . Free download of absoluteTools-SendMail 1.1.2, size 1.08 Mb.

DC Dynamic Compoenents 2.00 EgyFirst Software, inc. 

Dynamic Components offers 11 dynamic Programming tools to make your applications fast, efficient, and user-friendly. It's the only package that gives you full control, from back-end Programming to interface design. Our products are designed to make your Programming simple and dynamic, the way we believe it should be. With Dynamic Components, you . Free download of DC Dynamic Compoenents 2.00, size 456.70 Kb.

Delphi Tutorials 7.1 Software 

Delphi Tutorials with full source code. Animated tutorials. Collection of 10 basic Delphi tutorials. Each Delphi tutorial comes with full source code and animated tutorial. . Free download of Delphi Tutorials 7.1, size 1.69 Mb.

VSTO Support for Delphi Prism Wizard 1.0 Add-in Express Ltd. 

Long description:

This free Visual Studio plug-in enables you to develop Microsoft Office application-level extensions using Delphi Prism exactly in the same way as you do it using VB.NET and C#.

The VSTO Support for Delphi Prism Wizard gives you an opportunity to benefit from all advanced features of VSTO, including its . Freeware download of VSTO Support for Delphi Prism Wizard 1.0, size 1.14 Mb.

TPC32 Compiler Source Code 1.0 Igor Funa 

Turbo Pascal compiler written in Delphi. This is not the "original" Borland source code of the Turbo Pascal since it was not written in Delphi. This is TPC32, a Turbo Pascal compatible compiler written from scratch. It is completely source-code compatible with the Borland Turbo Pascal 7.0 command line compiler TPC.EXE. This means that it . Free download of TPC32 Compiler Source Code 1.0, size 1.32 Mb.

Barcomp 3 Zorn Software 

With these Barcode components for Delphi inmplementing barcodes in applications is easier than ever. And with the included QuickReport component no Programming at all is needed. Barcomp consists of 4 components: 2 general Delphi components (one of which is data-aware) and 2 are written specifically for QuickReport (same). . Free download of Barcomp 3, size 33.79 Kb.

Delphi for PHP Embarcadero Technologies, Inc 

Embarcadero® Delphi® XE is a very fast way to deliver ultra-rich, ultra-fast Windows applications.
It can reduce coding time and create applications 5x faster with component-based development and a fully visual two-way RAD IDE.
With Delphi, you can build applications faster with pre-built components and drag-and-drop . Freeware download of Delphi for PHP, size 63.17 Mb.

Embarcadero Delphi XE 15.0.3953 Lsuper 

Embarcadero® Delphi® XE is the fastest way to deliver ultra-rich, ultra-fast Windows applications. Dramatically reduce coding time and create applications 5x faster with component-based development and a fully visual two-way RAD IDE. Speed development across multiple Windows and database platforms – for GUI desktop . Free download of Embarcadero Delphi XE 15.0.3953, size 37.74 Mb.

RFC Connector 2.0.1 secept Menges & Vigelius GbR 

Rfc Connector is a COM library which enables access to SAP systems from every Programming language which understands COM (including Visual C , Visual Basic, VBA (Office Basic), VBS (Windows Scripting), Delphi, AutoIT v3 and .NET languages).
The library includes many features which were designed to make RFC Programming as easy and . Free download of RFC Connector 2.0.1, size 1.07 Mb.

MarshallSoft Client Mailer for Delphi 3.0 MarshallSoft Computing 

MarshallSoft Client Mailer for Delphi (MCM4D) is email marketing software to send personalized email to a permission based mailing list directly from Delphi, a programmable database or a spreadsheet. Companies, professionals, clubs, e-publishers, and individuals can use the Client Mailer to keep in contact with their customer base. Features of . Free download of MarshallSoft Client Mailer for Delphi 3.0, size 497.66 Kb.

PDF In-The-Box for Delphi 4.0 Synactis 

PDF writer for Delphi. VCL component for creating PDF files programmatically. Writes native PDF format to a special PDF-canvas. Fully-documented API. Easy to use. No third-party software needed. Royalty-free deployment! Supports Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009 (Win32 mode). Source code in Delphi language is available in option. ActiveX . Free download of PDF In-The-Box for Delphi 4.0, size 12.11 Mb.