Project Calculator Software

Yapp the project calculator 2.0 

Yapp the Project Calculator, Keep track of what to do and who's doing it. Rule based planning allows you to get some real help not only a controlled drawing environment. Most other Project planning tools are ok drawing environments but they fail in coordinating available resources and their use. They do not give you any or only modest support in . Free download of Yapp the project calculator 2.0, size 6.95 Mb.


E-Discovery Project Calculator 1.3 Nikolai Pozdniakov 

E-Discovery Project Calculator is an application to quickly calculate and estimate size of your e-discovery Project. This tool will estimate document and page count based on size of the job. It will also calculate time and cost required to complete the Project. . Freeware download of E-Discovery Project Calculator 1.3, size 419.43 Kb.

World Calculator 1.0 Build 8 

World Calculator is a small Project we have been working on along side world wide earth, World Calculator is almost an exact replica of the Windows 7 System Calculator, it has all the functions of a standard Calculator. . Freeware download of World Calculator 1.0 Build 8, size 83.89 Kb.

JvS Calculator Project 1.0 

This is a Calculator Project for the JvS text based role playing game. We use VB to run it. This is a windows form application. . Freeware download of JvS Calculator Project 1.0, size 12.01 Kb.

Net Present Value Calculator 1.0 ExcelTemplates 

Net Present Value Calculator is an Excel template that allows you to easily calculate the NPV of an investment Project.

You can use this NPV method if you positioned your self only as an investor that received a fixed amount of money in a short period. In my experiences, for a longer period of time, say more than 3 years, and with . Free download of Net Present Value Calculator 1.0, size 0 b.

Swing Trading Calculator 2.0 Swing Trader Guide 

A swing trading Calculator for stock traders that will calculate trade position sizes according to various money management models, Project profits based on earning estimates and includes a swing trading planner to document each trade you execute. In addition this software includes a swing trading simulator which allows you to generate multiple . Free download of Swing Trading Calculator 2.0, size 650.12 Kb.

SL5 Basic Calculator thatsalok 

SL5 Basic Calculator is a Silverlight Project designed as a basic Calculator control. Aimed at developers!

Just Include ucCalculator.xaml file in your Project and use this control as usercontrol any where around your projects.

. Free download of SL5 Basic Calculator, size 0 b.

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator 1.7.00 Wheatworks Software, LLC 

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator helps you with capital budgeting by simultaneously evaluating the cash flow series of 14 projects against 5 different discount rates per Project.For each of 14 cash flow series, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator performs the following calculations: Initial Investment, Smallest Cash Flow, Largest Cash . Free download of Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator 1.7.00, size 2.72 Mb.

LifeCALC 1.X TreeLOFT Software 

LifeCALC is the only financial Calculator that allows you to EASILY Project / solve up to 25 goals / responsibilities (for up to 50 years !) AT THE SAME TIME. LifeCALC lets you do the kind of financial projections that you always knew you should, but didn't have the TIME or TOOLS to complete. Not only can you Project / solve for up to 25 different . Free download of LifeCALC 1.X, size 46.55 Mb.

Proffi Metric and Imperial BMI Calculator 1 FlashDo 

- metric BMI Calculator- imperial BMI Calculator- Just drag and drop in your Project - ActionScript 3.0 , is very simple comment- Very fast- Very easy install- Goog design- Small size , only 12kb . Free download of Proffi Metric and Imperial BMI Calculator 1, size 12.29 Kb.

AnalogX K-LOC Calculator 1 1 AnalogX 

AnalogX K-LOC Calculator is a simple way to measure Project complexity. This software can scan any number of files, any wildcard extension, and even recursively check subdirectories. It returns not only the total Project K-LOC rating, but the average file K-LOC rating and total file size of the Project as well. . Freeware download of AnalogX K-LOC Calculator 1 1, size 332.80 Kb.

Simplex Calculator 150 

An innovative Calculator Project. . Freeware download of Simplex Calculator 150, size 164.42 Kb.

Digital Action Calculator New Digital Action 

Digital Action Calculator is a compact application developed by using the MASM Builder application and aims to demonstrate its usage. The package also contains the ASM file for the Project.

The Calculator can perform the basic operation such as addition, subtraction multiplication and division.

. Free download of Digital Action Calculator New, size 0 b.

Geometry Dashboard 3.4.1 PreAlpha henesy 

Geometry Dashboard is a LabView-based Project that is designed as a simple and accessible geometry Calculator.

Now you can make use of this handy tool to perform the math calculations you need in no time at all.

. Freeware download of Geometry Dashboard 3.4.1 PreAlpha, size 0 b.

Python Advanced Scientific Calculator New Tyler 

Python Advanced Scientific Calculator is a simple and accessible tool that can perform various calculations.

Python Advanced Scientific Calculator is an ongoing Project, but it does feature more functions then your average Calculator.

. Freeware download of Python Advanced Scientific Calculator New, size 0 b.

Harvest Landscape Calculator 1.2 Harvest Power 

Dig in. This app will nourish your world. The Landscape Calculator helps determine how much soil, mulch or stone is needed for your next gardening Project. Simply enter the depth on the handy slider rule and add in the area and poof! It gives you guidelines on how much bagged or bulk products you will need.

In addition this app shows . Freeware download of Harvest Landscape Calculator 1.2, size 5.56 Mb.

HP Calculator by Sage Energy 1.1 Igor Barbashin 

Sage HP Calculator was designed for gas engineers.

- Estimate compressor power based on suction pressure, discharge pressure and flow rate
- Date wheel for a rough Project timeline
- Unit converter for pressure, flow rate, power and temperature

Created for Sage Energy Corp. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) . Freeware download of HP Calculator by Sage Energy 1.1, size 5.98 Mb.

Landscapers Estimate and Calculator Tool 3.0 John Ricardi 

This app was designed to help Landscapers estimate jobs or buy materials. It includes the following tools.

-A Mow Time Calculator
-How many pavers you need to cover a area and calculate the Project cost
-How many plants you need to cover a area and the total Project cost
-How far space plants to cover a certain area when . Free download of Landscapers Estimate and Calculator Tool 3.0, size 419.43 Kb.

Sicyon Pro calculator 4.62 SpecLabs 

Sicyon is all-in-one scientific Calculator for every student and professor, researcher and developer. The core of Sicyon is an expression (VBScript / JScript) Calculator with features as: estimate a function using variables, user-defined functions and Sicyon objects; multi-plot / tabulate a function; solve 1-6 equations, minimums, maximums and . Free download of Sicyon Pro calculator 4.62, size 11.62 Mb.

Dovada Calculator 2 1 Dovada 

This version of student Calculator is an excellent educational software product, it has hundreds of science, astronomy, physics data and mathematical formula built in, which can be easily accessed and used in calculations.
No longer do you have to search the text books for that common formula or physics constant data, just use the Amazing . Free download of Dovada Calculator 2 1, size 2.84 Mb.