Protect Executable File Software

WebSiteZip Packer 1.3 Spadix Software 

Welcome to WebSiteZip Packer - a powerful and easy-to-use application which will help you to turn a single HTML page or a group of pages into a solid executable file (.exe) with an integrated HTML browser. Ideal for e-books, product catalogs, site demos, manuals, and searchable information distribution.After using our WebSiteZip Packer you can . Freeware download of WebSiteZip Packer 1.3, size 1.62 Mb.


Dis# - .NET decompiler 2.2 

The typical problem with decompilation is the absence of full source information in the executable file. Dis# is a .NET decompiler which allows you to edit local variables and other names and keep the changes in a project file. The decompiled code is similar to the original source. A trial version is available. . Free download of Dis# - .NET decompiler 2.2, size 716.80 Kb.

Self-Extracting Archive Utility 14.1 Gammadyne Corporation 

Self-Extracting Archive Utility (SEAU) builds a professional software installation program in a single compressed executable file. The installer runs on all of the 32-bit Windows platforms (9x, NT, 2000, ME, XP, 2003). SEAU offers full support for uninstallation, multiple languages, interface customization, license agreements, readme files, file . Free download of Self-Extracting Archive Utility 14.1, size 2.90 Mb.

NATATA eBook Compiler Gold 2.0 

Natata eBook Compiler is an powerful software that packs and compresses multiple files including HTML, CSS, WAV, TXT, GIF, JPG, MID, JavaScript, DHTML, Flash, PDF, etc and converts them into a single compact executable file which contains a small viewer that launches the selected start document in an e-book like interface. You can use it to compile . Free download of NATATA eBook Compiler Gold 2.0, size 0 b.

Program Icon Changer 3.685 

The tool can replace the icon in the executable file. Even if you move the file to another computer, the changed icon will be displayed anyway ! The soft supports all PE formate executable files, even the executable files are compressed or the size of the icon is inconsistent! It can also change the icon of other executable file types such as Dll, . Free download of Program Icon Changer 3.685, size 649.22 Kb.

Setup Builder Software Data Recovery Services 

Setup installer builder software produce or develop exe (executable) file as compile the complete setup program in easy and simple way. Windows installer setup maker tool facilitates user to generate or produce self extracting installation file of your software program to distribute windows application among multiple users over internet or using . Free download of Setup Builder Software, size 9.72 Mb.

Abexo Memory Defragmenter and Process Tweak 2.4 Abexo 

Abexo Memory Defragmenter and Process Tweak has the following features: -A simple executable file that does not require any complicated installation procedures to be followed. -Runs on the system tray and shows the amount of free memory RAM. -A GUI configuration tool that allows the user to configure various options of the application. -A GUI . Free download of Abexo Memory Defragmenter and Process Tweak 2.4, size 797.70 Kb.

Business Plan eGuides 2.0 Invest-Tech Limited 

The PlanWare eGuides comprise a series of 'white papers' on business planning matters compiled as a self-contained executable file. They are presented as a series of web-style pages which can be viewed on-screen or printed onto 90+ pages. They cover: Getting New Business Ideas, Devising Venture Strategies, Developing a Business Strategy, Writing a . Freeware download of Business Plan eGuides 2.0, size 656.38 Kb.

TinyWeb 1.9 RITLABS S.R.L. 

TinyWeb is extremely small (executable file size is 53K), simple (no any configuration except command line) and fast (consumes minimum of system resources) Win32 daemon for regular (TCP/http) and secure (SSL/TLS/https) web servers.

This program is FREE for commercial and non-commercial use. The only restriction is that copyright . Freeware download of TinyWeb 1.9, size 186.37 Kb.

WE Unlimited 1 20 PitzerMike 

WE Unlimited is a simple executable file that adds additional power to the Warcraft III World Editor without modifying any of the files of your Warcraft installation.

It enables map creators to do things previously not possible and extends certain World Editor limits. . Freeware download of WE Unlimited 1 20, size 4.77 Mb.

LogXR 1. 1. 1975 Pace Scientific Inc 

LogXR Software for Windows is distributed as a single executable file. Using LogXR Software, data may be viewed in graphic form, with zooming and channel selection features.

LogXR can be installed to a new directory or "over" an existing LogXR directory. If an
existing LogXR directory is used for a new installation, the . Freeware download of LogXR 1. 1. 1975, size 28.70 Mb.

DRPU MSI to EXE Creator DRPU Software Pvt. Ltd. 

MSI to EXE Creator is a setup maker utility designed to create setup installation packages from MSI installer files to EXE (executable) file format. The setup creator professionally converts default Microsoft Visual Studio .NET framework MSI installation setup packages to equivalent and similar exe installer format. . Free download of DRPU MSI to EXE Creator, size 1.42 Mb.

digiP Notebook 1.0 

"digiP Notebook"- true notebook of digital photographer - handy and easy software for sorting, storing and viewing of subjected images and photos. You can store album into executable file for viewing and printing images on any Windows computer without installing any additional software.
Images saved into one file format . Free download of digiP Notebook 1.0, size 2.71 Mb.

Pyshield 1.6.2002 Dashingsoft 

An IDE tool used to edit, debug Python script, publish encrypted scripts, build a standalone executable file, manage more files by project view and make installation in various forms(.msi, .tar.gz, .rpm, .zip, .tar.bz2). It includes an editor simulating Emacs python-mode, a GUI debugger simulating GDB, a project view used to manage scripts, . Free download of Pyshield 1.6.2002, size 11.64 Mb.

mFileBinder 1.0 Mfilebinder 

mFileBinder is an advanced file binder which binds multiple file of any type and merges into a single executable file.
mFileBinder uses rijndael encryption algorithm to encrypt the file which can make Virus / Trojans Fully Undetectable.
Set the drop location of all files and set the execution mode(Background,Foreground) of each file.

DevScript Locker 0.1 Devscriptlocker 

this is a beta application made with qt4 and can protect your file with a password. morwa bifisse . Freeware download of DevScript Locker 0.1, size 4.42 Mb.

GNU Dependency Walker 1.0 Gnudepwalker 

The GNU Dependency Walker utility diplays a PE executable file or process (EXE or DLL) library dependencies in a console GUI (using ncurses).

GNU Dependency Walker 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of GNU Dependency Walker 1.0, size 0 b.

Spoon Installer 1.0 Spoon-installer 

Spoon Installer has the advantage of being small (using LZMA for compression), uninstalls are generated automatically, outputs one setup executable file - perfect for web installs and creating new installs is a piece of cake thanks to a visual selection

Spoon Installer 1.0 License - BSD License . Freeware download of Spoon Installer 1.0, size 0 b.

MiTeC EXE Explorer MiTeC 

MiTeC EXE Explorer reads and displays executable file properties and structure. It is compatible with PE32 (Portable executable), PE32+ (64bit), NE (Windows 3.x New executable) and VxD (Windows 9x Virtual Device Driver) file types. .NET executables are supported too.

It enumerates introduced classes, used units and forms for files . Free download of MiTeC EXE Explorer, size 0 b.

SmartLock_A 3.40 Summercad 

SmartLock is a useful tool to protect drawing file, keeping others from modifying or copying your designs, protecting your copyright and enhancing the value of your dwg. SmartLock is the easiest way to lock your dwg files.

You will be able to lock numerous files (about 1 MB each) within a few minutes (about 5-10 minutes). Easy to use, . Free download of SmartLock_A 3.40, size 0 b.