Pump Software

MySQL Data Wizard 6.10 SQL Maestro Group 

MySQL Data Wizard is a powerful Windows GUI utility for managing your MySQL data. It provides you with a number of easy-to-use wizards for performing the required data manipulation easily and quickly. MySQL Data Wizard allows you to generate PHP scripts for the selected tables and queries, convert any ADO-compatible database to the MySQL database, . Free download of MySQL Data Wizard 6.10, size 10.39 Mb.


PipeDrop G&P Engineering Software 

PipeDrop is an advanced hydraulic pressure drop calculator for liquids, gases, and 2-phase flow in pipes and ducts for Windows (tm) based computer systems. The pressure drop calculations can be in either a laminar or turbulent flow regime. Included are 3 powerful modules for calculating pressure drops for single lines, a pump network, and orifice . Free download of PipeDrop, size 0 b.

PVsyst 5 14 ISE - University of Geneva 

PVsyst is a software for modeling photo voltaic systems. It will be useful for engineers and architects. It can be used for a detailed study, sizing and hourly simulation. The program gives you results as a complete printable report. It has a large database of PV components, location and meteorological sites. . Free download of PVsyst 5 14, size 0 b.

OmniPod PathFinder 1.0 Insulet Inc. 

The OmniPod Pathfinder 1.0 Data Management Software enables OmniPod Insulin Management System users and their healthcare providers to view recent blood glucose and insulin delivery records.The software downloads diabetes management records from the OmniPod PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) to a personal computer.

Downloaded information . Freeware download of OmniPod PathFinder 1.0, size 6.42 Mb.

HYTRAN 2. 7. 2007 Hytran Solutions 

Hytran is a Windows software package for analyzing HYdraulic TRAN sients or water hammer in pipelines and is written in the object oriented C language for Windows environment. Intuitive Windows graphics enable a pipeline to be drawn, input data, edited and ready for analysis in minutes. . Freeware download of HYTRAN 2. 7. 2007, size 2.61 Mb.

Open Book HVAC Certifications 4 2 Mainstream Engineering Corporation 

Open Book HVAC Certifications software is a freeware testing software. This is intended to provide you with new study tools and the means to take your A/C certification tests right from home without the need for an Internet connection. If you pass this exam, you will be an EPA certified A/C & Refrigeration Technician.

The program . Freeware download of Open Book HVAC Certifications 4 2, size 27.35 Mb.

In-Situ Win-Situ Software Manager 2. 2. 2011 In-Situ Inc. 

Additional utilities such as Win-Situ® Software Manager and Win-Situ® Sync streamline your firmware updates and allow files to be moved easily from the mobile platform to the PC and back.
The "Win-Situ Software Manager" utility "Available Software" list displays the available and current versions of the PC . Freeware download of In-Situ Win-Situ Software Manager 2. 2. 2011, size 0 b.

SolarBIM 1 1 Mc4Software Italia 

SolarBIM offers complete, accurate and reliable calculation tools for designing Solar BIM PV systems:

- calculate profits and payback with Complete Economic Analysis tools
- design a dynamic hourly basis Simulator of Grid-connected Photovoltaic Systems for maximum efficiency

SolarBIM is the only software to include . Free download of SolarBIM 1 1, size 142.29 Mb.

SLS (Sanitary Lift Station) 1 1 Knowles Civil Engineering 

Output to Screen and/or to Printer in Tabulated Format. Data file capability for quick and easy work sessions.

Main features:

- Windows 98 and above format featuring Windows Input.
- Output to Screen and/or to Printer in Tabulated Format.
- Data file capability for quick and easy work sessions.
- User . Free download of SLS (Sanitary Lift Station) 1 1, size 2.58 Mb.

ECOMAC 0.242 Filip Kinovic 

The ECOMAC is a Windows application designed to be used for controlling of chromatographic process, communication with chromatographic devices and storing data for next evaluation. . Freeware download of ECOMAC 0.242, size 6.40 Mb.

FuelWise VB All About Computers, Inc. 

FuelWise is a powerful software that is especially tailored to accommodate the needs of anyone who has to track fuel consumption and costs.

The application addresses mainly businesses that use automated pumps for fuel and it comes with a strong reporting function that includes details about each vehicle and piece of equipment.