Puzzle Game Freeware

Jungle Frenzy 2.0 Sun Bear Games 

Play with the marbles of the jungle in this addictive and thrilling action puzzler. This is Tetris with a huge twist. Forget about stacking blocks, this is all about pure jungle ball frenzy! In Jungle Frenzy, you must add up the sum of the balls and place the correct amount of balls in a container. It may sound a bit strange, but it is actually . Freeware download of Jungle Frenzy 2.0, size 5.41 Mb.


The Shepherd 3.0 Sun Bear Games 

A bunch of sheep need to be taken through a field in the forest and in to the farm. But don't let the sheep wander off into the forest alone or they'll get lost! . Freeware download of The Shepherd 3.0, size 4.26 Mb.

WiseBall 1.0 JimiSoft, Inc. 

WiseBall is a deceptively simple and fun game, it helps develop logic and spacial perception for anyone from kids to old people. Your job is to take 12 colored ball pieces and place them into the tray to fill all the holes. Click "Level" to select the game difficulty level: Kids, Easy, Medium, Hard, Deadly, the higher the difficulty . Freeware download of WiseBall 1.0, size 775.95 Kb.

Coinz! 1.0 Wellgames.com 

Have you heard about new unique game Coinz! from Wellgames.com? Are you curious and are always trying to be up on latest news? Try our addictive Coinz! game and be up to the mark! Your goal is to clear the field of the more expensive currency by exchanging it with the less expensive. Click on a coin and see its exchange rate on the bottom. Select . Freeware download of Coinz! 1.0, size 796.92 Kb.

Wellmahjong! 1.0 Wellgames.com 

This puzzle will make your free time unforgettable! Start your adventure right now! Be the first to discover new stylish mahjong! The rules are so easy - match identical tiles to clear the playfield. Don t forget, that you can use the tiles with open right or left side only. Removing figures of different forms from the playfield you change the . Freeware download of Wellmahjong! 1.0, size 2.62 Mb.

Patchworkz! 1.0 Wellgames.com 

Discover 250 different patterns; 250 types, colors and different forms of patches! Patchworkz! is a great puzzle with unique concept! Welcome to the world of beauty! Everything in this game is so pretty - idea, colors, addictive gameplay. Your task is to complete a pattern using different color patches. All you have to do is to drag the patch and . Freeware download of Patchworkz! 1.0, size 2.78 Mb.

Tams11 Sudoku Tamera A Shaw-McGuire 

Multiplayer version of the exciting puzzle game that is sweeping the nation. Use logic to solve the puzzle before your opponents. There are a three different game modes and puzzle skill levels to keep you playing for hours. . Freeware download of Tams11 Sudoku, size 922.75 Kb.

Living in a box 2 Free Downloadable Games 

A real brain doping game. In a square full of colored bricks you have to find same color bricks that form the largest square you can find. It sounds easier as it is. Only quick decisions and a clear mind will bring you success. Give it a try and play this true wake up game for your brain. You could soon replace your morning wake-up coffee with this . Freeware download of Living in a box 2, size 1.26 Mb.

Burglars Adventure 2.3 FunGamesGalaxy.com 

Burglars Adventure a free funny logical game will not leave indifferent neither kids nor adults. The main character is going searching the biggest safe in the world. He just adores money and jewelry, and won't stop before breaking the safe of his life. You have to help him overcome all the hardships and collect as many coins as possible. At every . Freeware download of Burglars Adventure 2.3, size 5.02 Mb.

Captain Otto In Trap 2.0 MyPlayCity.com 

Captain Otto in Trap - help the captain to rescue the girl! Captain Otto in Trap is going to amuse you by funny story. Captain Otto in Trap - free logic game! Arrange three or more fishes in a line to set free all the cosmic blocks under them in a limited period of time. Help the brave captain to outplay the aliens and save his girl. Fulfill the . Freeware download of Captain Otto In Trap 2.0, size 7.46 Mb.

Reverser Challenge 1.0 Crime Check Up 

Reverser Challenge is a fun puzzle game where the goal is to guide your mouse cursor through a maze, with a simple catch: the movement of your cursor is reversed. You'll need to navigate through various obstacles with a reversed cursor, which can be quite difficult. The game starts off easy and gets progressively harder as you move up levels. . Freeware download of Reverser Challenge 1.0, size 377.49 Kb.

Logic Trainer 1.8 Agentix Software 

Take a break and entertain you mind with a dynamic dance of logic in Logc trainer! Your objective is to guess the combination of six colors in four positions which are hidden from you. Find that combination within 6 attempts or faster. . Freeware download of Logic Trainer 1.8, size 199.23 Kb.

Linkz! 1.0 Wellgames.com 

Try new game Linkz! that will impress your imagination ;)! You are welcome to test your logic skills in this new puzzle game! The rules are quite easy. Use your mouse to move colored marbles to the empty tiles making links around the solid polygons of corresponding colors to remove them from the playfield. New unique original concept of this game . Freeware download of Linkz! 1.0, size 2.38 Mb.

Hitz! 1.0 Wellgames.com 

Meet Hitz! game of breakout style. Discover addicting game Hitz! Hitz! is an outstanding arcade game. Doesn t matter if you enjoy playing brick buster games or not you ll love this arkanoid! Move the platform by moving your mouse, bounce the ball towards the obstacles and break them. Colored obstacles require multiple hits before they get broken. . Freeware download of Hitz! 1.0, size 2.77 Mb.

Gift Quest: Christmas Edition 1.14 MyRealGames.com 

The ultimate gift matching adventure! Special Christmas edition! 4 engaging game modes, 40 unique adventure quest levels! . Freeware download of Gift Quest: Christmas Edition 1.14, size 7.30 Mb.

Jigsaw Winner 1.0 MyRealGames.com 

Enjoy hours of fun with this jigsaw puzzle challenge. Over 30 puzzles to challenge your mind! Advanced rotating puzzles will thrill puzzle addicts! Try to solve them all! . Freeware download of Jigsaw Winner 1.0, size 20.73 Mb.

Khufu's Tomb 1.0 MyRealGames.com 

Solve this Egyptian puzzle to uncover the secrets of Pharaoh Khufu. . Freeware download of Khufu's Tomb 1.0, size 11.07 Mb.

Rome Puzzle 1.0 GameTop 

Rome puzzle is one of many free games to choose from at Gametop. For lovers of challenging brain teasers and logic games, Rome puzzle will undoubtedly provide many hours of entertainment. As the name of the game suggests, it has an Ancient Rome theme which gives you a great opportunity to feel some of the spirit of classical times by rebuilding . Freeware download of Rome Puzzle 1.0, size 11.13 Mb.

Gift Quest: Valentine's Day 1.14 MyRealGames.com 

The ultimate gift matching adventure! Valentine's Day Design! 4 engaging game modes, 40 unique adventure quest levels! . Freeware download of Gift Quest: Valentine's Day 1.14, size 7.86 Mb.

OpenKlest 1.0 Lab Free Technologies 

Cross-platform game based on solving a classic crossword puzzles. Contains about 2000 crossword puzzles to guess. This game is a kind of project-port the game of Klest-crossword to Lazarus (Delphi). The aim was to attract everyone to participate in the creation of the best game on the creation-solving crossword puzzles. . Freeware download of OpenKlest 1.0, size 3.15 Mb.