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QuArK SourceForge 

Quake Army Knife (quark) is a multi-purpose tool for the games using engines similar to or based on the Quake engine by id Software. quark has the ability to directly edit maps, and to a limited extent, models, and can import, export and convert sounds, textures and various other game assets.

It is also able to modify .pak and .pk3 . Freeware download of QuArK , size 15.39 Mb.


Spartan Quark Configuration 1.00 Spartan RC 

The quark is a high specification model helicopter gyro capable of delivering exceptionally consistent yaw rates even at eye-blurring speeds of over two full turns per second. The control is smooth and precise with a very solid feel and impressive holding power. The stopping characteristics give a nice soft, but precise response with no bounce . Free download of Spartan Quark Configuration 1.00, size 24.06 Mb.

Quark Doc Xtractor 1.22 Office Image Xtractor 

quark Qxd Doc Xtractor is a program for extraction of MS Word+eT« files from QuarkXPress .QXD documents. Search engine is optimized for parsing large amount of data. Neither QuarkXPress+eT« nor Microsoft Word+eT« installation is required.Main application features:- Very fast search and extract engine. - Parse Directory. Program will parse all . Free download of Quark Doc Xtractor 1.22, size 555.75 Kb.

Quark File Search & Indexing 1.0 MetaDesign Solutions 

quark File Search & Indexing is a plugin that enhances the function of the Windows Search function in order to instantly find QuarkXpress documents.

You can use this utility when you manage a big number or QuarkXpress documents and need to locate them quickly.

. Free download of Quark File Search & Indexing 1.0, size 0 b.

Cacidi Batch CS4 1.0 Cacidi Systems Aps. 

Batch makes it possible to automatically convert your old quark Xpress and Adobe PageMaker files into the Adobe InDesign format. Batch uilises InDesigndz?s build-in conversion system, but automates the process for multiple files. Supported file formats: quark 3.x and 4.x saved as one language. PageMaker 6.5 and 7.0. File search You decide if you . Free download of Cacidi Batch CS4 1.0, size 8.60 Mb.

Quark SSH Client quarkssh.sourceforge.net 

quark is a simple Java based SSH client, featuring tabbed connection windows. . Freeware download of Quark SSH Client, size 12.44 Kb.

Charm Quark 1.3 Aether Theory LLC 

Charm quark is a fast-paced, science inspired, arcade puzzle game with a unique rotating play field.


Swipe to rotate the puzzle.
Fire the next particle by tapping the left side.
Match 5 particles to score.
Earn bonus points for combos and larger matches.
Particles have mass and inertia. Aim . Free download of Charm Quark 1.3, size 10.38 Mb.

Quark Expeditions 360 1.0 SPARK LABS 

'Virtual Voyage' of Antarctic with quark Expeditions and TourWrist

Were headed south way south via quark Expeditions 189 passenger super-yacht, the Ocean Diamond, to join Jonathan Shackleton (cousin of Sir Ernest Shackleton) and Falcon Scott (grandson of Robert Falcon Scott).

Jonathan and Falcon are descendants of two great . Freeware download of Quark Expeditions 360 1.0, size 3.88 Mb.

Quark! HD 1.2 SweeneyGames 

quark! HD, the Universal app for iPad and iPhone takes brick out games to a new level. No walls and a circular play field takes skill to keep the ball in play through all 50 levels.

Get past blocks to destroy Atomic Cores to finish the level and unlock the next level.

Simple swipe and flick controls allow you to control the . Free download of Quark! HD 1.2, size 40.27 Mb.

Quark DesignPad 2.0.1 Quark 

Design on the Go with quark DesignPad

Design on your iPad wherever you are with DesignPad, the iPad app that puts grid-based design control in the palm of your hand.

Using an entirely new approach to design, you can quickly experiment with different layouts concepts and create anything such as a poster, postcard, . Freeware download of Quark DesignPad 2.0.1, size 7.97 Mb.

Quark Report 1.0 Gnamic 

quark Report checks the rates for QRK and BTC to show the current QRK/BTC and QRK/currency rate. Rates are refreshed every 10 seconds.

We support the following exchanges for QRK: Cryptsy, BTER, Coins-E and BTC: BTC-E, Coindesk, Bitstamp, Localbitcoins, BTC China and the following currencies EUR, USD, GBP, CNY

quark is an . Freeware download of Quark Report 1.0, size 2.52 Mb.

Quark Ticker 1.2 Alec Kriebel 

The quark Ticker app checks and presents the current BTC and fiat rate from 25 currencies of the crypto-currency, quark.

Information is refreshed every 10 seconds so you get the most up-to-date info available.

In addition to the Ticker, a mobile version of the Official quark forums are included in this app so you can keep up . Freeware download of Quark Ticker 1.2, size 12.37 Mb.

ReadyLayouts Brochure Templates 1.0 Ready Layouts Brochure Templates 

Brochure Templates in Indesign, quark, Corel help you create multipage brochures in minutes.Start your projects with most of the work already done. Templates with complete Design and Artwork. The brochure templates are agency quality and have upto 12 pages. Create Professional looking Brochure Designs, Flyers, Trifold Brochures, Reports and Annual . Free download of ReadyLayouts Brochure Templates 1.0, size 5.26 Mb.

ShadowCaster 3 6 MindVision Software 

Finally, an easy, one-step way to create real soft-shadows on text and graphics while in quark XPress! You no longer will need to switch between your image editing program and QuarkXPress, no more complex multi-step procedures just to create a shadow. ShadowCaster will solve all your soft shadow needs. Shadows are high resolution TIFFs which are . Freeware download of ShadowCaster 3 6, size 0 b.

Quark Promote Quark Promote 

Create a unique, professional image with top-quality, printed marketing materials.

quark Promote template sets include business cards, brochures, flyers, letterhead, coupons, data sheets, envelopes and more. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Main features:

- Choose from 1000s of design elements, including no-cost stock . Freeware download of Quark Promote, size 50.05 Mb.

ArabicXT 6 5 Layout ltd. 

ArabicXT is an award-winning Arabic software extension which transforms QuarkXPress, the most widely used publishing software worldwide from quark Inc. into a professional Arabic desktop publishing solution, allowing you to publish in Arabic and to create outstanding designs for both print and electronic media.

Using ArabicXT in . Free download of ArabicXT 6 5, size 3.54 Mb.

Quark Xpress Quark 

This free update further optimizes the stability and quality of QuarkXPress 8. The Windows version of this release also adds ‘Edit Original’ functionality.
Print Design & Publishing
Join millions of designers — both professional and casual — who have called on QuarkXPress® for more than 25 years to . Free download of Quark Xpress, size 570.43 Mb.

Style Workshop 1 Indigo Rose Software 

Think you don't have the time or talent to make your presentations and multimedia projects look as outstanding as they should? Think again! With Style Workshop, you've got everything you need to create amazing reports and presentations that really stand out and impress your audience. Each value-priced volume contains over 20,000 original . Free download of Style Workshop 1, size 8.78 Mb.

EAN13 barcode prime image generator 1.1 Programbl.net 

Barcode Prime Image Generator for EAN13. Easily create EAN13 barcode images ready for clipboard pasting into other applications - or save it as a graphic file in high quality TIF format. Insert bar code images into Word, quark Xpress, Corel, etc... . Free download of EAN13 barcode prime image generator 1.1, size 14.54 Mb.

EAN8 barcode prime image generator 1.1 Programbl.net 

Barcode Prime Image Generator for EAN8. Easily create EAN8 barcode images ready for clipboard pasting into other applications - or save it as a graphic file in high quality TIF format. Insert bar code images into Word, quark Xpress, Corel, etc... . Free download of EAN8 barcode prime image generator 1.1, size 14.54 Mb.