Reg File Software

Reg2exe 2.30 Beta 1 

Reg2exe opens reg-files and "creates" a exe file which will, when executed, import all settings whithin this reg-file to the windows regestry. See included readme file for more information. If you don't know what reg-files are, you should better not use reg2exe.
Reg2exe opens reg-files and "creates" a exe file which will, . Freeware download of Reg2exe 2.30 Beta 1, size 125.95 Kb.


jared 011 

jared (just another registry editor) is a java library for editing the windows registry offline. It reads a registry file into memory, and allows modifications and rewriting the hive. Has command line program for mods using a .reg file. Supports gcj. . Freeware download of jared 011, size 62.41 Kb.

RegFileExport 1.06 NirSoft Freeware 

RegFileExport is a small console application that allows you to easily extract data from offline Registry file located on another disk drive. RegFileExport read the Registry file, ananlyze it, and then export the Registry data into a standard .reg file of Windows. You can export the entire Registry file, or only a specific Registry . Freeware download of RegFileExport 1.06, size 10.48 Kb.

Karen's Registry Ripper 1 2 Karen Kenworthy 

Karen's Registry Ripper is a light-weight and useful utility which enables the users to copy any of the entries from the Windows registry and save those into a separate registry file (with an extension .reg). The saving of registry entries in this .reg extension is done so that it can be easily exported into any other registry. The .reg . Freeware download of Karen's Registry Ripper 1 2, size 8.77 Mb.

RegFromApp 1 22 NirSoft Freeware 

RegFromApp monitors the Registry changes made by the application that you selected, and creates a standard RegEdit registration file (.reg) that contains all the Registry changes made by the application. You can use the generated .reg file to import these changes with RegEdit when it's needed. . Freeware download of RegFromApp 1 22, size 41.98 Kb.

RegMerge Alpha Bitsum Technologies 

RegMerge is a handy and reliable utility that allows you to load up one or more .reg files and compare them to your current registry. It allows you to selectively import parts, or just see the changes. This is useful for reg file fixes you find on the internet, or comparing your registry with another PC or your own PC in an earlier state.

Registrar Registry Manager 6.52 Resplendence Software Projects 

Registrar Registry Manager is a complete registry management solution with a wealth of powerful features. It is intended as a complete and safe solution for administrators and power users for maintaining the registry on both the desktop as well as remote computers on the network.It offers the benefit of a one-stop registry management solution, a . Free download of Registrar Registry Manager 6.52, size 2.76 Mb.

Registry Toolkit Merge 2.4 Funduc Software 

Registry Toolkit Merge is a command line tool to merge .reg files into the Windows registry. The is unique because it can be used for self-contained, self-importing .exe's that do not require the user to understand .reg files. Also unique is the ability to apply special .reg file functions to delete or copy one or more keys. Use Funduc Software's . Free download of Registry Toolkit Merge 2.4, size 152.58 Kb.

Registry - Total Commander Plugin 2 6 Process Explorer, Winpatrol, Glary Utilities 

Registry :: Total Commander Plugin Print System registry editor for Total Commander Name of plugin: Registry Category: Total Commander file System Plugins Status: Freeware Author: Vitaly Knyazev Download Total Commander Plugins :: Registry Total Commander Plugins :: Registry Total Commander Plugins :: Registry Features of "Registry": - . Freeware download of Registry - Total Commander Plugin 2 6, size 204.80 Kb.

Services - Total Commander Plugin 2 4 Vista processes, manage startup, Windows services 

Registry :: Total Commander Plugin Print System registry editor for Total Commander Name of plugin: Registry Category: Total Commander file System Plugins Status: Freeware Author: Vitaly Knyazev Download Total Commander Plugins :: Registry Total Commander Plugins :: Registry Total Commander Plugins :: Registry Features of "Registry": - . Freeware download of Services - Total Commander Plugin 2 4, size 204.80 Kb.

Registry Tools Package 1.01 NirSoft Registry Tools 

5 Windows Registry tools for advanced users, including RegScanner to search keys and values in the Registry, RegFromApp to monitor Registry changes made by application and generate a .reg file for these changes, RegDllView for viewing the details of all dll/ocx registered on your system, ActiveXHelper for viewing the list of all ActiveX components . Freeware download of Registry Tools Package 1.01, size 178.26 Kb.

Advanced Registry Tracer 2.04 ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. 

ART gives you FULL control of your Registry on local or remote machines. Easily find Registry changes made by program installs, roll back undesirable changes, completely clean up buggy uninstalls, and find tweaks even the experts can't isolate! ART lets you save snapshots of the Registry and later browse through each change made by any software on . Free download of Advanced Registry Tracer 2.04, size 1.77 Mb.

Add-Remove Master 6.0 MMH Soft 

Add-Remove Master is an easy&powerful Utility to help you to uninstall unneeded programs and remove it's unused files from your computer, it also can help you to install a new programs, organize installed programs and many other features.Add-Remove Master Features

Standard Features:

1- Friendly and easy to use GUI.
2- . Free download of Add-Remove Master 6.0, size 2.78 Mb.

Tweak FX 7 SMILIANOV Software 

Tweak FX is one of the most powerful tools for changing different settings in Microsoft Windows operating system. In contrast to hundreds of so called 'tweaking programs', Tweak FX uses plugins, which can extend its possibilites to a significant extent.Up to now there are more than 50 different plugins developed and every plugin can modify . Freeware download of Tweak FX 7, size 799.74 Kb.

Active Registry Monitor 1.38 SmartLine Inc. 

Active Registry Monitor (ARM) is an utility designed for analysing the changes made to Windows Registry - by making the "snapshots" of it and keeping them in the browsable database. You can compare any two snapshots and get the list of keys/data which are new, deleted or just changed. ARM can do comparing not only in the entire Regisrty, . Free download of Active Registry Monitor 1.38, size 1.10 Mb.

Alien Registry Viewer 3.6.660 LastBit Software 

Alien Registry Viewer is similar to the RegEdit application included into Windows, but unlike RegEdit, it works with standalone registry files. While RegEdit shows the contents of the system registry, Alien Registry Viewer works with registry files copied from other computers. Alien Registry Viewer allows you to explore registry files, search for . Free download of Alien Registry Viewer 3.6.660, size 449.97 Kb.

RemoteExec 4.0 IS Decisions 

RemoteExec® is a very powerful tool for remotely updating your Windows NT/2000/XP networks. It allows you to remotely execute the same program simultaneously on multiple computers, without requiring preinstalled agents on target machines. RemoteExec® will dramatically minimize, simplify and secure all software and operating system . Free download of RemoteExec 4.0, size 2.50 Mb.

USBOblivion CherubicSoft 

USBOblivion utility designed to erase all traces of USB-connected drives and CD-ROMs from the registry in Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32/64-bit versions. The utility has a test mode of operation, i.e. without actually removing data from the registry, and, just in case, creates a .reg-file to undo any changes. . Freeware download of USBOblivion, size 880.64 Kb.

ChangeAlyzer 1.0 CasiCakes 

ChangeAlyzer is a professional easy-to-use System Monitoring Application to detect changes in the Registry and/or Filesystem. It can show you which changes are made to your System when you install any Software or when you change Settings in an Application or Windows. With that knowledge it is easy to find out if a application really needs the . Free download of ChangeAlyzer 1.0, size 2.45 Mb.

Silent BCC for Microsoft Outlook Add-in Express Ltd. 

If you want to monitor every e-mail that leaves your company, try Silent BCC for Outlook. Once installed, the plug-in will deliver you BCC copies of all messages sent from all user accounts of a PC.

E-mail senders will never know that a BCC copy was sent from their machines. They will not find Silent BCC in their Outlook, nor will they . Free download of Silent BCC for Microsoft Outlook, size 1.97 Mb.

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