Relational Database Software

XLReporter 8 6 SyTech, Inc. 

XLReporter is The Complete Reporting Solution to generate and distribute Excel reports automatically or on-demand.

It is powerful enough to produce extremely sophisticated reports, yet friendly enough for the beginner.

The software performs workbook creation, worksheet updates from any data source, charting, automatic . Free download of XLReporter 8 6, size 0 b.


AGS Server Studio Advanced Global Systems 

Server Studio is the premier graphical development and management environment that features a rich collection of modern tools which help both seasoned Database professionals and novices alike manage IBM Informix® data servers infrastructure with an unprecedented ease and improved productivity. This multi-platform suite of integrated, . Freeware download of AGS Server Studio, size 0 b.

MindModel 2.196 MindModel Corporation 

MindModel is very easy-to-use Relational Database software that allows you to store and recall information on any topic. Use it to create databases of people, companies, products, ideas, or anything else, all without programming. Since it's truly Relational, you can look up information from any angle. Look up a person and see where they work. . Freeware download of MindModel 2.196, size 0 b.

HandEchart for Palm OS 4.0 DDH Software, Inc. 

Handechart is the number #1 selling handheld patient logging solution for N.P & P.A. students because….

- Chris Helopoulos, MS, PA-C, and Associate Director of Clinical Education at Barry University's Physician -Assistant Program co-designed the program to be tailored to the specific needs for Nurse Practitioner and . Free download of HandEchart for Palm OS 4.0, size 4.28 Mb.

PostgreSQL 9.1.3-1 1.0 PostgreSQL Global Development 

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-Relational Database system. It has more than 15 years of active development and a proven architecture that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity, and correctness. It runs on all major operating systems, including Linux, UNIX (AIX, BSD, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, Mac OS X, Solaris, . Freeware download of PostgreSQL 9.1.3-1 1.0, size 48.23 Mb.

Neotrek DBF Database Express 1.58 AN Shura Computing 

Neotrek DBF Database Express is a real time client side .dbf data table viewer and editor. Ideal for professional, home or office use the software creates, edits, and views Database tables in .dbf file formats. Neotrek DBF Database Express can open up to 8 .dbf tables simultaneously with easy rapid and intuitive table navigation. Several variations . Freeware download of Neotrek DBF Database Express 1.58, size 728.63 Kb.

XtraBuild Designer Ardeal Soft SRL 

XtraBuild Designer is a powerful and productive Database application development tool that allows developers to easily build flexible business solutions for rapid deployment on Windows. It is 50 times faster than any other existing Database solution.
Starting with version developers will be able to distribute applications built with . Free download of XtraBuild Designer, size 69.33 Mb.

OlapCube Writer Adersoft 

OlapCube Writer is a simple, yet powerful tool to analyze data. OlapCube Writer will let you create local cubes (files with .cub extension) from data stored in any Relational Database (including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, SQL aServer, SQL Server Express, Oracle, Oracle Express).

You can explore the resulting cube with our . Free download of OlapCube Writer, size 0 b.

dbvolution 1.0 Gregory Graham 

dbvolution is a lightweight Java library that can help you manage Relational tables with semantic annotations.

Designed to ease and fasten the development process, dbvolution can be used for removing the object-relation paradigm.

. Freeware download of dbvolution 1.0, size 0 b.

Jaspa 0.2.0 Jose C. Martinez-Llario 

Jaspa was designed as an accessible spatial extension for Relational Database systems.

Jaspa implements the OpenGIS Simple Features for SQL and partially the SQL/MM standard. Currently supports PostgreSQL and H2 as the RDBMS backends.

Jaspa brings around 200 spatial functions to Relational Database systems that support a full . Freeware download of Jaspa 0.2.0, size 0 b.

DBSight 4.3.0 Build 240 DBSight 

Instead of weeks or even months to develop a full-text search for your data, if you know how to use DBSight, you can easily create the full-text search literally in minutes.

Besides many HTML/XML integration options, you can embed DBSight Search UI with a section of javascript to any page, and customize it with your own css, settings, . Free download of DBSight 4.3.0 Build 240, size 0 b.

Oracle TimesTen Oracle 

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database empowers applications with the instant responsiveness and very high throughput required by today's real-time enterprises and industries such as telecom, capital markets, and defense.

Deployed in the application tier as an embedded or standalone Database, Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database operates on . Free download of Oracle TimesTen, size 0 b.

XtraBuild Runtime Freeware Edition Ardeal Soft SRL 

Enables to run and distribute Database applications created with XtraBuild Designer. XtraBuild Runtime is suitable for running projects in a multi-user and multi-project environment.
Contains a Word editor and a complex CRM with invoicing. File based databases: MS Access, SQLite. Collaboration: Sharing databases on a network
Each . Freeware download of XtraBuild Runtime Freeware Edition, size 45.58 Mb.