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100GreatThings FREE 1.1 Fornasier Valentina 

Mobile \ Social Networking

Download 100 GREAT things to remove the advertising and have wonderful additional features such as the ability to create your own custom lists and many others! Do not miss it look it up on the AppStore!


1st Gtalk Pro(Free) 2.1.1 Mangoo 

Mobile \ Social Networking

Important:Please remove the installed version,Then install the new version,Thank you!

1st Gtalk Pro Free is an APP for immediate communications based on google-talk protocol, convenient and rapid. It helps you communicate with your friends at any time and in any places.

Besides chatting, notification of friends going online . Freeware download of 1st Gtalk Pro(Free) 2.1.1, size 8.81 Mb.

2014 Brazil Schedule 2.0 B.C.M van Kuijck 

Mobile \ Sports

Add all the matches of the biggest sporting event in the World on your iPhone and don't miss any match of your favorite team in Brazil.

You can add (and ofcourse remove) the following calendars to your device:
? The entire schedule for all the teams
? Import all the matches of a specific group
? Load all the matches of . Free download of 2014 Brazil Schedule 2.0, size 5.45 Mb.

200 Problem Solving Tips for Your Home and Your Health 1.0 AppWarrior 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Discover 200 Amazing Home and Health Problems!

You will find dozens of tips to save you money, reduce your stress and save you time in your home. You will get great advice like:

How To Remove A Broken Key From A Lock.
How To Remove A Stubborn Screw.
How To Keep Nails From Splitting Wood.
How To Remove Oil . Free download of 200 Problem Solving Tips for Your Home and Your Health 1.0, size 524.29 Kb.

2048 Candy Gems - Unique Match-3 Logic Puzzle 1.0 SmileyGamer 

Mobile \ Games

The ultimate mix between the popular 2048 and match-3 game styles!

Swipe the candy gems across the board, to line them up and remove them! Each of the levels offers a new interesting challenge!

For any feedback, please contact us at

Or leave a message on our facebook page: . Freeware download of 2048 Candy Gems - Unique Match-3 Logic Puzzle 1.0, size 25.38 Mb.

2048 Extra 1.0.2 Hiratte Software Solution 

Mobile \ Games

Challenge yourself to highest tile of 131072 in 2048 game! And record your highscore in leaderboard.

Shovel tool assists you to remove unwanted tile in the 2048 Extra game.

2048 Extra features easy game play with swiping to move tiles. Merge same numbers into one to the sum.

2048 Extra save your game state . Freeware download of 2048 Extra 1.0.2, size 13.00 Mb.

2048 gangsta 1.1 DENIS ANOKHIN 

Mobile \ Games

Gangster-version of 2048 game

Unite and Conquer! Join groups and remove competitors with one touch!

Get to the Safe with the Big Bucks!

Use the power of the mind in solving puzzles of 2048, as well as power ties with the Prosecutor and M.D. in time to clear your field! . Freeware download of 2048 gangsta 1.1, size 12.37 Mb.

2048-Saga 1.0 Dante R Nonis 

Mobile \ Games

The best performance among all other 2048 games.

Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile or more!
Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.

Remove tile!
Shop integration with inApp.
Translation for many countries. . Freeware download of 2048-Saga 1.0, size 6.19 Mb.

25 game 1.0 Bart Bonte 

Mobile \ Games

A Bart Bonte puzzle game.

Swipe the screen to move all the blocks.
Push same numbered block together to level up.
Red blocks will block you, match 3 or more reds in a row to remove them.
How high can you score?

Inspired by Threes, 2048 and PacMan. . Freeware download of 25 game 1.0, size 10.07 Mb.

3D Magic cube free 1.5 AC studio 

Mobile \ Games

1.A 3D Rubik cube,touch screen to rotate just like a real one.
2.Controlled by one finger.
3.An ad banner inside, you can buy to remove that.
Permanent free update. . Freeware download of 3D Magic cube free 1.5, size 524.29 Kb.

3D magic cube HD free 1.5 AC studio 

Mobile \ Games

1.A 3D Rubik cube,touch screen to rotate just like a real one.
2.Controlled by one finger.
3.An ad banner inside, you can buy to remove that.
Permanent free update. . Freeware download of 3D magic cube HD free 1.5, size 734.00 Kb.

3-Row Nim Challenge 1.0 Gilbert Gonsalves 

Mobile \ Games

A challenge puzzle. The user must remove X's from the game board and attempt to make the iPhone get the last remaining X. The user alternates turns with the iPhone. For your turn you can remove as many X's from a row as you like, but you cannot remove X's from multiple rows. The object of the game is to make the iPhone get the last remaining X. . Freeware download of 3-Row Nim Challenge 1.0, size 6.08 Mb.

3 Slice 2 Puzzle Game 1.1 ekazaam 

Mobile \ Games

With a limited number of slices, cause red and blue shapes to fall off the screen to remove the specified percentage. A fun and addictive physics game where Law of Gravity and Levitation is applied. White shapes don't affect your total. . Free download of 3 Slice 2 Puzzle Game 1.1, size 27.58 Mb.

4 Kings 1.0 Puckipedia 

Mobile \ Games

Do you want to play a card game, but do you want something else then patience or solitaire?
Play 4 Kings, an addictive game, where you need to play all cards from the board, until only the 4 kings remain.
You can remove cards by tapping the lowest of a color, or move one card to an empty stack.

Can you win this almost . Freeware download of 4 Kings 1.0, size 3.36 Mb.

5 or Better 1.7 GASP Mobile Games Inc 

Mobile \ Games

Welcome to this captivating version of Match 3 puzzle. The point of the game is to line up 5 or more bubbles horizontally or vertically to remove them off the board. Tap bobble to select and then tap empty cell where you want to bubble to move. The path has to be clear bubbles cant move diagonally and cant jump over the other bubbles. The more . Freeware download of 5 or Better 1.7, size 3.67 Mb.

60 Seconds To Doom 1.2 daisyDynamics 

Mobile \ Games

Balls are falling into the container, and you have just 60 seconds to stop it from overflowing, or were all doomed! You can remove balls by tapping them when the same colour is grouped together. Be careful though if you tap a single ball which is not grouped with other colours, youll lose points!

Earn achievements and check your high . Freeware download of 60 Seconds To Doom 1.2, size 18.04 Mb.

7Calc 2.0 Cursorless 

Mobile \ Utilities

Designed for the new iOS 7, 7Calc is a gesture-based easy-to-use calculator.
With history, you will never lose your calculated results.

Swipe Up: Calculate the result
Swipe Left: Remove the last input
Swipe Down: View History
Shake: Reset

Please send feedbacks to . Free download of 7Calc 2.0, size 1.99 Mb.

7card HD 1.0.1 RUCKYGAMES CO., LTD. 

Mobile \ Games

7card HD is Card Game.
Japanese,"Shichi Narabe"(7)?

The players remove all sevens from their hands to start the layout before the first card is played.

Up to three times per game a player may choose to pass.


?CPU (2?5)

7card lite 1.3 RUCKYGAMES CO., LTD. 

Mobile \ Games

7card(Sevens) is Card Game.Japanese,"Shichi Narabe"(7)?

The players remove all sevens from their hands to start the layout before the first card is played.
Up to three times per game a player may choose to pass.

. Freeware download of 7card lite 1.3, size 6.61 Mb.

Abbie the WItch 1.1 Wavelength Laboratories, LLC 

Mobile \ Games

Join Abbie the Witch on a spooky adventure through the old graveyard!

Collect as many stars as you can. But, beware of the bats and the ghosts flying thru the night sky.

* Unlock new Witches (Abbie, Bertha, Gertrude)
* Upgrade to remove ads
* Game Center Support . Freeware download of Abbie the WItch 1.1, size 10.28 Mb.

Abracadabra Snap! 1.2 Arkhitech 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

Easy to use, simple photo editor to move or completely remove objects within the picture.

Move objects around, get rid of unwanted objects, and remove photobombs or unwanted appearances in your image.


>>Pick any picture from gallery or take picture from camera

>>Get assistance from . Freeware download of Abracadabra Snap! 1.2, size 26.32 Mb.

Abracadabra - the game 1.0 inmD 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Pop it! Rub it! Shake It! This is the Abracadabra.

This game is a best killing time game for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Really easy to play, but hard to get a good score. Pop yellow acnes and remove scurf out of screen.

More tips and info are on the Support page.


Awesome Cut Me In - Photo Background Eraser & Pic Editor 1.0 LIMING ZHANG 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

AWESOME CUT ME IN helps to remove the background of any picture of yours and put it in various beautiful pictures.

Compared with ordinary background erase tool, it will smart pick out people or other images from the pictures just by simply drawing a few lines. Picked out of the picture can be placed in a variety of beautiful . Freeware download of Awesome Cut Me In - Photo Background Eraser & Pic Editor 1.0, size 35.13 Mb.

AWKWARD CARTON 2.0.0 Kitsunai Ryou 

Mobile \ Games

Good Heavens ! AWKWARD CARTON !
Over 100 levels ! remove AWKWARD CARTON settled down in warehouse !

****** Added new BRICK level !! *******

[^-^] How to play ? [^-^]
Remove AWKWARD CARTON mixed into normal carton, but don't drop normal carton.
An AWKWARD CARTON's feature is to have a face.

- Moving on . Freeware download of AWKWARD CARTON 2.0.0, size 19.50 Mb.

A+ World Clock Free 1.0 Fellow software 

Mobile \ Travel

A simple tool to display the correct time in the large selection of cities from all over in the world.

Key Features:
1. Clear and simple interface.
2. Easy to search a city in the world.
3. Easy to add and remove a city clock.
4. Display your local clock and other favorite city clocks in one page. You can easily view . Freeware download of A+ World Clock Free 1.0, size 9.86 Mb.

Baby Dentist Office 1.0 Gluten Free Games 

Mobile \ Games

The Baby Dentist Office is packed full of babies who have ruined their teeth with too much candy! Now they need the best baby dentist in town! Use your dental supplies to whiten teeth, remove plaque, and repair cracks caused by a sugar overdose!

Get Baby Dentist Office today while it's 50% OFF for a very limited time!

Game . Free download of Baby Dentist Office 1.0, size 31.14 Mb.

Baby Fever Running : The Toddler Stroller Race - Gold Edition 1.0 Infinite Dream Factory Inc 

Mobile \ Games



There is good news for all those who love their neighbor. This is only game for providing the feeling of unity and comfort with the new neighbors. This game is a good way to provide you the fun loving element . Free download of Baby Fever Running : The Toddler Stroller Race - Gold Edition 1.0, size 19.40 Mb.

BackgammON ON-LINE 2.0 Anibal Leon 

Mobile \ Games

We present this modern version of the famous game.
Backgammon is a board game for two players that combines randomness with deep strategic knowledge. The aim is to remove the tiles from the board before the opposing player.
You will have the opportunity to play against friends on the same device, against the CPU with different difficulty . Free download of BackgammON ON-LINE 2.0, size 7.24 Mb.

Balance Blox AdFree 1.01 Entwickler-X 

Mobile \ Games

Blocks on the balance
In this game you have to drop blocks on the balance.
Blocks affect the balance according to thair distance from the bottom triangle.
Match three blocks of the same color vertically or horizontally to remove them from the playfield.
Every block has its own weight, so let them fall wisely.
If the . Free download of Balance Blox AdFree 1.01, size 5.35 Mb.

BallBreaker 1.2 Ivan Cerra 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Remove all destroyable space bricks with the ball. Control ball rebounds with your ship.

Bricks can hide capsules, capsules are powerups. Pick capsules with your ship .

Slide your finger left or right to move your ship. beware with enemies.

There are 35 levels. . Free download of BallBreaker 1.2, size 7.65 Mb.