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Picture Information Extractor 6.5 Picmeta Systems 

Deluxe viewer and photo metadata toolkit for amateur photographers and professionals alike.
PIE is a free image browser and viewer with perfectly integrated photo metadata and file renaming features. It extracts EXIF, XMP and IPTC information from JPG, TIFF and RAW files and makes it available in a convenient and welcoming interface.
One . Freeware download of Picture Information Extractor 6.5, size 7.65 Mb.


MetaStripper 0.92 Jarle Aasland 

MetaStripper is a free utility to Remove meta information (EXIF, COM and IPTC tags) from JPEG image files. You can automatically process a large number of files with the click of a button. MetaStripper is completely lossless (i.e. no decompression of JPEG image data occurs). MetaStripper will not, under any circumstance, overwrite your original . Freeware download of MetaStripper 0.92, size 419.84 Kb.

Exif Eraser 1.0 ExifEraser 

EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) data is a record of what camera settings were used to take a photograph. This data is recorded into the actual image file. Therefore each photograph has its own unique data. EXIF data stores information like camera model, exposure, aperture, ISO, what camera mode was used and whether or not a flash fired. . Freeware download of Exif Eraser 1.0, size 1.52 Mb.

gps2jpeg 1.0 

This software inserts and Remove the tags EXIF latitude, longitude and altitude in jpeg, tiff and png images performing the geo-positioning of images, it uses tracklogs of GPS devices. . Freeware download of gps2jpeg 1.0, size 728.07 Kb.

ExiFlick 1.01 Kazuhiro Furue 

This app supports upload photos to Flickr.

The time of upload, you can choose that you want to Remove the EXIF such as location information that is included in the photo.

In the case of personal information, such as your home or workplace is included, you can set share range to "Only me".
And also you can delete . Freeware download of ExiFlick 1.01, size 629.14 Kb.

Exif wMarker 2.0.3 

EXIF wMarker is a simple and user friendly tool to add a visible watermark to your images. The watermark text can be a fixed text (such as copyright or company web site), an image logo or the content of EXIF or iptc metadata fields. EXIF wMarker allows you to batch process all images inside a folder and automatically write over them any information . Freeware download of Exif wMarker 2.0.3, size 2.45 Mb.

EXIF Toolbox 1.01 Coder1 Software 

Right-click on your photos and view all EXIF data. Easy to use utility that shows hidden data about your photos. Features: EXIF 2 compliant, shows all EXIF data, GPS coordinates, Works with Windows 7, Vista and XP, Easy-to-use application, just right-click on your JPEG photos and select properties. . Freeware download of EXIF Toolbox 1.01, size 421.89 Kb.

FileTagSleuth 1.0 Ulfwood Ltd 

FileTagSleuth is the totally FREE, easy and quick MP3 tag and photo EXIF viewer.Search through your MP3 tags, read photo information, and export all of your files tags instantly forlater viewing. Just drag and drop to start, then search, view and print tags in thousands of files atonce. Find common tag names across multiple files, and see the . Freeware download of FileTagSleuth 1.0, size 3.34 Mb.

Add Remove Program Cleaner 2.0 IntelliNavigator, Inc 

This program allows you to clean up the Add/Remove programs list in the control panel. It should only be used to Remove entries that are broken and cannot be removed by running the uninstall program. . Freeware download of Add Remove Program Cleaner 2.0, size 1.01 Mb.

Remove Windows Messenger 1.0 Recover Data 

Utility to Remove Windows Messenger or Uninstall it permanently. The software is designed to permanently uninstall windows messenger from the system tray. Software is a handy system utility software which allows you to easily Remove windows messenger from system. . Freeware download of Remove Windows Messenger 1.0, size 81.92 Kb.

Mihov EXIF Renamer 3.0 Miha Psenica 

Mihov EXIF Renamer is used to sort images from different cameras in the order they were taken. This is possible with use of the extra data that is stored in the photo's data. This information is extracted by the program and is added to the file name. This way the photos, even from different cameras and with different file names, get ordered by . Freeware download of Mihov EXIF Renamer 3.0, size 27.82 Mb.

EXIF Date Changer 2 52 Rellik Software 

EXIF Date Changer modifies the date and time attributes of the EXIF data stored within your digital photos. This allows you to compensate for incorrect camera settings, or different time zones within seconds across an entire folder of images. As an added bonus, you are also able to rename all photos to include the time taken in the filename, add . Freeware download of EXIF Date Changer 2 52, size 3.87 Mb.

Remove Duplicate Messages 2 2 Utilities 

Free and easy way to move, Remove or delete duplicate messages in Outlook folders. Can find duplicates across folders and storages. The whole operation is completely safe, because you can always reverse the removal action. The product provides Outlook add-in and standalone Windows application for your convenience. . Freeware download of Remove Duplicate Messages 2 2, size 248.83 Kb.

Remove Fake Antivirus 1 83 Free of Virus 

Remove Fake Antivirus is used to Remove AV Security 2012, Data Recovery, Wolfram Antivirus, Security Protection, Windows Antivirus 2011, ThinkPoint, PC Security 2011, Antivirus 8, Security Master AV, Mega Antivirus 2012, Security tool, Your PC Protector, Vista Internet Security 2010, XP Guardian, Antivirus Soft, XP Internet Security 2010 etc (all . Freeware download of Remove Fake Antivirus 1 83, size 238.59 Kb.

EXIF ReName for Mac and Linux 0.1.10 Ingemar Ceicer 

Rename picture files that contain EXIF-data. EXIF information is created by the camera when the picture is taken. An amount information is saved. For example the date and time when the picture was taken. It is this information that is interesting for EXIF ReName.
* Selecting the file extension of files you can rename
. Freeware download of EXIF ReName for Mac and Linux 0.1.10, size 1.05 Mb.

AmoK Exif Sorter 2 52 AmoK - The Art of Coding 

AmoK EXIF Sorter is the easy but powerful solution for renaming your photos. All pictures of a digital camera can be renamed by AmoK EXIF Sorter based on the pictures' metadata (EXIF and IPTC). Meta data are stored in every picture automatically by the camera. The data include information about the date when the picture was taken (year, month, day, . Freeware download of AmoK Exif Sorter 2 52, size 1.02 Kb.

Easy Exif Delete 1.0 Consumer Software International 

Detect and delete JPEG EXIF data with Easy EXIF Delete, a freeware application from ConsumerSoft.

EXIF data is a form of hidden metadata attached to jpeg (.jpg) images. This data can contain camera type, lens type, shutter speed and exposure, date and time, copyright information, author, programs used to edit the image, and even . Freeware download of Easy Exif Delete 1.0, size 906.19 Kb.

Quick EXIF Writer 3.0 

Quick EXIF Writer is a tool for fast preview or displaying of jpeg pictures. But its main purpose is to help you comment your digital camera jpeg pictures. Quick EXIF Writer uses the EXIF standard (see for commenting the photos which means that the comment or description you write will be written in to the jpg file. Quick EXIF Writer . Freeware download of Quick EXIF Writer 3.0, size 86.02 Kb.

Exif Data Viewer 1.0 

EXIF Data Viewer is a free program to view and edit the EXIF data in your digital photos, it supports EXIF Specification 2.3, can help you to analyze the detailed parameters of the photo. Also it supports to show the MakerNote information of wide range manufacturer device. By EXIF Data Viewer, you can view all EXIF information in digital photos, . Freeware download of Exif Data Viewer 1.0, size 1.47 Mb.

Avalloc EXIF Sorter 1.1.2016 Avalloc Software 

Avalloc EXIF Sorter will enable you to rename your digital images according to their EXIF data. To work, the pictures must contain valid EXIF data. This data is usually automatically added by the camera. Make sure you have set the time and date of your camera ! Software for organizing and renaming digital photos. * French / English - Ability to . Freeware download of Avalloc EXIF Sorter 1.1.2016, size 346.11 Kb.

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