Reporter Software

Enterprise Permission Reporter 2.0.1 NETsec GmbH&Co. KG 

Who has which access ?The idea:

Looking for answers for these questions will bring up a huge list of 3rd-Party Tools for Auditing and Documenting your filesystem-environment. Many Tools can read out the Access Control Lists (ACL) of your folders and document, but this won't solve the main problem. You will end up witha bunch of groups . Free download of Enterprise Permission Reporter 2.0.1, size 849.92 Kb.


Helium Reporter 0.3b dBx Solutions 

A super-lightweight (less than 200 KB) reporting tool for SQL Server. Helium is a front-end that provides HTML reporting capabilities based on specially constructed SQL stored procedures.

Features include:
* Auto-generation of reports
* Automated filtering
* Definable dropdown lists for filters
* Column sorting

EZChangeLog Reporter 2.0 Encourager Software 

EZChangeLog reporter - READS ONLY - LANSRAD EZChangeLog PRO data files and creates custom Spreadsheet reports using these features - Project Version History (Change Log), Bug Tracking, ToDo List, Feature Requests, and Ideas. Microsoft Excel required. Saved layouts for Spreadsheets, Queries and Custom Views. Choose only the fields you need, . Free download of EZChangeLog Reporter 2.0, size 7.84 Mb.

Bug Reporter Panos Kanellopoulos 

A portable bug reporte for developers. You can add as many projects as you like, generate bug and change logs report and summarize you code snippets. The program has a feature for backup/restore data and an auto backup. . Freeware download of Bug Reporter, size 670.72 Kb.

WPViewPDF 3.0 WPCubed GmbH 

WPViewPDF is a powerful pdf viewer control which allows you to view and print PDF data. The data can be loaded from memory, file or stream. As "PLUS" edition it can be used to merge PDF files into a new, single file. You can extract PDF pages or delete pages. It is also possible to add vector and text graphic to PDF files (stamping).

wPDFControl/wRTF2PDF TextDynamic 3 78 WPCubed GmbH 

The component wPDFControl was created to make it easy for programmers to add PDF support to
their application. It is based on the popular PDF engine 'wPDF' which has been successful on the Delphi and C Builder market since the year 2000.wRTF2PDF / TextDynamic Server Version 3 is based on an entirely new rtf engine. It supports much . Free download of wPDFControl/wRTF2PDF TextDynamic 3 78, size 6.67 Mb.

SQL Reporter 2 1 NativeWinds 

Multi-database reporting tool, SQL editor, Visual SQL designer, OLAP tool, Table viewing/editing tool, Report designer tool. Connects to any of the 11 major SQL database engines.
Remote or local. All wrapped up in an elegant user interface that simplifies your tasks at the fraction of the cost of single-database tools.
SQL reporter is . Free download of SQL Reporter 2 1, size 9.44 Mb.

IIS Reporter 2.0 Jim Becher 

IIS reporter is a real-time IIS monitor that displays the number of current connected and anonymous users. This program is very useful if you want to receive real-time information about your IIS server.
· Displays the maximum number of simultaneous connections to the web server
· Displays the current number of . Freeware download of IIS Reporter 2.0, size 125.95 Kb.

Wabit for Mac OS X 1. 1. 2001 SQL Power Group Inc. 

Recognizing that end-users struggling with overly-complex BI Tools is the number one reason why Business Intelligence projects fail to deliver the desired ROI, the Wabit was designed to conquer this primary issue. Although there are many BI Reporting tools on the market (both proprietary and Open Source), most of these tools are fairly difficult to . Freeware download of Wabit for Mac OS X 1. 1. 2001, size 21.71 Mb.

i-net Clear Reports 2012 2.1.232 i-net software 

IOCLnet Clear Reports is a full reporting solution completely coded in Java. It is able to accommodate a large scope of reporting needs, from a simple standalone application to an enterprise web solution.

The Repository included in the software is a place where everyone can store and execute report templates directly on the server. . Free download of i-net Clear Reports 2012 2.1.232, size 0 b.

TscMon Beta John Granstr+Am 

TscMon is a handy and reliable application designed to report how many TypeScript compilers are currently running.

The utility sits quietly in the system tray and can be disabled at any time. It's extremely lightweight on system resources and portable.

. Free download of TscMon Beta, size 0 b.

Book Reporter 5.1 Duck Software 

Book reporter is a teacher+oOeCOaos tool for classroom entering and organization of book reports. The main purpose is to help students get used to using the computer and typing in reports on the keyboard, as well as traditional reading comprehension and writing skills of book reports. This free educational software allows students to enter book . Free download of Book Reporter 5.1, size 0 b.

ImageReporter 1.0.05 Marc Rochkind 

The ImageReporter application was developed to be a small tool that reports interesting camera, lens, and image data from a Lightroom 2 catalog.

- select the Lightroom 2 catalog file to be processed
- choose Image Type
- choose Rating
- choose Capture Time

RDPSoft Remote Desktop Reporter 1.1 RDPSoft 

RDPSoft Remote Desktop reporter is a lightweight application especially designed for administrators who want to gather information about Terminal Server sessions from one or more computers on their network.

With its user-friendly interface, the application allows you to control all the aspects of the program's operations such as service . Free download of RDPSoft Remote Desktop Reporter 1.1, size 0 b.

FolderChangesView 1.00 Nir Sofer 

FolderChangesView is a user-friendly application that can help you keep track of all the modifications that occur within a folder.

It displays a detailed log specifying each file that was edited, created, or erased.

FolderChangesView can be used with local directories, but also with remote network shares.

. Free download of FolderChangesView 1.00, size 0 b.

ConceptDraw Reporter(1) 1.0 Computer Systems Odessa 

Create image-rich text document fast and easy. Make trip stories and reports, visual learning materials, photo-based business documents, personalized illustrated client proposals or even various research and scientific reports and enjoy the result. Direct access to camera allows you to compile recently made snapshots and pre-made text into hot . Free download of ConceptDraw Reporter(1) 1.0, size 8.81 Mb.

Active Directory Reporter 3.1 JiJiTechnologies 

Active Directory reporter (ADR) enables IT organizations to extract vital data from Active Directory in seconds after installation. ADR provides the best solution to meet Active Directory Reporting requirements. ADR has an extensive reports list with over 100 out of the box reports. Armed with this information, organizations can quickly make . Free download of Active Directory Reporter 3.1, size 2.81 Mb.

SizeExplorer Report Generator 3.8.7 JSD Software 

SizeExplorer Report Generator is a command line tool that let you generate reports from a live disk exploration or from a saved disk exploration from SizeExplorer (i.e. a .sef file) SEReport supports generation of reports into a variety of file formats like Excel (.xls), Lotus 123 (.wk1), Comma Separated Value (.csv), XML (.xml), Web page (.htm) or . Free download of SizeExplorer Report Generator 3.8.7, size 650.12 Kb.

Exchange Reporter Plus (Beta) 1.0 ZOHO Corp 

ManageEngine Exchange reporter Plus is a web-based analysis and reporting solution for MS Exchange, providing you a profound insight on your organizationd-deOaos Exchange infrastructure.

Not plain reporting for vigilance, but this solution offers mail traffic statistics & analysis, mailbox size growth rate, server usage pattern, and . Free download of Exchange Reporter Plus (Beta) 1.0, size 34.94 Mb.

CrashRpt.CPP 2.0.15 Idol Software 

A crash/exception reporting library for C++ native Windows apps.
It automatically creates and sends crash/error/exception reports with stack trace, minidump and extended application/system information to Doctor Dump free crash reporting and memory dump analyzing service. That collects, organizes and stores crash reports from your customers, . Freeware download of CrashRpt.CPP 2.0.15, size 2.05 Mb.