Right Button Software

MyFolder Pro 1.0 Horizon Software 

Click on a folder with the Right Button of the mouse and change the folder icon by My Folder.By clicking Right Button of the mouse on the folder; you can reach all the galleries those defined submenu under Horizon Myfolder Menu.Appearance of the any icons listed can be changed.Changing shape and color of the folders makes easier and faster . Free download of MyFolder Pro 1.0, size 3.19 Mb.


ShareFolders 3. 5. 2003 UnitedTeam1 

With ShareFolders program you can show Share Outlook Folders window by just clicking on Share Folders Button in Outlook toolbar, or by clicking on the Right Button on the icon ShareFolders in the tray bar, or by clicking on Show Share Folders Window. You can also double click the icon Share Folders to show the Share Folders Window. . Free download of ShareFolders 3. 5. 2003, size 6.50 Mb.

MyFolder Free 1.0 Horizon Software 

Click on a folder with the Right Button of the mouse and change the folder icon by My Folder. By clicking Right Button of the mouse on the folder; you can reach all the galleries those defined submenu under Horizon Myfolder Menu. Appearance of the any icons listed can be changed. Changing shape and color of the folders makes easier and faster . Freeware download of MyFolder Free 1.0, size 2.00 Mb.

Escape From Maze 1.0 Enjoyment team 


1) Rush the stairs direction.
2) Push up,down,left,Right Button.
3) Escape from enemy . Freeware download of Escape From Maze 1.0, size 4.93 Mb.

HERA The goddess of ruin 1.5.1 STUDIO iNDEX Co.,Ltd. 

The supported devices are iPod Touch 4G,iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPad2, iPad3,iPad mini

3D Robot STG in the App Store!

[How to Play]
?Control the HELIOS by tilting your iPhone or iPad.
?Beam-Gun is Auto shooting.
?Press Right Button to fire a missile.
?Damage recovery,shooting . Free download of HERA The goddess of ruin 1.5.1, size 52.85 Mb.

HyperRunner 1.0.1 iNPLAS CO., Ltd. 

? Rules
Please avoid a block.
It is game over when you are in charge of a block.

? Operation
left Button, Right Button : change your rain position.
jump Button : jump.
slide Button : slip.
pause Button : pause game.

? BERSERK gauge
If your BERSERK is MAX, a block can be pushed on. . Free download of HyperRunner 1.0.1, size 10.59 Mb.

Pronounciation 1.0 Enchanted Solutions 

It is funny and interesting to learn German if you are a native English speaker. This game helps you to explore German cheerfully. Slide the Right Button with nouns over the other language and let them disappear. The nouns will be pronounced in both languages, English and German. . Freeware download of Pronounciation 1.0, size 4.72 Mb.

Smart Controller 1.2 Western Bridge Tech 

Smart Controller makes your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless mouse(touch pad) to control your PC!

- Move Mouse
- Single Click Mouse
- Double Click Mouse
- Drag Mouse
- Click Mouse Right Button
- Connect to your PC through WIFI or 3G network

BEFORE YOU RUN THIS SOFTWARE, you need to . Freeware download of Smart Controller 1.2, size 314.57 Kb.

ToolBar 2000 6.9 Gregory Braun 

ToolBar is a small utility that lets you launch your favorite programs from the Windows desktop. Click the left mouse Button to launch an application or the Right Button to define a new ToolBar Button. You can also drag and drop a file icon or shortcut directly onto the ToolBar to quickly define a new Button. ToolBar lets you organize your programs . Free download of ToolBar 2000 6.9, size 887.81 Kb.

CrossLines LexIMoSoft (Ilya Morozov) 

This game is a variant of the well-known game LINES. Elements on the game field must be arranged in such way, that closed contours must be formed. The user can rotate elements by pressing the Right Button of the mouse.

The game has two modes: "Classic Mode" (new elements appear after each move of player) and "Time . Freeware download of CrossLines, size 48.62 Mb.

Tera Copy Pro 2 12 Code Sector Inc. 

Tera Copy Pro is a file copy handler which is full of features.

The program will add an entry to the context menu that you will see when you press the Right Button of your mouse on Windows Explorer. By clicking on that entry, the copy of the file will be handled by Tera Copy Pro, not the Windows Explorer. If you have the program Total . Free download of Tera Copy Pro 2 12, size 2.94 Mb.

ClickZap Brett Bartholomew 

ClickZap is a tiny application for expanding the basic functionality of a standard computer mouse. The developer of the program decided to make the Right Button of a mouse more useful. It means that you can perform a range of actions by quickly clicking it several times.

The interface of ClickZap consists of but one tiny window with . Freeware download of ClickZap, size 43.21 Mb.

MRFlyMenu 1.00 RillaSoftware 

Use your Windows Start menu all around your Desktop. This is the free program which permits to move an image around the screen. By pressing the Right Button you will see your Start Menu program. The program permits to filter any menu options you need by selecting from the option screen. MRFlyMenu also permits to change the image by some which is . Freeware download of MRFlyMenu 1.00, size 478.21 Kb.

Woas (a wiki-on-a-stick) 1.0 Woas 

Woas is in the design and planning stages. If you are looking for a fixed WoaS file you want the Legacy sub-project (far Right Button).

Woas will eventually do everything Legacy can do and more, with a great deal more flexibility and power.

Woas (a wiki-on-a-stick) 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Woas (a wiki-on-a-stick) 1.0, size 0 b.

Share On Vilize 2.2.8 Vilize Team 

Share On Vilize is a simple but useful Safari extension for quickly publishing images on Vilize website.

With the help of this extension you can click on images you find interesting with the Right Button of the mouse and share them.

. Free download of Share On Vilize 2.2.8, size 0 b.

Inforix 1.0 GeloSoft 

Inforix is a very useful utility which count size of subdirectories and show the result in foolproof way. It can be called from shell extension of Windows explorer (Right Button click submenu), from Windows start menu or using command line. . Free download of Inforix 1.0, size 524.29 Kb.

Cool Mouse 1.0 Shelltoys Inc. 

The Right-mouse Button in Windows gets a good workout, but that poor old middle Button on three-Button mice gets ignored. Cool Mouse rectifies that. Once it's running in your system tray, this great tool lets you use your middle Button to pop up the Start menu underneath the mouse cursor, minimize windows to the system tray, roll up windows to . Free download of Cool Mouse 1.0, size 459.78 Kb.

Menu Wizard 1.1 upRedSun 

When you use computer, maybe you often find where control panel is, where the programs you want to execute are, where the show-desktop Button is and often take you steps to delete a file forever, see your system attributes, lock your computer, hide your files, switch between show all your files and not show hide or system files view. Now, using . Free download of Menu Wizard 1.1, size 1.52 Mb.

Aarons Advanced Auto Clicker/Typer 3.01 A. Powell 

An automated mouse clicker and typer, give you fingers a rest and let Aarons Advanced Auto Cliker/Typer do the work for you. It has an inbuilt time delay to allow you to position the cursor before it automatically takes over. The application will remember previous settings and screen locations from its last use so you do not have to keep setting it . Free download of Aarons Advanced Auto Clicker/Typer 3.01, size 1.60 Mb.

SlotTheThird 1.1 newface09 

it is a simple slot machine.

It inserts the coin with the drug.
It pulls a lever and it is rotated.
It stops if the Button is pushed.
The coin comes out when winning a prize.
It need not be a difficult explanation.
It is possible to play by the operation in the state of seeing.

Let's use the MAX . Free download of SlotTheThird 1.1, size 524.29 Kb.