Roman Empire Software

Nemesis of the Roman Empire 1.0 Enlight 

Nemesis of the roman empire picks up where the award-winning Celtic Kings: Rage of War left off. In the height of its glory Carthage was the greatest power in the ancient world. With trade routes throughout the entire Mediterranean there was no other nation to dispute its strength.

Goods, gold, and slaves poured in to the majestic . Free download of Nemesis of the Roman Empire 1.0, size 508.93 Mb.


Glory of the Roman Empire 1.01.346 Haemimont Games 

Glory of the roman empire is an empire-building simulation set during the height of the glorious roman empire. In the game, the player assumes the roles of city planner, governor, and military leader. Successful players will need planning skills, economic savvy and -- should those fail -- military might.

Glory of the roman empire will . Free download of Glory of the Roman Empire 1.01.346, size 537.01 Mb.

Emporium 2014 - The Roman Empire 1.0 Matrixx 

To accompany our celebration of 10 Years of Emporium. We've created an mobile application for everybody to using during Emporium - The roman empire!

The app features everything you want from Line-up and floorplan to all you need to know and a camera feature! . Freeware download of Emporium 2014 - The Roman Empire 1.0, size 30.62 Mb.

Ancient Rome for Windows WildTangent 

The roman empire needs talented rulers! Use materials and labor to build cities with well-developed industry, manage the production of various goods, and trade your products with the population of the empire. Carry out the Emperor's instructions and make your contribution to Ancient Rome in over 30 levels of engrossing gameplay. . Free download of Ancient Rome for Windows, size 975.17 Kb.

Imperium Romanum 7. 1. 1940 Haemimont Games 

Imperium Romanum is a historical city building strategy game, set in the time-honoured roman empire.
As governor of a roman province such as Alexandria or Hadrianopolis, the fortune of the settlement very much lies in your hands!
It is your task to build, reign and defend an organised and civilised roman city. . Free download of Imperium Romanum 7. 1. 1940, size 483.28 Mb.

Romance of Rome 32.0 Awem studio 

You are an explorer who visits Rome and discovers all the secrets of the roman empire. Throughout the game, you are told the story behind the game by means of dialogues with the different characters that appear from time to time. The game is mainly composed of hidden object scenes in which you must find a list of items that are presented with their . Free download of Romance of Rome 32.0, size 55.73 Mb.

AoD combat demo Release 2 Iron Tower Studio, Inc. 

The Age of Decadence is an isometric, turn-based, single-player 3D role-playing game set in a low magic, post-apocalyptic fantasy world, inspired by the fall of the roman empire.

The game features a detailed skill-based character system, non-linear gameplay, multiple skill-based ways to handle quests, choices & consequences, and . Free download of AoD combat demo Release 2, size 157.46 Mb.

Ancient Rome 1.0 

Help spread the ancient roman empire by setting up cities and providing valuable resources throughout the land! Produce goods, construct new buildings, and attract new workers as you expand the reach of the roman empire in Ancient Rome, a fast-paced Strategy game. Meet your goals and accept valuable rewards from the emperor to set up your own piece . Freeware download of Ancient Rome 1.0, size 57.91 Mb.

SPQR 0.3.7 

SPQR is a computer strategy game set in the period of the roman empire, 200 BC to 650 AD. Can you both rule Rome and build an empire to last? . Freeware download of SPQR 0.3.7, size 8.69 Mb.

Latin Expressions 1.2 Sergiu Langa 

Although the roman empire disappeared and latin language is considered 'dead', latin wisdom and experience is still alive through the maxims and terms used today both by the ordinary man, as well as by the most illustrious contemporaries. This program is designed for those who want to learn the meaning of latin terms and maxims and thus benefit . Free download of Latin Expressions 1.2, size 1.26 Mb.

Latrunculi LE 2.2.0 Sandro Stricker 

PLAY WHAT THE ROMANS PLAYED, on your iPhone/iPod Touch.
It is the year 20 BC. Emperor Augustus has brought peace to a young roman empire. Two friends sit upon the steps outside the amphitheatre, locked in concentration over a stone board upon which glass pieces have been placed, trying to gain an advantage over one another. Theyre playing . Freeware download of Latrunculi LE 2.2.0, size 1.15 Mb.

Slots of Gold 1.5.5 Avalinx LLC 

Top o' the mornin' to ya!

Traverse the shifting sands of Egypt, brave the might of the roman empire, experience the whimsical world of Fairies, join the party down in Rio and many more! If you get lucky you'll enter one of five bonus rounds in each game to beef up your bankroll. Slots of Gold also features:

- Free Credit . Freeware download of Slots of Gold 1.5.5, size 102.13 Mb.

Total Conquest - Online combat and strategy 1.5.2 Gameloft 

Sound the call to battle and join legions of players online in a battle to control the roman empire! Total Conquest is an exciting and strategic social game where you are a roman governor developing your own city-state and army. But with Caesar dead, youll need to join a powerful Legion -- or forge your own -- to defeat your enemies, protect your . Freeware download of Total Conquest - Online combat and strategy 1.5.2, size 101.71 Mb.

2048 Cesar Roman Empire Puzzle Conquest - Free 1.0 Les Meilleurs Jeux Mobiles Inc. 

2048 style game are hard but imagine with roman numbers ... Can you reach MMXLVIII ?

Will you be invited to the table of honors or throw to the lion in the coliseum?

Side the block to match same roman number - if you match it - BOOM it create a higher number. Let's see if you can find MMXLVIII and win the roman empire.

2048 Cesar Roman Empire Puzzle Conquest - Pro 1.0 Les Meilleurs Jeux Mobiles Inc. 


2048 style game are hard but imagine with roman numbers ... Can you reach MMXLVIII ?

Will you be invited to the table of honors or throw to the lion in the coliseum?

Side the block to match same roman number - if you match it - BOOM it create a higher number. Let's see if you can . Free download of 2048 Cesar Roman Empire Puzzle Conquest - Pro 1.0, size 16.67 Mb.

Grand Ages Rome 2.2.301 Haemimont Games 

Grand Ages Rome is the long awaited sequel to the best-selling strategy game "Imperium Romanum".
You are a Governor of a roman Province in the time-honoured roman empire, its fortune very much lies in your hands. Choose one of five roman noble families such as Caesar's Julii with different abilities to accomplish the . Free download of Grand Ages Rome 2.2.301, size 0 b.

Warriorof Rome 1.0 segabandonware 

Warriorof Rome is completely free. You may play it as much as you like without paying a single buck. It is an easy to play game. The game is about some ships, in a war on sea, in the roman empire times. You must guide your ships to victory. Try and enjoy it. . Freeware download of Warriorof Rome 1.0, size 82.87 Mb.

Multiplayer Nine Men's Morris 1.0 Novel Games Limited 

Nine Men's Morris is one of the earliest board game in recorded history. It is a two players board game that dated back to 1400 BC emerged from the roman empire. The game is also known as Nine Man Morris, Mill, Mills, Merels, Merelles, and Merrills.

The Nine Men's Morris board consisted of three squares each with eight spots . Freeware download of Multiplayer Nine Men's Morris 1.0, size 26.67 Mb.

Aquarium Fishes Free Screensaver 1.0.2 SAVERS4FREE.COM 

People have kept fish in aquaria for centuries and this tradition became very popular in the roman empire. Aquaria can be fresh water, salt water, cold water and tropical water, but they always keep the most beautiful habitants of the underwater world. The Aquarium Fishes Free screensaver will let you see different colorful fishes usually kept in . Freeware download of Aquarium Fishes Free Screensaver 1.0.2, size 4.34 Mb.

Kalemegdan Photo Screensaver 1.0 Photo Screensavers 

Photo Screensavers bring you a new dimension in presenting pictures and recall for memories. Kalemegdan is the core and the oldest section of the urban area of Belgrade. The cliff-like ridge overlooks the Great War Island and the confluence of the Sava river into the Danube and makes one of the most beautiful natural lookouts in the area. First . Freeware download of Kalemegdan Photo Screensaver 1.0, size 5.83 Mb.