Routing Software

CMAod 9.1.19 STEITZ IT-Solutions 

CMAoD is a ver powerful, and intuitive - easy-to-use - Windows MAC Address identifying and modifying Utility which allows users to change MAC address for almost any Network Interface Cards (NIC) on the Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 Server systems. CMAoD can do the following: set specific MAC address of a network interface set the MAC randomly | set . Free download of CMAod 9.1.19, size 4.86 Mb.


Neb 1.0.2 OLDIMA 

Neb is intended for automatic generation of network maps on the interface level. The software creates the map that shows which routers and switches opearate in the network and which physical interfaces they use to communicate.Neb allows you to:
* Automatically create a network map on the physical interface level.
* Collect and . Free download of Neb 1.0.2, size 3.00 Mb.

MaxScheduler 4.0 

Scheduling software that lets you step-up from using manual tools like spreadsheets, wallboards or piles of paper. Well suited for manufacturing and warehousing.MaxScheduler is a desktop program that lets you import jobs, create a graphical schedule from those jobs and share it within your business as a set of webpages. Editing the schedule is . Free download of MaxScheduler 4.0, size 28.94 Mb.

Router IP Console DeNovo 1.1 Innerdive Solutions, LLC. 

Router IP Console DeNovo is a powerful tool that you can use for the quick control and management of any SNMP device. You can supervise the basic parameters of the device, such as uptime, amount and status of interfaces, routing, address tables and many, many more. You can control Cisco(R), Hewlett-Packard(R) and any other device which support . Free download of Router IP Console DeNovo 1.1, size 10.68 Mb.

Magic Router 1.0 My8z Info Holding Company Limited 

A. Standard IP:PORT routing.
. Bind selected adapter, i.e. select to avoid other computer access.
. Auto switch IP:PORT to another IP:PORT
. QoS, control bandwidth of connection.
. Support TCP/UDP protocol, ie HTTP, SMTP, POP3, DNS, TELNET, NETBIOS and SSL, Proxy, and more..
. Header forward, 1 port multiple . Free download of Magic Router 1.0, size 615.97 Kb.

Routix NetCom 1.8 Routix software 

NetCom is a software for system administrators, IT-professionals and advanced users.
With NetCom you can give full control over local area network (LAN) and over INTERNET connections.

- support for remote scripting (with Microsoft Active Scripting) and provide useful remote administration console;
- support any . Freeware download of Routix NetCom 1.8, size 3.94 Mb.

RM2200D 1.0 DHD Deubner Hoffmann Digital GmbH 

RM2200D is a standard software for configuring the RM2200D console. This software gives the user details about the state of the system, letting him change the operation parameters of the console. With the help of RM2200D software, the user has more detailed and flexible metering of the audio signals, access to a programmable timer, display of the . Freeware download of RM2200D 1.0, size 3.70 Mb.

KELLYWARE KCam 4.0.56 KellyWare 

KCam Router/Mill software is designed to run low cost hobby CNC equipment. Program your paths using the built in Gcode editor, or import DXF, NC, and PLT files.

Create signs and plates using your CAD software and import your work into KCam. Dual cutting depth allows for holes and outlines to be punched out after routing.

. Free download of KELLYWARE KCam 4.0.56, size 6.49 Mb.

StreetSync Desktop 4.0 RouteSolutions 

An affordable and easy-to-use route scheduling software package for your business. Improve fleet efficiency, enhance customer service, and streamline your overall operations with StreetSync. The program utilizes digital maps to help you locate customers, partition your workload, and optimize your customer stop sequence. . Free download of StreetSync Desktop 4.0, size 20.28 Mb.

EZU Enterprise 9.0 GeoBis International 

EZU 9.0 Enterprise is a multinational solution for Address Normalization Macro Zone Allocation and Automatic Location for one or a database of addresses written in different formats.
EZU also allows you to locate results directly on to Digital Maps down to neighborhood and block level. . Freeware download of EZU Enterprise 9.0, size 524.29 Mb.

Ministore 1.0 BSS Audio 

MiniStore is a PC based method for organising, storing and deleting program memories in either the FDS-334 or FDS-336 Minidrive loudspeaker management processors.

MiniStore can work with either individual programs or whole memory sets and can load and save these programs onto the PC hard disk for backup and later recall. In this way . Freeware download of Ministore 1.0, size 80.67 Mb.

Power Plan Chooser 1.0.3730 David Vielmetter 

Power Plan Chooser is a small application written in C#. It runs in the notification area and allows you to quickly switch between the three standard Windows 7 power plans (Balanced, High performance and Power saver). The icon will change color based on the plan you’ve selected indicating which power plan is currently active on your . Freeware download of Power Plan Chooser 1.0.3730, size 56.67 Mb.

Net'n Node 3 2 Weinzierl Engineering GmbH 

This software is an extremely powerful bus monitor that features a set of highly efficient tools for analysing the bus devices and the system. It is able to track all telegrams exchanged over the KNX. The telegrams can be filtered according to their layer, and further information such as the service code or time stamp can be displayed. . Free download of Net'n Node 3 2, size 14.25 Mb.

Keymap SDK C++ Edition Demo 1.0 17 Degree Inc. 

The Keymap SDK is a set of C classes designed with the purpose of simplifying the development process of GIS applications for programmers. It supports a wide range of GIS features, include built-in GPS support, symbology and advanced road styles. Unlike other GIS products which are usually shipped as ActiveX components, Keymap SDK is a set of C . Free download of Keymap SDK C++ Edition Demo 1.0, size 0 b.

SLS (Sanitary Lift Station) 1 1 Knowles Civil Engineering 

Output to Screen and/or to Printer in Tabulated Format. Data file capability for quick and easy work sessions.

Main features:

- Windows 98 and above format featuring Windows Input.
- Output to Screen and/or to Printer in Tabulated Format.
- Data file capability for quick and easy work sessions.
- User . Free download of SLS (Sanitary Lift Station) 1 1, size 2.58 Mb.

Streets On A Disk 8 2 Klynas Engineering 

Streets On A Disk is full featured mapping software. Streets includes the ability to overlay database or other custom information on the map, a professional map editor, and full search capabilities. Also featured is a router that can automatically create delivery groups, optimize a travel agenda, and give written travel directions (with distance, . Free download of Streets On A Disk 8 2, size 2.39 Mb.

EDComX 1 52 Visionics 

The EDComX tool kit alleviates the time consuming process of creating both Code Models and User-Defined Nodes by automating the creation of standard files used to define Code Models and User-Defined Nodes. It achieves this by employing easy-to-use dialog windows for entering all relevant information. EDComX also includes a special Code Model . Freeware download of EDComX 1 52, size 1.75 Mb.

ipCompiler 19.0.5 STEITZ IT-Solutions 

IPCompiler very fast system and network diagnostic tool. It puts you into the position to accomplish complete diagnosis and/or stocktaking of your system and network hardware. ll information can be raised both from local or from a remote system. You do not need any additional software on the Clients - you only need administrative privileges on the . Free download of ipCompiler 19.0.5, size 3.83 Mb.

Travelling Salesman problem in the city 

Let's imagine for an example such situation. You are engaged in delivery of small goods in the city.You need to optimize a route of the courier (traveling salesman or vehicle) to go round some customers in different places of city and to return to a point of departure.There can be such situation.You need to go round, we shall admit, 16 customers. . Freeware download of Travelling Salesman problem in the city, size 471.04 Kb.

Voxengo Recorder 1.4 Aleksey Vaneev 

Recorder is an utility audio plug-in which allows you to record the output of the channel or bus into the stereo WAV file of specified bit depth. routing to MME (multimedia extensions) soundcard is also supported.
. Free download of Voxengo Recorder 1.4, size 975.17 Kb.