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General Principles of Video Game Design 1.001 Game Innovator 

Learn the general principles of Video Game design in this eBook. These principles can be applied to all platforms. Find out about the basic ground rules of Game design that you should know. The sections available in this eBook are: -Plan to Succeed -Discipline is Key -Principles of Designing Games -Recommended Resources The recommended resources . Freeware download of General Principles of Video Game Design 1.001, size 1.23 Mb.


DOFUS (Mac/Linux) 1.25 Ankama Games 

DOFUS is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Being a mixture of Video Game and interactive animated cartoon, DOFUS brings a new concept within Online games.Since the precious DOFUS disappeared, the province of Amakna is in turmoil but not without any reason! Indeed, the extraordinary powers contained in these magic dragon eggs start to . Free download of DOFUS (Mac/Linux) 1.25, size 17.09 Mb.

iPuissance 4D 6 13 Beroux.com 

iPuissance 4D is a free multiplayer (local/Online) Connect 4 style Video Game.

The Connect Four Game is played with red and yellow counters on a vertical grid of 6x7, closed at the bottom. In turns each player drops a counter of his colour in the column of his choice, until one of them makes a line of 4 counters of his colour, like in . Freeware download of iPuissance 4D 6 13, size 7.96 Mb.

iRacing.com Race Simulation 1.01.0308 iRacing.com Motorsport Simulations 

iRacing's goal is not to a racing simulation Video Game. The developers created this software for the real racer that can gain an advantage training on virtual grounds. They created this software with the maximum amount of detail, using GPS information for tracks, and allying themselves with car manufacturers to get as much information as . Free download of iRacing.com Race Simulation 1.01.0308, size 0 b.

Labyrinth of Zarus 1 iBloom Studios 

Labyrinth of Zarus is a retro-themed adventure/dungeon crawler Video Game. You play as a treasure hunter searching for the lost treasures inside the labyrinth. Collect treasure, explore levels and fend off enemies with your whip. Each level is randomly generated offering a new experience each time you play. . Freeware download of Labyrinth of Zarus 1, size 756.74 Kb.

Pacman for Kids - Gioco per bambini 2.067 Zoom 

Pacman for kids is a Game clone of the well known Pacman arcade Video Game by Namco intended to children (from about 4 to 8 years). It improves the eye-digital coordination of the child, it is funny, it is easier to play (less speed, reduced difficulty) and it has music and animations. (Available in English and Italian) . Free download of Pacman for Kids - Gioco per bambini 2.067, size 766.98 Kb.

Video Game Outlets Database 1.0 Oddity Software LLC 

This database contains businesses in the following categories: Video Games Wholesale & Manufacturers, Video Game Equipment & Supplies, Video Game Sales & Rental, Video Arcades, Video Game Service & Repair, Audio & Video Recording Equipment & Supplies and Games & Supplies Dealers.... . Free download of Video Game Outlets Database 1.0, size 1.64 Mb.

D3DGear 4.41 D3DGear Technologies 

D3DGear is a very fast Video Game recording software, Video Game recorder and Game screen capture software for PC. It allows user to record Video Game screen without slowing down the Game. D3DGears Video Game recording performance and quality are superior among other Game Video Game recorder software.

D3DGear also is very fast all in one . Free download of D3DGear 4.41, size 4.59 Mb.

American Gladiators 1.0 GameGuerilla 

American Gladiators is a Video Game made in 1991 by for the Amiga, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Super NES and Nintendo Entertainment System. It is based on the popular TV Game show, American Gladiators. The NES version varied greatly from the others as well as the Game show itself in that the events were morphed into side-scrolling and overhead . Freeware download of American Gladiators 1.0, size 1.60 Mb.

1999 C# && XNA Video Game 1.0 cxnavideogame.sourceforge.net 

This is a Video Game completed by Dacoda Nelson and Cody Crace, seniors at the Center for Advanced Learning for their senior capstone project. . Freeware download of 1999 C# && XNA Video Game 1.0, size 197.41 Mb.

Advanced Video Game Emulator rc avge.sourceforge.net 

AVGE is the Advanced Video Game Emulator, which aims to emulate newest Video Game systems, at the moment, a N64 emulator is in progress. . Freeware download of Advanced Video Game Emulator rc, size 12.40 Kb.

Mixing style video game 1.0 Mixingstylevide 

A Video Game with a mixture of 2D, 3D graphics, but mostly 2D. Currently in the planning phase. Database oriented, with multiplayer gameplay intended. Also with an underlying translation framework for Hindi and Japanese.

Mixing style Video Game 1.0 License - zlib/libpng License . Freeware download of Mixing style video game 1.0, size 0 b.

1999 C# && XNA Video Game 1.0 Cxnavideogame 

This is a Video Game completed by Dacoda Nelson and Cody Crace, seniors at the Center for Advanced Learning for their senior capstone project.

Works on PC, Also works on XBOX 360, Final release, no longer continued

1999 C# && XNA Video Game 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL); Public Domain . Freeware download of 1999 C# && XNA Video Game 1.0, size 197.41 Mb.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online - MAC 1.0 Pokemontcgomac 

A port of the the beta version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online using Wineskin, for Mac users. This port gives mac users the ability to try out the beta version of this application.

Pokemon will be releasing a mac version at some point, but I just couldn't wait, it's not perfect but it does give you a chance to try it . Freeware download of Pokemon Trading Card Game Online - MAC 1.0, size 558.62 Mb.

FMHS TSA Video Game 1.0 Fmhstsa 

This project is for the Fort Myers High School Technology Student Association club, and is apart of the Video Game division. We will be creating a Video Game from scratch and registering it into a contest, with the best hopes of winning :)

Beautiful scenery, High tech FMEngine, High productivity value . Freeware download of FMHS TSA Video Game 1.0, size 20.82 Mb.

Death and Return of Superman 1.0 GameGuerilla 

The Death and Return of Superman is a beat 'em up Video Game based on the Death of Superman storyline. It features many characters from the comics, including Superman himself, Superboy, The Man of Steel, The Man of Tomorrow, The Last Son of Krypton, and Doomsday. All of the five Supermen are playable characters at some point. The gameplay is the . Freeware download of Death and Return of Superman 1.0, size 2.19 Mb.

Super Mario All-Stars 1.0 GameGuerilla 

Super Mario All-Stars, known in Japan as Super Mario Collection, is a Video Game that was developed and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993. It contains enhanced remakes of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (Japanese: Super Mario Bros. 2), Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japanese: Super Mario USA), and . Freeware download of Super Mario All-Stars 1.0, size 1.82 Mb.

SurroundMemory 1.2 SuderMariusz 

OCtSurround Memory OCo Sounds of the natureOCL is audio/Video Game. Stereophonic sound simulate 2d plane.

OCtSurround MemoryOCL use already developed sound cursors OCo Sonar, Herth, Basket, sounds and works quite different.
Sound Cursor allow you to hear you position on the plane and each sound is playing from differend . Free download of SurroundMemory 1.2, size 4.12 Mb.

Hyper Dunk - The Playoff Edition 1.0 GameFabrique 

Double Dribble is a basketball Video Game by Konami. The original version was an arcade Game released in 1986. In September of 1987 a version followed for Nintendo's Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy in 1991 (called Double Dribble 5-on-5). A version was also released for the Commodore 64 computer. The NES version features 5-on-5 action on . Freeware download of Hyper Dunk - The Playoff Edition 1.0, size 1.71 Mb.

Guide + Cheats for Lego Movie Video Game 2.0 MogulApps 

Complete Guide + Cheats for The Lego Movie Video Game!

DOWNLOAD NOW! . Free download of Guide + Cheats for Lego Movie Video Game 2.0, size 4.72 Mb.