Running Process Software

PermEdit 1.25 Bradyok Network 

PermEdit grants system access to any Running Process. Usually it's used for packet editors like WPE Pro and T-Search because sometimes they are unable to target a certain game or it does not appear in the list. It can be used for other programs though. . Free download of PermEdit 1.25, size 10.48 Kb.


Process Lasso Bitsum Technologies 

Every Running Process comes with a CPU usage value. The Windows operating system allows them to consume as much memory space and CPU as they need without setting any kind of boundaries or restrictions.This could lead to computer responsiveness issues and other similar problems. But now there is a way to optimize your CPU and memory for a faster and . Free download of Process Lasso, size 2.21 Mb.

Proc Net Monitor 4.0 SecurityXploded 

Proc Net Monitor is the FREE software to monitor the Network activity of all Running Process in the system. Here are the Top Features, * Detailed Network Activity of Process: Displays all network bound processes and all (TCP/UDP) ports/connections opened by selected Process. * Unique 'Port Search' feature: Find processes which are using specified . Freeware download of Proc Net Monitor 4.0, size 4.12 Mb.

Unload_dll 1.0.5 Jelle Geerts 

As its name suggests, Unload_dll is a lightweight command line application that enables you to easily unload a DLL file from a Running Process.

Unload_dll can search for the Process that the DLL file is connected to and try to unload the DLL file several times. However, if the Process is 'pinned', the application will not be able to . Freeware download of Unload_dll 1.0.5, size 0 b.

AppKILL Skeetch Design 

AppKILL is a lightweight application designed to provide you with a simple method for forcing a Running Process to stop.

AppKILL features a clean interface, where you only have to enter the Process name and press the 'Kill' button to end it.

. Freeware download of AppKILL, size 0 b.

AS PROCESS WIN32 DLL 2.0 AS Computer Software 

Other memory managers, as applications, give you many interesting information about Running Process but control is limited. Now you will have Process memory manager inside your applications. You can make changer on your own or let user to make them. You will give your users all needed help to set system in working environment for the best . Free download of AS PROCESS WIN32 DLL 2.0, size 52.43 Kb.

ProcNetMonitor 2.7 SecurityXploded Inc 

ProcNetMonitor is the free tool to monitor the network activity of all Running Process in the system. It displays all open network ports (TCP/UDP) and active network connections for each Process. It has advanced color based auto analysis system to make it easy to distinguish network oriented processes from others with just one glance at the list. . Freeware download of ProcNetMonitor 2.7, size 576.72 Kb.

ThlLEDArray 1.3 Nicolas Reinschmidt 

ThlLEDArray is a small component that can display a configurable array of LEDs. The component can be used to display status / progress information or the activity of a Running Process. Furthermore it can function as a button array and in the extreme case of 1-pixel wide LEDs it can display contour diagrams.


Xyvos System Explorer 1.0 XyvosTechnologies 

Xyvos System Explorer is a sophisticated system information utility .It shows Running Process, active TCP /UDP connections and Autorun entries from registry .Xyvos System Explorer displays helpful information about the processes including Process name, Path, PID,Company name, Authenticode signed etc. If you are connected to network, it shows . Freeware download of Xyvos System Explorer 1.0, size 258.05 Kb.

Windows Leaks Detector 1.1.3 

The tool helps to detect any resorces leaks (memory, handles etc.) in any Win32 application. Based on hooking of Win API calls: no source code required, attaches to any Running Process. Call stack available. Agregates leaks by origin. . Freeware download of Windows Leaks Detector 1.1.3, size 23.19 Kb.

SterJo Task Manager 2.7 SterJo Software 

How many times does your computer slow you down in the middle of important work because of too many open and Running apps, services and etc?
It’s very annoying and disturbing, we all know.
We can give you an insight in one of the simplest and easy-to-handle gadgets you could find, and it’s FREE.

SterJo Task Manager software . Freeware download of SterJo Task Manager 2.7, size 899.56 Kb.

LuJoSoft ScreenCapture 1.0.0 LuJoSoft 

The place for all your free software and much more


Easy to use.
No Running Process in the background.
Very small 558KB.
It's absolutely Free!!! No catch no nag screen or cripple function.

<b>How to use:</b>

Simple . Freeware download of LuJoSoft ScreenCapture 1.0.0, size 209.72 Kb.

EF Process Manager 5.50 EFSoftware 

What the Process Manager is and what you can do with it:* you can easily see what’s happening behind the desktop
* which processes are Running on your computer
* you can see all modules which are loaded, or only those used by a particular Process
* you’re the master: Process Manager lets you close normally or kill . Free download of EF Process Manager 5.50, size 1.05 Mb.

myProcMan 1.1 Turkish Security Network 

myProcMan is an interactive user friendly Process manager for Windows. Detailed information provided about programs and processes Running on the computer. Tool’s database contains more than 12000 processes and provides guidance on the usefulness or not of these programs and services, and removal procedures when recommended.Brief Features:+ . Freeware download of myProcMan 1.1, size 5.91 Mb.

Sarah's Task Manager New Sarah Prout 

Sarah's Task Manager is a handy, easy to use application specially designed to offer users a Task Manager with processes, services, computer info, Process count, and CPU Usage.
for WindowsAll

. Freeware download of Sarah's Task Manager New, size 0 b.

Portable EF Process Manager 5.80 EFSoftware 

What the Process Manager is and what you can do with it:

you can easily see what's happening behind the desktop
which processes are Running on your computer
you can see all modules which are loaded, or only those used by a particular Process
you're the master: Process Manager lets you close normally or kill any Running . Free download of Portable EF Process Manager 5.80, size 1.04 Mb.

Prio 64bit 1.9.2009 O&amp;K Software 

Prio is a utility for saving the priority of applications and interface enhancements for the standard Task Manager Prio will save the applied changes and each time you start this Process from now on, it will set the saved priority for it. You will not have to change the priority manually any more What is the priority of an application? Windows is . Free download of Prio 64bit 1.9.2009, size 566.27 Kb.

System Gate IT Works Corporation 

SYSTEM GATE+eT« is a program filter that blocks programs from Running on a computer (yours, your child's or employee+oOeCOaos computer). Once activated, System Gate will block games, chat messengers, internet browsers or any other unwanted program installed on a PC. System Gate also provides additional information about programs currently . Free download of System Gate, size 2.31 Mb.

QuickSlice 1 Microsoft 

QuickSlice shows the percentage of total CPU usage for each Process in a system. This tool is similar to Pstat.exe, but it presents the information in a graphical format.

With QuickSlice you can easily check the real-time processor usage for each of the Running Process.

. Free download of QuickSlice 1, size 0 b.

Memory Optimizer and Cleaner 7.10.01 Data Recovery Fix 

Optimize memory, Increase RAM speed, Boost up memory with easy to use memory optimizer software. Software is the one stop solution for every computer memory problem and proves a boon for your slow Running computer. Memory Optimizer software can effectively speed up your computer performance by 80% thus making your PC work fast than ever before. Be . Free download of Memory Optimizer and Cleaner 7.10.01, size 1.16 Mb.