Schema Comparison Tool Software

Visual Database Diff 1.0 Visdatabasediff 

This is a visual database Schema Comparison Tool that enables end-users to dynamically determine the object differences between two disparate databases.Very useful for analyzing configuration differences. Read more at

Visual Database Diff 1.0 License - Common Public License 1.0 . Freeware download of Visual Database Diff 1.0, size 0 b.


dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 5.1.71 Devart 

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server is a reliable database Schema Comparison Tool that saves you time and effort when comparing and synchronizing SQL Server databases. SQL Compare allows you to work with live SQL Server databases, snapshots, script folders, and native backups.

You can compare your SQL Server databases, analyze . Free download of dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 5.1.71, size 50.03 Mb.

Video Comparison Tool New Robert Reinhardt 

Video Comparison Tool is a small, easy to use application specially designed to help you compare two differently encoded videos of the same content side-by-side with this application.

You can drag and drop files directly into the Comparison window, and change the viewable portion of each video by dragging a the vertical divider line in . Free download of Video Comparison Tool New, size 0 b.

SQL Server Comparison Tool 1.2 AlfaAlfa Software 

SQL Server Comparison Tool is a Windows program for analyzing, comparing and documenting SQL Server databases. It's an ideal Tool for Database Administrators (DBA) and Developers. With SQL Server Comparison Tool you can take full control of your databases: analyze, compare and document structure of tables, procedures, functions, views, triggers and . Free download of SQL Server Comparison Tool 1.2, size 3.60 Mb.

'Bill Cruncher' Rate Comparison Tool 1.0.1 Ahead Consulting Group 

Bill Cruncher is a comprehensive rate Comparison Tool for Internet and telecommunication products. Allows you to enter your own billing information to receive personalized analysis in real-time. Don't waste time with slick salesmen, going from store to store, or hours on the phone. Get the unbiased consumer information you need in less time than it . Freeware download of 'Bill Cruncher' Rate Comparison Tool 1.0.1, size 0 b.

CodeCompare Pro 2.80 Devart 

CodeCompare Pro, an indispensable code Comparison Tool from Devart.
New version of CodeCompare comes with improved performance and stability. Advanced Comparison approaches, that consider the peculiarities of different programming languages, perfectly fit the needs of developers.
Unique Visual Studio integration helps to make all of . Free download of CodeCompare Pro 2.80, size 11.11 Mb.

SQLMatcher 2.3 Release 4 Build 896 BerryWare 

SQLMatcher's primary use is as a SQL Comparison Tool. It helps the user to determine what the main differences are between two databases. It does this far better than simple text Comparison tools because it actually parses the SQL scripts and produces an in-memory image of the database.

There are other features that make Comparison of . Free download of SQLMatcher 2.3 Release 4 Build 896, size 0 b.

RLA Oracle Schema Compare 1.2 RLATechSoft 

A GUI application which compares two Schema(database) and provides the differences. This Tool currently supports Table, View, Index, Type, Functions, Procedures, Triggers, package and package_body. GUI can filter the missing and different elements so that the missing elements are in the top and then difference elements. Differences in functions, . Free download of RLA Oracle Schema Compare 1.2, size 517.62 Kb.

dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle 4.3 Devart 

dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle is a comprehensive Tool for comparing and synchronizing schemas from databases, script folders, snapshots, and backups. The Schema Compare Tool can become a great assistant when you need to analyze the impact of changes made to your database Schema, identify all differences between Oracle databases, and generate a . Free download of dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle 4.3, size 84.32 Mb.

MSSQL.SchemaDiff WintestGear 

MSSQL Schema Diff is a free database Comparison Tool used to quickly and easily locate structural differences between two SQL Server databases. Results are clearly displayed with MSSQL objects in a familiar SQL Management Studio tree layout and property comparisons in a matching data grid. Intuitive icons and color codes make it easy to spot . Freeware download of MSSQL.SchemaDiff, size 440.32 Kb.

DTM Schema Comparer 1.01.01 DTM soft 

DTM Schema Comparer is a visual database schemas Comparison Tool that supports ODBC, OLEDB and Oracle Call Interface connecctions. The visual representation of database schemas as a tree makes the Comparison process more comfortable. The built-in SQL text Comparison Tool allows you to view two scripts with differences displayed in a comfortable . Free download of DTM Schema Comparer 1.01.01, size 1.10 Mb.

OraSchemaCompare RLATechSoft 

Schema Comparison is an important and useful way to know the difference specially when Schema upgrade is done and compare it with referene version to ensure that upgrade was successful. This Tool provides an easy to use GUI interface for comparing the two Schema. The settings for Schema elements to be compares can be set using the options provided . Free download of OraSchemaCompare, size 524.29 Kb.

SQLDiffer 1 Professional Software Factory Ltd. 

SQLDiffer is a Comparison Tool used to visually display selected data for easy observation of the differences. The data used in the comparisons can be obtained from a wide range of databases. Any database with an ODBC interface is supported by SQLDiffer.Data is retrieved from the database using Structured Query Language (SQL). For users, unfamiliar . Free download of SQLDiffer 1, size 1.64 Mb.

D-Softs DB Compare 2.02 D-Softs 

DBC ensuring your applications don't fail due to a missing database structure object DBC (Database Compare) is a fast, comprehensive database structure and data Comparison Tool.DBC can compares the Schema of two Microsoft SQL Server databases and quickly locates the differences in tables, views, stored procedures or any other object in the . Free download of D-Softs DB Compare 2.02, size 6.44 Mb.

Apex SQL Diff 2005.14 Apex SQL tools 

Apex SQL Diff is a server based, high speed database Comparison Tool that will analyze the differences in tables, procedures, views, users etc between two Microsoft SQL Server databases in seconds. You will be able to visually observe the differences in the object's script shown side by side. Apex SQL Diff Tool also allows you to programmatically . Free download of Apex SQL Diff 2005.14, size 18.33 Mb.

FCPro 1.2.0 Coleap 

FCPro is a command-line binary file Comparison Tool. With improved file access methods, it is very fast. It does not use the file system cache, instead it reads directly from disk media, so you can identify corrupted files caused by defective disk media. It can prompt to confirm each error and provide detailed relevant information, select files by . Free download of FCPro 1.2.0, size 250.88 Kb.

ExamXML Pro 5.10 A7Soft 

ExamXML Pro is a powerful and easy to use a visual XML files and folders Comparison Tool for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. It was specially developed for comparing, editing and merging XML files in an intelligent manner. It provides best-in-class features that distinguish ExamXML Pro from other XML Comparison tools. ExamXML Pro supports folder . Free download of ExamXML Pro 5.10, size 13.58 Mb.

SQL Effects Clarity 1.2 SQL Effects Software 

SQL Effects Clarity is an advanced SQL Server database Comparison Tool. The Tool differentiates itself from other database Comparison tools by focusing on ease of use, flexible Comparison selections and criteria, lightning fast Comparison performance, unique GUI review of differences (instead of scripting out the objects then doing a basic file . Free download of SQL Effects Clarity 1.2, size 4.45 Mb.

Diff Doc 8.10 Softinterface, Inc. 

You demand fast and accurate document comparisons, and now you can have it. 'Diff Doc' is a powerful yet easy to use folder/file compare and remediation utility. Use it to compare files of all types including MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint, PDF, RTF, Text, XML, HTML, Wordperfect and more. Our document Comparison utility works the way all software . Free download of Diff Doc 8.10, size 6.29 Mb.

DiffImg Portable 1.3.2000 xbee 

DiffImg is a simple image Comparison Tool which take two images with the same size as input. Some statitics are computed and the positions where pixel differ are displayed as a color mask. . Freeware download of DiffImg Portable 1.3.2000, size 8.49 Mb.