School Timetable Generator Software

GHC Timetables EN 19.2.59 Penalara GHC 

Penalara GHC is an automatic software to generate timetables for schools of different levels: primary schools, high schools, vocational schools, universities and all other academic institutions. GHC consists of 3 parts, which together achieve a balanced and optimal Timetable. These parts are the planner, the engine and the editor. In the planner . Free download of GHC Timetables EN 19.2.59, size 22.91 Mb.


ZonabitOrario 4 2 Zonabit Sistemi Srl 

ZonabitOrario produces automatically the School Timetable, solving all the constraints without penalizing the teachers. ZonabitOrario uses a calculation technique that is very innovative and original, and really generates the final Timetable, solving very complex problems such as laboratories, gyms and transfers between different School . Free download of ZonabitOrario 4 2, size 1.87 Mb.

orar810demo 1.0 proged 

orar810 is a program used for School Timetable realization.
The program is useful for designing timetables for schools up to 80 classes.

The terms accepted by the program to design the Timetable are:

- The days or the day end the hour when a teacher must not be included in the Timetable
- To mention the . Free download of orar810demo 1.0, size 23.86 Mb.

orario_elettronico 5.0 

Written in php and using mysql to compile a School Timetable. Version 5 supports the automatic allocation of hours via php scripts. On windows platform the program is limited to a trial period of 10 days . Freeware download of orario_elettronico 5.0, size 1.12 Mb.

webmst 1.0 Webmst 

Web Interface for creation of a School Timetable

webmst 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL) . Freeware download of webmst 1.0, size 0 b.

Homework Planner and Diary 1.2.1 Hugh Bellamy 

Homework Planner is your ideal app for School and organisation!
-Organise not only your homework, but your School Timetable as well!
-No Adverts!
-Edit Homework!
-Notification with Homework!
-Easy to use interface!
-Share to Facebook, Twitter, and your email contacts!
-Integration with your . Free download of Homework Planner and Diary 1.2.1, size 1.05 Mb.

aSc TimeTables 3. 8. 2012 aSc Applied Software 

aSc TimeTables is built as the only timetabling solution that can generate School Timetable up to the last card.
You should check the Tutorial first as it shows you the basics of the software and you can quickly get info on what the software can do and where to find it.
Simple data entry:
· It is quick and easy . Free download of aSc TimeTables 3. 8. 2012, size 15.20 Mb.

BenchMark Timetable 10.1 BenchMark Timetable 

Easy to use School scheduling program that solves master schedules within a few seconds.

With 3 kinds of programs to choose from :
1) Standard Classes Timetable
2) Students Scheduler : Commonwealth Countries
3) USA Gr8-12 Semester scheduler.
Student scheduler includes, import and export of students to your School . Free download of BenchMark Timetable 10.1, size 5.71 Mb.

TimeTabler 2010 5 1 October ReSolutions Ltd 

Timetabling (scheduling) has a powerful effect on the life of a School or college, and if you are a timetabler you carry a heavy responsibility. Modern software can relieve you of much of the donkey-work of timetabling, leaving you with more time to apply your skill and judgement where they are needed in order to produce a Timetable of the highest . Free download of TimeTabler 2010 5 1, size 8.39 Mb.

SW Payroll 3 3 BBA Software / SchoolWrite International 

The SW Payroll was designed specifically to meet the general requirements and functions of a business, School or college, as a stand alone system with password protection. It has built-in features which allow it to interface with BBA's SW Ledger and manually to link with any other General Ledger. . Freeware download of SW Payroll 3 3, size 4.23 Mb.

SchoolWrite 3. 3. 2007 BBA Software / SchoolWrite International 

All aspects of School administration are managed by SchoolWrite software for Windows, integrating class lists, end-of-term reports, SMS & email, on-line intranet, billing of School fees, accounting and bank reconciliation.

Main Features :

- instant email / SMS to parents & students
- Report Cards sent by . Free download of SchoolWrite 3. 3. 2007, size 9.84 Mb.

Harton Tech College 1.1 Mobile Rocket ltd 

"I would like to welcome you to Harton Technology College's website. We regularly update the information within this site, which we hope will provide a valuable resource for the School, students, teachers, parents, Governors and the wider community alike. We welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have that will help us improve the . Freeware download of Harton Tech College 1.1, size 2.94 Mb.

MyLife Music Collections & School 5 user 8.4 PowerHouse Software Co. 

A comprehensive suite of hobbies and kids programs. It contains Collection organizer programs for Music CDs, Movies, Videos, Books, Gadgets, Video Games, Coins, Stamps & comics. All programs come with huge databases for easy data entry, media info files, wish list maker and lent +oOeC"lost record for media. Also included are Travel . Free download of MyLife Music Collections & School 5 user 8.4, size 107.15 Mb.

TT-Options 2 9 Chris & Keith Johnson 

Options for Windows is a well-known program for analysing and organising the subject Choices (electives) that students make in the optional part of their curriculum.
Options is designed to help you streamline the annual business of arranging the subject Choices into an Options Pattern, ready for timetabling. . Free download of TT-Options 2 9, size 4.19 Mb.

Tswela Timetable 1 2 Tswela Services 

The Tswela Timetable System allows you to generate and setup a Timetable that matches the specific needs of your School in no time.

Colour-coding, following the easy menu-based breadcrumbs and circling of selected menu items, eliminate any confusion in the step-by-step simple process. . Freeware download of Tswela Timetable 1 2, size 6.25 Mb.

School Clock 3 8 VisualBench Technologies 

School clock is powerful, fast and useful timetabling program for automatic or interactive creation of Timetable. It is designed exclusively for schools and colleges with great respect for their needs. This software can assure clash-free and error-free Timetable and can relieve you of much of the hard manual work of timetabling, leaving you with . Free download of School Clock 3 8, size 34.03 Mb.

TS School 5.1.128 Time Software 

Free School administration application by Time Software.

TS School Standard provides schools with a fully-functional School administration software application absolutely free of charge.


Administration Class - Assign students and staff to classes for administration purposes, . Freeware download of TS School 5.1.128, size 63.11 Mb.

TimeTable Manager 2 1 Jack Valmadre 

The Timetable manager calculates the best possible Timetable you can choose each semester in School.There's also a swish drag-drop interface for making manual adjustments.It helps you organize your time more efficiently , so you don't miss your classes. . Freeware download of TimeTable Manager 2 1, size 37.46 Mb.

ABC Timetable 1.10.0303 Jutta Behling, ABC-Ware 

Create and print timetables for School and other activities! Simply select number of days, enter your times and subjects, select design, colors and fonts, save for later reuse and printout as many copies as you like. Ready! ABC Timetable is Freeware! . Freeware download of ABC Timetable 1.10.0303, size 2.41 Mb.

iMagic Timetable Master 1.4 iMagic 

Create Timetables for your School, college or university quickly and easily. Automatically create your timetables for Classes, Tutors and Rooms. iMagic Timetable Master will detect clashes before they occur and resolve them.

You can quickly change over Tutors for temporary teachers. You can even publish your results instantly on your . Free download of iMagic Timetable Master 1.4, size 2.70 Mb.