Scripting Tool Software

WEb Scripting/Stress Tool 0.9 

A console-based web Scripting Tool, (eventually) with Perl scripts for stress/performance testing. West is capable of both HTTP and HTTPS transactions using SSLeay or OpenSSL. . Freeware download of WEb Scripting/Stress Tool 0.9, size 35.66 Kb.


GroundControl 3.20 Acrasoft 

Automate repetitive tasks in Windows easily with your own custom macros using the powerful GroundControl Scripting Tool. Hundreds of commands are available for controlling your computer, monitoring your network, and accessing the Internet. An intuitive user interface leads you quickly through writing batch files, and a rich command set lets you get . Free download of GroundControl 3.20, size 1.23 Mb.

SkunkWorks Gregory Kusnick 

SkunkWorks is a Decal-based Scripting Tool for Asheron's Call. It allows you to automate aspects of your gameplay by writing macros in a variety of popular languages, including VBScript and JScript. Such macros have access to various elements of game state such as inventory and character stats and can control gameplay by issuing keystrokes and . Freeware download of SkunkWorks, size 3.79 Mb.

Smart Card Shell 3.7.1062 CardContact 

The Smart Card Shell is an interactive development and Scripting Tool that allows easy access to smart cards on an APDU level as well as on a file system level. It can be used to develop and test smart card applications, in particular applications integrated into a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
It is a Java application using the OpenCard . Freeware download of Smart Card Shell 3.7.1062, size 9.13 Mb.

Benthic Software: Golden Benthic Software 

Golden is a query and Scripting Tool for Oracle databases. It features close compatibility with SQLPLus' Scripting conventions including variable prompting and bind variable syntax. Easily build SQL statements with the SQLBuilder and popup helper lists. Directly export to Excel or Open Office calc or a number of different file formats. . Free download of Benthic Software: Golden, size 3.14 Mb.

SSMS 2008 Addin INSERT to SQL 1.2.1 NMally Computer Services 

SSMS Addin - Scripting Tool (INSERT to T-SQL) Script data to SQL, MySQL, CSV, & XML)
This SQL Server Management Studio Addin will revolutionize the way you export your table data. It's a lightweight and easy to use Tool that plugs right in to the context menu (right click menu) and offers a variety of options to customize your data for . Free download of SSMS 2008 Addin INSERT to SQL 1.2.1, size 1.98 Mb.

JudoScript Language 1.0 

JudoScript is a general-purpose, Java Scripting, multi-domain Scripting Tool/language. It combines the powers of declarative Scripting for many modern tasks and general object/procedural programming. It is simple, intuitive, practical and powerful. . Freeware download of JudoScript Language 1.0, size 4.07 Mb.

ThetaCircle 1.0 

ThetaCircle is an easy to use typing and Scripting Tool. Use it to type, copy and then pipe or paste your script to your favorite word processor. The major use of ThetaCircle is for translation and transcription. . Freeware download of ThetaCircle 1.0, size 57.21 Kb.

qtcl 4.0.0 

Qt/KDE-Tcl combines the power of the Tool Command Language (tcl) and the elegance of the Qt bases Gui approch. It is a Scripting Tool for qt or another toolkit for tcl. . Freeware download of qtcl 4.0.0, size 288.82 Kb.

SSRS CMD 1.1 2nd Rock from the Sun Ltd 

What is SSRS CMD? "The Scripting Tool Microsoft should have written." SSR CMD is an interactive Scripting Tool, designed to make working with SSRS faster and more flexible, enabling you to be more productive with your time. How is it interactive? You type directly into the command line. With a single command you can change a description, . Free download of SSRS CMD 1.1, size 1.91 Mb.

EasyScript.NET 1.0 EzTools Software 

EasyScript.NET enables Software Developers to integrate Scripting capabilities directly into their .NET applications. EasyScript.NET is a .NET Assembly wrapper for Script.NET (aka S#) which is a powerful Scripting Tool for .NET. EasyScript adds features to make it easier to use and much more powerful, especially when it comes to text generation . Freeware download of EasyScript.NET 1.0, size 2.07 Mb.

LASengine 1.0 Lasengine 

LASengine is a powerful game engine to create 2D point-and-click adventure games. It uses LUA as the Scripting Tool.

LASengine 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL) . Freeware download of LASengine 1.0, size 0 b.

XLnow OnScript 1.0.330 XLnow 

XLnow OnScript is an integrated Tool for writing, maintaining and running scripts on Microsoft Windows desktop and server systems. With OnScript you can: Create VBScript and JScript files, Windows Script Files and Script Components from template files with a predefined structure. Use Wizards to create valid .WSF and .WSH scripts. .BAT, .CMD, .HTA, . Free download of XLnow OnScript 1.0.330, size 5.70 Mb.

kosmos AutoPilot Developer 1.00 kosmos BOS 

kosmos AutoPilot Developer is a RAD Tool for programming business processes into usual Business Applications that use a Database. The applications run in 3 tier mode, right out of the box. Using this Tool the developer can construct software agents that have a role as procedure coordinators, planners and experts. The agents are written with . Free download of kosmos AutoPilot Developer 1.00, size 5.59 Mb.

DataVoila Wulfsoft 

DataVoila is a programmable editor for text files, CSV documents and other structured or unstructured data. Using DataVoila's Scripting support, you can easily automate tasks like converting between text-based formats, performing search-and-replace operations or validating input data.
Scripts in DataVoila are written in C#, giving you access . Free download of DataVoila, size 4.39 Mb.

WebCruiser - Web Vulnerability Scanner 2.3.2 

WebCruiser - Web Vulnerability Scanner, a compact but powerful web security scanning Tool that will aid you in auditing your site! It has a Vulnerability Scanner and a series of security tools. It can support scanning website as well as POC( Prooving of concept) for web vulnerabilities: SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, XPath Injection etc. So, . Freeware download of WebCruiser - Web Vulnerability Scanner 2.3.2, size 207.87 Kb.

Script Start Professional 2 2 Entrigue Systems 

Start enables you to create and manage user profiles on Windows desktops from virtually any server OS. Script Start Professional enables administrators to automate routine Windows desktop management tasks that might otherwise have to be done manually, with KiXtart, or with other complex Scripting. Script Start leads the market in server platform . Freeware download of Script Start Professional 2 2, size 39.04 Mb.

SocketTools Enterprise Edition 4 Catalyst Development Corporation 

The Enterprise Edition offers the best of both worlds for the corporate developer who needs visual controls for rapid application development, as well as the power and flexibility of dynamic-link libraries for developing core application systems, and support for object-oriented design of those applications. Including ActiveX controls, dynamic link . Free download of SocketTools Enterprise Edition 4, size 13.28 Mb.

SocketTools Secure Enterprise Edition 4 Catalyst Development Corporation 

The SocketTools Secure Enterprise Edition is a collection of components that supports secure data connections over the Internet or a local network. Included are File Transfer Protocol (FTPS), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTPS), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS), Post Office Protocol (POP3S), Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTPS), Telnet . Free download of SocketTools Secure Enterprise Edition 4, size 13.28 Mb.

web to date 8.0 DATA BECKER GmbH & Co. KG 

Web to date is a commercial content management system, designed and distributed by the Data Becker software publishing house. The software is operated in the Microsoft Windows systems. This website creation program is a client-side pre-processing CMS, meaning that HTML and PHP scripts are generated by the software on the webmaster’s PC, then . Free download of web to date 8.0, size 242.22 Mb.