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Scriptol PHP Compiler 7.0 Scriptol 

scriptol is a modern and easy to learn programming language. The minimal scriptol program is just one line: print "hello", for example. It is intended both to program applications (using XUL or GTK for the graphical interface), or scripts and Web pages. Inside Web pages scriptol is converted to PHP and provides to PHP error checking at . Freeware download of Scriptol PHP Compiler 7.0, size 839.68 Kb.


Scriptol Php 7.0 Scriptol 

scriptol is a modern programming language, designed to be simple and easy to learn, allowing new users ready to program in some hours. The programming time is largely decreased.

scriptol is object-oriented, xml-oriented, extensible, universal, uses C , PHP or Java APIs, and GTK for graphical user interface. It is universal, that means . Freeware download of Scriptol Php 7.0, size 103.13 Mb.

Scriptol Xul Dev 1.3 

Xul Dev means for Xul development environment. The IDE is intended to design Xul interfaces and to make programs in any programming language. The IDE is written in scriptol C++ and available in source form and as binary executable. . Freeware download of Scriptol Xul Dev 1.3, size 119.00 Kb.

Universal Configurator 1 5 

Graphical front-end to configure any program that has a configuration file in ini or xml format. . Freeware download of Universal Configurator 1 5, size 799.74 Kb.

Speedy Make 2.0 Haskell 

Replaces make by the simplest parser and its makefile format by a portable XML document. Some predefined actions are sufficient to give tasks to the interpreter. It is a small engine that parses recursively an XML file and turn it into a list of command to process. A lot of tasks are automated, for example, the parser needs only for the name of the . Freeware download of Speedy Make 2.0, size 41.94 Kb.

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It is designed to be natural, safe, very powerful, and to allow you program computers, not only very quickly but also with pleasure. The personal edition is free. Both the personal and enterprise...