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Aston2 Menu 1.6.1 Gladiators Software 

Aston2 Menu opens the new line of Aston2 products, which turn your desktop into a yet more convenient and attractive environment. Aston2 is developed on an absolutely new engine, created from scratch. Aston2 product line includes three basic products:- Aston2 Menu, which replaces the regular Windows start menu.- Aston2 Panels, which can replace . Free download of Aston2 Menu 1.6.1, size 9.86 Mb.


Examine64 Text Search 5 2 Aquila Software 

Examine64 Text search is a fast and versatile text search utility. It can search both text and binary files using either ordinary text or GREP-like regular expressions, based on the standard UNIX search utility.
The logical operators OR, AND, NOT and XOR can be used with a specified search proximity. Files within ZIP archives can also be . Free download of Examine64 Text Search 5 2, size 1.57 Mb.

Portable grepWin Google 

Portable grepWin is the portable version of grepWin developed to be able to run from a USB flash drive or any other portable device.
Portable grepWin is a simple, easy to use search and replace tool which can use regular expressions to do its job. This allows to do much more powerful searches and replaces. . Freeware download of Portable grepWin, size 586.75 Kb.

Aston Menu 2.0 Gladiators Software 

Aston2 Menu opens the new line of Aston2 products, which turn your desktop into a yet more convenient and attractive environment. Aston2 is developed on an absolutely new engine, created from scratch. Aston2 product line includes three basic products: - Aston2 Menu, which replaces the regular Windows start menu. - Aston2 Panels, which can replace . Free download of Aston Menu 2.0, size 10.11 Mb.

SearchIt 1.2 LeSoftRejion LLC 

SearchIt is free file search software which lets you search files containing search term within file Name, file Data, and search sub-directories.
You can easily find what you are looking for wihout having to go through each folder and open file and search in the file. Double click or hit Enter key to open selected file in windows default . Freeware download of SearchIt 1.2, size 19.97 Kb.

DocSearcher 3.93.0 Torsten Henschel & John Brown 

DocSearcher is an easy to use and yet complex search tool designed to enable you to index and search files on a personal computer.

It uses API's to provide search functionality for common document formats. currently: Word, Excel, PDF, Open / Star Office, RTF, Text, and HTML

. Free download of DocSearcher 3.93.0, size 0 b.


Forumizer is a file sharing and media search engine software that can help you search files on multiple file sharing and uploading websites.

The interface is well organized, which makes the application very easy to use. Just enter the keywords, choose the websites and the program will display all the relevant links. Moreover, you can . Free download of Forumizer, size 0 b.

File Manager Tool 1.1.1 Markus Thor+en 

file Manager Tool is a handy and reliable application designed to provide advanced search functions and filtering for easier file management.

file Manager Tool allows users to add multiple folders to the search queue and to define various search filters such as name masks and date range. The results are displayed with details such as . Free download of File Manager Tool 1.1.1, size 0 b.

X-AstroGrep 4.2.5 [rev7] winPenPack 

X-AstroGrep is developed as an accessible and user-friendly utility that can help you search for files on your system.

X-AstroGrep features support for regular expressions, comes with versatile printing options, stores most recently used paths and has a "context" feature that can be used to analyze source code.

. Freeware download of X-AstroGrep 4.2.5 [rev7], size 0 b.

neoSearch 2.50 Koshy John 

Tired of wondering where you saved that important document? Is launching applications quickly something you still dream about? Put off by having to scour through your hard-disk to find that elusive mp3? You know that Google Desktop and Vista's built-in search can help you but you just hate the way they slow your PC down and bloat it with . Free download of neoSearch 2.50, size 0 b.

Recent file seeker Carifred 

Recent file seeker is a simple utility that searches for files based on their extension of the date of the last modification / access.

You can set other filters too, such as the maximum file age (in days) and the file name pattern. The application scans the user-defined folder and saves the search results to a text file in your . Free download of Recent file seeker, size 0 b.

Reveal Everything ! Beta Ashok Poolla 

Reveal Everything ! was created as an easy-to-use software that can help you find hidden files in your computer.

Reveal Everything ! is a Microsoft Visual Studio-based that you can use to find image, audio, video or executable files.

. Freeware download of Reveal Everything ! Beta, size 0 b.

Portable Everything David Carpenter 

Portable Everything is a handy and reliable application designed to enable you to quickly locate files on your computer.

Usage is simple: once you open the application, it will start scanning your computer and listing all the files and folders inside it. In order to locate a certain file, just type its name in the search field.
. Free download of Portable Everything, size 0 b.

Wild Replace 0.99d Beta CyLog Software 

WildReplace is a search and replace utility that will enable you to search for files on your drives and presents the results in a folder tree highlighting the folders and files that have been found.

You can search for files using many different search options (file attributes, size, date/time, contents). Any combination of search terms . Free download of Wild Replace 0.99d Beta, size 0 b.

GoGet 1.1 SD Software 

Over time, your photos, music, download, and other documents can get scattered throughout your computer. Bring your files back under control by pointing GoGet to your drive or folder, tell it what files to get, and it will do the rest.

Users will be able to create and save GoGet search templates for later usage.

. Free download of GoGet 1.1, size 0 b.

FileSeek 2.1.3 Binary Fortress Software 

Have you ever needed to find a file buried somewhere in your computer? Have you ever needed to find a specific string of text inside a file? FileSeek can do that, and more. FileSeek is lightning fast, small and super easy to use. It can even be integrated right into the Windows Explorer right-click menu to provide quick and easy access. FileSeek . Free download of FileSeek 2.1.3, size 0 b.

FileLocator Lite 2010 Build 762 Mythicsoft Ltd 

FileLocator Lite is a small, simple, very easy to use tool specially designed to help you locate a certain file on your computer in no time.

Basically this app represents the free reduced functionality version of FileLocator Pro and it offers a comprehensive set of features to find information in even the most obscure file formats.
. Free download of FileLocator Lite 2010 Build 762, size 0 b.

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